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  1. justpete

    Wife beds hometown rival

    Her being seduced and bedded by a rival - done in the true cuckold spirit. All you need now is for her to take him back to your home and let him take his place with your wife on the marital bed.
  2. justpete


    Your wife looks best when her legs are spread wide
  3. justpete


    No doubt she's a BBC addict... so hot
  4. justpete


    That luscious body sure screams black "fuck meat." You won't have any trouble attracting a well-hung black stud to pound on her lily-white pussy.
  5. justpete

    Showing hotwives

    That's what I call an invitation - GLORIOUS spread.
  6. ok sir heres 2 pics to start with



  7. justpete

    As requested. Some never before seen random pix

    Would love for her to squeeze those big jugs together while I slide my cock in & out between them
  8. justpete

    Let me see ur wife pics

    Can't get enough of that luscious ass
  9. justpete

    UK wife

    and a fantastic looking cunt it is let's see more
  10. justpete

    Cucks...check In

    begging for attention
  11. justpete

    Wife's massage

    HOT... HOT... HOT Do keep us posted, Bill
  12. justpete

    UK wife

    both pics are SPECTACULAR, especially the one after a good working over
  13. justpete

    Mrs Lustman's First Time

    A great read. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of you and your wife's experiences. Well done.
  14. justpete

    Open letter to the site creator

    Well said.
  15. That man's naked penis is about to enter your wife's unprotected vagina