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  1. justpete

    Bulls in Edmonton, Alberta

    yea, lets see some pics
  2. justpete


    I'd also like to see more of her. Her pussy looks scrumptious... I bet the rest of her body does as well.
  3. justpete

    Breed Me

    Can we get a peek at that pussy... let's see where that sperm is gonna be stored
  4. justpete

    20180817_164737.jpg Close-up

    looks freakin' FANTASTIC... even better if my cum were leaking out
  5. justpete

    20180816_162751 Relaxing

    mmmm... even better. my creamy cum would be her sun tan lotion
  6. justpete

    20180817_131640.jpg us both

    good looking couple... ready to play
  7. justpete

    20180818_094757 Just following the rules

    a good girl out in the open but a naughty hotwife behind closed doors, i bet look at how she proudly displays her luscious body... a set of big full tits and a perfectly shaved pussy... mmmm
  8. I can only imagine the anxiety/excitement you must feel while at work. What a rush for a cuck.
  9. justpete

    20180817_131604 And one of poor ol' me

    Nice looking pecker you got there, my good man
  10. justpete

    20180813_153056 Goin' skinny dippin'

    That luscious booty needs to be spanked
  11. justpete

    20180816_162751 Relaxing

    Love that tie-on anklet she has on. Wouldn't mind lathering her body with some lotion
  12. justpete

    20180813_150429 Pebbly beach

    AMAZING... simply amazingly
  13. justpete

    Showing hotwives

    Joys, I can't stop staring at your wife's gorgeous pink pussy... freshly shaved for the occasion, I see. Love how she spreads her legs so a passerby can get a good look at it.
  14. justpete

    Houston hot wifey ISO Bulls

    that is some advertisement to get fucked - LOVE IT! how 'bout some more pics of that great ass to get potential bulls "revved up' and cocks hard
  15. justpete

    Found condoms in wife's purse

    Take the condoms out of her purse and leave her a note saying "NO MORE CONDOMS... only bareback from now on."