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Ir Party (Hotwives 4 Bcc)


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We are attending this Inter Racial party here in Indy this Saturday, we are one of the few couples invited, so our hotwives can enjoy selected BBCs. Two of Eva's reg bulls are going to be there, also her last lover plus at least 6 other guys we have played few times before. It will be an interesting weekend, all these guy would for sure be looking to do my wife, plus other 12 great looking guys interested in meeting us and play w her for the first time...
I think and hope, she will be busy since we arrive, until we leave next morning. I know she is not going to do them all, but for sure this time, she will brake her own record... lol
It will be a great story for my blog, hope I can get good pictures to share.


For the bulls interested in meeting us, here is a link to our blog,




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Hello NicoRuth


Just did a quick view of your blog...fantastic job!


I plan to read more later...and hope we can chat sometime.


Who knows...maybe even meet.


Congrats again...and thanks for such a fantastic blog!




I am glad you enjoyed it, here I also posted some advices for bulls "wana be"


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