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Looking for new bull in Indiana


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We are looking to meet new bull for Eva in the Indiana area.
All the sex you want, no strings attach no drama... what elese you want? Become a bull, try it! You will love it... lol

But please let's be clear, My wife is very selective and picky especially about sex partners (Bulls); so I would like to point this out, “just because you have a huge tool it does not means she will go to bed and open her legs for you.”
It has to be some chemistry there, some attraction for her to agree to try your powerful tool. Remember, first impressions count, so always be a gentleman when we meet. If you want to impress her, do it with your manners and you mind at first, so you can have the opportunity to impress her with your sexual skills.

Serious replies only please


Become a bull tryit.gif

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1 hour ago, BigDaddybbc said:

Hey. I'm  a bull in atlanta but visit indiana for family all the time. I'll be up there for thanksgiving actually.

We are looking for local guys, but we can still meet chat and see if chemistry is there for more... If interested lets chat private.

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