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  1. Love2share

    Cuckold Couples in Sri Lanka

    Hello, Where are you from and how old are you please?
  2. Love2share

    Kik me guys

  3. Love2share

    Kik me guys

  4. Love2share

    Big boobs

    I like a woman to understand and experience her sexuality in its fullest. Sometimes that involves another partner, any way I am expecting your commnts and favourable and responds.thak you.
  5. Love2share

    White guy for my wife

    Like to come to France. Do you have Kik?
  6. Love2share

    Seeking a white guy for my wife.

    Sri Lanka.
  7. We are a Asian matured couple. Seeking a white guy for my busty wife. Any guys interested please contact me. Thankyou.
  8. Love2share

    Hi guys

    I love my wife to be a hot wife. Any guys interested please advise me, and contact me for meet her. Kik zesttsez1
  9. Love2share

    Mumbai guy wanted to date my wife.

    I am a Sri Lanka, and going to visit Mumbai. If you interested we can share wife's also can have group fun, if you are interested. Thank you. Kik zesttsez1
  10. Love2share

    Bull in Sweden

    Nice video.i am very Interested and love to share my in wife with you. If you interested please reply. Thank you. Kik zesttsez1
  11. Love2share

    Couple in Abu Dhabi

    Can I have your Kik id please. Kik zesttsez1
  12. Love2share

    Big boobs

    This is my wife. kik zesttsez1
  13. Love2share

    Big boobs

    9This is my wife. Kik zesttsez1
  14. Love2share

    White guy for my wife

    Posted May 30, 2016 Hi there I am cuck husband from Sri Lanka. I love funs and new excitements. I love to introduce a new bull or play mate for my 45y year old busty wife. she is shy but great in bed. if you wish, please contact me. Thank you. kik zesttsez1  
  15. Love2share

    Who wants me for his wife?