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Discounted hotwife cruise


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Spring is here and it is time to start the cruise season.  In general I take the boat on a shake down cruise of 1-3 days each spring to make sure everything is in good order.

This year I am offering one lucky cuckold the chance to send his wife on a beautiful cruise from NYC up the Hudson river with an experienced captain and bull for a considerable discount below what the cruise will cost when regular operations begin.

The cruise is on a sloop that has berthing for 5, a full galley, heat (in case the evenings are cold) and an experienced captain.  The vessel is in the middle of a multi year refit project and has a brand new engine, new heater, and brand new ship to shore radio just installed.

The lucky cuckoldress will be able to sunbath nude for the duration of the trip, weather permitting, if she so desires.  She will have plenty of playful attention given to her during the day while underway and of course at night she will be well satisfied.

All food and drink aboard will be supplied as part of the cruise.  Any food or drink purchased ashore at ports of (botty) call will of course be on the cuckold.  I trust his hotwife will have a credit card with her that he pays the bill on.

If given enough lead time a gang bang could be arranged for the final leg of the trip.  I have an experienced crew for that purpose.

The price for this 3 day shakedown cruise will be $250.   This is a very deep discount and amounts to only my operating costs for the three days.

If you are serious I invite you to contact me via this web site as soon as possible.  This cruise will be happening by  the middle of May at the latest.  After that charters go to the normal day rate.

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