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How it happened Part 3


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            I was forced to listen to  them having sex for a good portion of that night . ( well lol forced isn’t QUITE the right word but ).  I couldn’t say which was worse  seeing them go at it or listening to it not knowing what was going on. Susan later told me  the did in her words “ pretty much everything”.   She confided that he came 3 times And she  climaxed several times herself though she didn’t remember the exact number.  I jerked off TWICE that night .  BOTH times I could still hear them and wanted to stop it once I came but I didn’t . I finally fell asleep and the next morning I woke up to hear the shower running. Went upstairs and saw the bedroom door was open and no one there. I went into the bathroom and they were taking a shower together . I could see through the glass Susan was on her knees sucking   him off.  They saw me and I just said . OK then don’t let me interrupt . Susan laughed and said “ don’t worry we won’t , you can close the door when you leave “  I just stood there stunned . Finally she said “ that was a hint … get out “   again I just stood there she finally said “ NOW !!!   She later again said she thought I would like it. She was right again.


              Kevin finally left, thanking  me AND her she hugged him and said it was fun. I hugged him too and told him “no worries dude, it was fun for me too”.   He said it certainly was for him as well and thanks us again. After he left we had breakfast she only had on her robe. We talked about the night before and she tole=d me how she thought I would enjoy it and she got off on it . I asked her how the sex was and to be honest . And she told me how many times they came and it was “really good “  she asked  me howI felt about  it all felt and I told her and said the jealousy was driving me CRAZY and I loved it . Especially the gut feeling when he took her virginity. I didn’t realize my attitude was making her think devious thoughts. I found out however  she was enjoying it just as I was and was ready to push the envelope a little . Finally I asked her when it was my turn  . She smiled and said “ when we get married like we said “  I said Cmon , I was laughing and she laughed as well and said “ hey, I said I would give my virginity to the winner , I never said I would fuck the loser afterwards sorry “  then just sat there grinning . She wanted to gauge my reaction .


              We had GREAT sex for a couple of weeks or so but she still would NOT fuck me . And she knew I was enjoying the game. She was too. She LOVES teasing me.  Finally I got the idea that has led to where we are now .  One night I was PARTICULARLY horny and she would not have intercourse . So I asked her something that had been on my mind . I asked “ would you fuck Kevin again ?”  I was smiling and she thought about it for a minute and said “ Yes , yes I would “  she looked at me to see my reaction and I must have looked approving because she leaned in and whispered  “ why ? You want me to ?”  I said  “yes “  she just shrugged and said “ Ok Call him”. My mouth hung open and she said “ what ? You think I’m bluffing? Go ahead call him”.  She was enjoying this little game a much as I was .I could SEE it  So I Called Kevin. Lol He was at our place in record time . ( I’m not kidding )  and I watch them again . And he stayed the night again.  When he left next morning   we said thanks good time and he said “hey ANY time “


            This went on  for a couple of months, and  Kevin was becoming a regular  fuck buddy for Susan but she STILL kept intercourse from me and we both loved it. We are VERY emotionally close VERY devoted to each other . Something like this would never work if we didn’t adore each other.she is my soul mate .  However this was getting SO intense and it was then that I was on line chatting about it in chat rooms and first heard the term “ cuckold” some guy Called me  that and MAN was he ever right !   I looked it up and found a wealth of information about it. I read about what makes a guy like me tick. And I realized it could get even MORE intense. And I wanted it to .




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