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I am a cuck hubby, and from Sri Lanka. My wife is typical Sri Lankan  beautiful voluptuous women. She is fair in complexion with nice big tits and nice  figures too. mostly  dressed in a sari.  
                       Cuckolding was my fantasy. One day I explain to my wife about this. But in the beginning she didn't like my fantasy and also she strongly refused to sleep with another man. 
                  It took me a long time to get to the point where wife willing to play.
                      When I was oversees, one of     neighbour started call my wife through phone. She seriously angry about it, and complained to me about those  calls. I was shocked and stunned. Mean time I was so happy about  the news. 
               Then I asked her to calm first,  then I slowly started to encouraged her to talk to him. After few days she slowly started to reply  to him,  But she finally agreed, and  understood  my desires and went with neighbour          guy with my fully support. And  ended up in our bed so fast.
           I was wondering if it is unusual. My wife had a lover.  But she met him alone. Either in are home or outsides. I have never been present. We couldn't try  at least once but she freaked out. The idea of me being in the room makes her uncomfortable. She tells me everything later when we were making love.  This is enough for me I would like to watch but understand why.
                she been with neighbour     for three years. He never ever knows that I was aware. She had wonderful time with him. 
                Also We are still having best sex too. But wife always reminding her past guy.  Wife's affair which lasted for three years.
       whenever she could, She had him almost every week sometimes two, three or more times in one day, especially at the start. 
            Now that relationship is  over. I feel she also staving without extra fun.  She dose not know I'm posting this, but I really hope she will fulfil  my fantasy again and she also fulfil her desires by this.  I Love to see someone take my wife on a regular basis again.  I just want to see someone to pleasuring my wife again. I prefer this time a white guy, but others s also welcome. She never met a white guy. Seems to me she is still shy. But I can convince my wife for you soon. We together will set up a plan to make this real again, if we needed. . I am righting my contacts bellow and any interested guys please contact me as soon as you can. Thank you.

Kik        zesttsez
Skype   zesttsez1

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