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  1. justpete


    Your hotwife should be massaging your balls...some added stimulation to your already frustrated cocklet.
  2. justpete


    That's another 30 days for questioning your hotwife, cuck.
  3. justpete

    Paola P Italians Do It Better Showing Face

    That's some hot pussy you serving up there, Paola.
  4. justpete

    asian slut wife

    That is one GREAT ass, she's got there. Like to pull those tight form pants just above her knees and spank her good... leave my handprint on her luscious ass cheeks.
  5. justpete

    Showing hotwives

    Always a treat to see Joys sexy wife doing what she does best... handle hard cock.
  6. justpete

    Big boobs

    @Hunterf32 Perfect position to reach under there and cup those magnificent tits of hers.
  7. justpete

    Showing hotwives

    What a FABULOUS body on your wife, Hunterf32. I wouldn't mind rolling around naked on the bed with her for a few hours.
  8. justpete

    Cucks, show off your cages

    That's a cute little cocklet you got there, newbie. Now let's see that hotwife who keeps you caged.
  9. justpete

    her pics to share

    She has some big soft white tits and a nice hairy cunt from what I've seen before. Would definitely like to see more.
  10. justpete

    New in Gallery - Wife plays feb 2019

    I'd like to replace that dong with the REAL thing... particularly mine.
  11. justpete

    Love seeing lots of men pound my wife

    Let's see more of that pounding she takes.
  12. justpete

    Bulls needed in Cleveland area

    Let's get a look at her.
  13. justpete

    Wife beds hometown rival

    As it should be... you are a cuck, after all.
  14. justpete

    Wife beds hometown rival

    You know what your next move is... accepting the situation. This man and your wife are gonna keep fucking, with or without your consent.
  15. justpete


    I'm looking forward to it as much as much as you are.