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  1. I knew of one couple who had a spare room off the side, next to the garage. They wife would "entertain" her guests in there while the husband babysat the kids. Went on for years without incident. With another couple, the wife and her BBC bull would spend the rest of the evening in the bedroom upstairs while hubby and the kid would "camp out" in in living room on weekends. The cuck would have breakfast waiting for all if them the next morning.
  2. Let's get a look at those measurements, shall we.
  3. That is some Prime Time breeding material you got there.
  4. Let's see her in all her nude glory again.
  5. Agree, lots of very fuckable wives/GF's around here. I'm sure a few of us have a "special" place in our cocks for that certain wife?GF. Thanks for chiming in, secondjag.
  6. @paul011971 Those are some mouthwatering shots. That body is built for extra-marital sex. Not to mention, that lovely married bush between her legs.
  7. Here's mine... Joys' LUSCIOUS wife Here they both are on a nude vacation last year Join in and show everyone your favorite piece(s) of married pussy, all
  8. That's some wonderful FUCKMEAT she's got there. Wouldn't mind rolling around naked in bed with her for a few hours.
  9. I hope that same friend inserted his cock into her needy cunt.
  10. Both you and your wife should be in thongs when a well-hung bull arrives.
  11. Hotwife anklets are so very erotic.
  12. Maybe you can give us a peek at your wife. Generate some interest.
  13. those tits are FAN-FUCKIN'-TASTIC!
  14. justpete


    @HotwifeandCucky Were you present during her delivery and watch that bull's baby crowning your wife's stretched out pussy?
  15. Love how she teases in those pics... and she sure knows her way around some good cock.
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