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how it happened part 1


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HI, I will post my story in 4 parts.   hope everyone enjoys it. I still can't believe it myself.

                       After having introduced myself earlier I wanted to share the  unbelievable story of how I got here.  First off I am 23 and engaged to a very attractive wonderful girl who I have been dating for 3 years .  Her name is Susan. She is 2 years younger than me. We are very much in love and were best friends long before we became boyfriend and girlfriend. We had sex ( a LOT) lol but we refrained from actual intercourse to save that for after we got married . We talked about doing it and almost did a few times but managed to hold off. I did use a dildo on her but never entered her myself. Even still our sex life has been great doing everything BUT that and anticipating the (big one)


                       This whole thing started with a teasing comment she made during sex while playing with my cock. I was begging her “ cmon let’s just do it “ and she jokingly said  “ you know , if you don’t stop I may just let someone else do it first “  I just said “yeah right “ but the idea turned me ON and I now know why . She was joking but it put ideas in my head. I mentioned one night after that ( always during sex  play)  that I would be so jealous if she DID let someone else go first and it would be hot if you mad eye EARN it. ( I had this idea in my head ) she seemed curious so I told  her what I had been fantasizing about . I didn’t know how she would react but it was fantasy so I told her .


                      It involved me, my best buddy Kevin and her virginity.  I should tell you that Kevin and I grew up together and have been friends since 1st grade.  I thought of him because I knew he thought Susan was cute and also because I knew Susan thought he was as she herself put it “ a HUNK “  lol   he is a confirmed Batchelor ( or so he has always said ) but loves  the ladies and always did very well with them.  My fantasy  was for Susan to watch us play a game of Air hockey with her virginity on the line . Winner take all.  She listened and then looked at me and simply said “ that’s interesting but ahhh what if you lost?”  I told her , then I would have to watch him be the first to take you .  She actually smirked and  said “ I don’t know if you could handle that “  I told her I wouldn’t have a choice once the game started .Id’ have to deal with it besides I won’t lose lol.


                        To skip the details after not being able to stop talking about it Susan did something I couldn’t believe and still don’t. She AGREED to do it I almost fainted . But she said “it’s a hot idea and why not ?  You want me? Then WIN “  besides she said Kevin is HOT. I wouldn’t mind if he was the first”.  Susan is usually very shy and reserved but few people know that in the bedroom once you turn her on , there is NO turning her off. She can get VERY adventurous. SO,  I took Kevin out for a couple of beers and then brought up Susan.  I brought the topic around to sex with her and how good it was and how hot she was . And finally that we had never had actual intercourse. His Jaw dropped  lol “ wait dude, you haven’t done the deed with her yet ? “  I told him about saving that one thing and he was floored.  Then he said something that made me perk up . He jokingly said . “Dude lol you better hurry up before someone else does it “  I actually smiled at him. he said what ? and I said “ Funny you should say that “


                     I should describe Susan to you. She has an average face not unattractive but still pretty. She is a red head Irish girl with pale skin and freckles LOTS of em . Her tits are very nice, firm and high big but not too big. She has a very nice pussy GREAT legs and a sensational ass. Not small but not too big either . She has  great body . Anyway , I told Kevin about our idea and he just sat there lol. Finally I asked if he was gonna say something and he just said “ you fuckin serious ?”   I told him we were . “ hey man she said If you won she’d give it to ya “ it took a little more persuading but I finally convinced him I was on the level.

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