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How it happened part 2


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                         Again to skip the details of how we got to that night . It finally came and he came over . It should denoted that at he time I had never heard the term “ cuckold “ before and had NO idea what it even meant if I HAF heard it . ( I sure as HELL know now ).  Anyway we eventually played the game 1st one to 10 gets the prize. I will openly admit I really didn’t try to play my best game . The idea of Kevin taking Susan first REALLY made me horny and I actually wanted him to win. But each time he pulled away a little I something inside me said “ no I can’t do it  and I would come back. When he got to 9 I had 7 and my heart was beating so fast. Susan had been stripping off her clothes as the game went along to tease us and make it more exciting . She was down to just her panties by this time and when she took off her bra , Kevin let out an “oh my Fuckin GOD “ lol he had never seen her tits  needless  to say he scored the 10th goal .


                        What happened next is still kind of a blur but I just stood there trying to grasp what that final goal meant . None of us said a word for what seemed like several minutes. Then Susan just stood up and stripped off her panties , looked at Kevin and said “ well, to the winner belongs the spoils “   then she put out her hand and he took it . He had his mouth hanging open as if he couldn’t believe it was actually happening ( neither could I ) but he followed hereto the couch and she undressed himI sat down and just watched .It was like an out of body experience. Part of me was DESPERATE to stop it but part of me just kept saying “ don’t you fucking DARE say a WORD . Just watch “ I have never been so jealous and at the same time turned on in my entire life !   


                       Again the details are too long to go into but the bottom line was that she kept looking a tie to make sure I was not gonna flip out and so was he . Finally I told them , “hey , it’s ok I lost fair and square.  Finally after some foreplay she layed back looked at him and told him “ ok , go for it “ I was having SO many mixed emotions I could’t believe it. 2 years I waited  and here she was spreading her legs for Kevin. When he entered her he commented “ shit you’re really wet “ then slowly slid it into her and that was it ! Her virginity GONE  ! Kevin’s to claim FOREVER !  I nearly cried and shot my load at he same time . Words can’t describe  how many emotions were whirling around in my head.  But NOTHING could have prepared me for what came next.


                    As I told you once you turn Susan on , there’s no turning her off.  They fucked for quite awhile both really getting off on it. Susan had purchased Birth control pills before this night so he was in bareback. He pulled out however and shot his load on her stomach anyway . Then he collapsed on her. The two of them looked very pleased. They looked at me and asked if I was ok . I got up and kissed her forehead and said “hell yeah . That was intense” he looked at her and asked “ were you really  virgin “? She just shook her head up and down. He just shook his head and said “ shit , that’s fuckin awesome”.  Then the surprise hit me . After taking for a bit she got this look on her face  looked at me ( devious ) and whispered  in his ear. He  looked at her and said “ fuck yeah !! “  Then she got up took his hand and let him up the stairs and into the bedroom.


                  I just watched  in disbelief. Finally I snapped out of it an realized they were gonna continue and I wanted to watch . I went up the stairs and was ready to go in the bedroom but Susan was standing in the doorway holding a blanket and pillow. She put her hand on my chest and gently pushed me back into the hall . She had the most devious look on her face. She handed me the blanket and pillow , backed into the room and as she closed the door she whispered  “ nite hon”   then smiled ., closed the door and LOCKED it . She later revealed that the idea just came to her and she thought I would like it. ( she was right ). She said If I had shown any sign I didn’t want it to happen she would have stopped but she said I had a HUGE grin so she did it thinking I liked the idea. And honestly  admitted wanted to fuck Kevin again .. and again, and again lol .

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