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  1. captainblack

    what i have and what she wants

    What is she holding?
  2. captainblack

    She’s at it again

    I suggest you put that in your profile. Roanoke is not too far for a weekend trip when I have the time free, which will not be for some time, but you could always come to NYC to see the city for the holidays this fall.
  3. captainblack

    Looking in Ohio

    My second home is in Western PA near Pittsburgh if that helps.
  4. captainblack

    She’s at it again

    And where do you two live? It would be nice to have that in your profile. If you are near me I would be happy to come by and stoke her fire.
  5. captainblack

    My wife and I

    HotBULLXxx your post is not cool. You hijacked a topic. I wish there was a way to give you penalty points.
  6. captainblack

    My wife and I

    The nice thing about her being your wife and not mine is that if I ever meet her I can treat her like the sex toy she wants to be and feel good about it.
  7. captainblack

    New York CIty Bull

    I will point out that I am also interested in meeting visiting wives/cuck couples. For about 2 years I had a high powered, high payed executive female flying in once a month to submit to me. When her couple of days of "Business" in New York City were done she would head home to her husband who had been home taking care of their kids. So wives visiting on their own are also welcome to contact me. Should any cucks or their wives have any questions feel free to ask.
  8. Well it looks like you are indeed an official cuckold. Does that make you happy?
  9. captainblack

    Another gold

    I would love to father her next. Happy to discuss why I would be good as the father of her next child if you contact me in private.
  10. captainblack

    Another gold

    So Bill are you planing any more kids?
  11. captainblack

    Bulls: what am I good for?

    I tend to not let cucks watch or play with the wife and me at the same time. In general I control what intimate contact the cuck has with his wife and his general sexual use or release. I do sometimes let them listen. I have had them clean up. Most often I have her in private and when she returns home well fucked, or he returns home after she is well fucked he can hear all about it from her. If he has been a good boy he might be given leave to cum in some way that I decide. Some ways I have allowed a cuck to cum in the past was hand job from the wife, blow job from the wife (very rare), prostrate massage from wife, humping the wife's leg like a dog, humping his pillow, vibrator. Just because she and I spend time together does not mean he will be given any pleasure. He must have been pleasing to his wife to have earned release.
  12. captainblack

    Bulls: what am I good for?

    And why did we need a photo of your sad bits?
  13. captainblack

    Another gold

    Damn I would love to father her next child.
  14. captainblack

    Looking for bulls

    If you ever bring her to New York City on vacation I am here, but I have no plans to be in South Texas any time soon. Too much going on here to make that trip even for a pretty wife like yours.
  15. captainblack

    Share her

    I like how she dresses.