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  1. Easy on the eyes, but I suspect you will have better luck if you put your location in your profile. I am a VERY real, VERY aggressive, very long lasting white bull.
  2. Andy17 finding someone on here will be easier if you put your location in your profile.
  3. Really no one wants the chance to lick her up when I am done with her?
  4. Maybe this will motivate a cuckold in the NYC area to contact me about her. She is nice arm candy for some lucky cuckold. She is also very sweet.
  5. She has gotten some interest on another site, but none of the guys seem to be really want to be cuckolds, so she and her Double Ds are still interested in finding a good cuckold.
  6. Still available for visiting cuckold couples.
  7. This guy is an utter waste of time.
  8. My first cuckold couple split, but I am sure it had nothing to do with the wife fucking other men. I know what the stated reasons from her side were, but they are not my story to tell. I will say it was for the same reason a non-cuck couple I knew a few years later split. Yes some people enjoy their partner being with another sexually. Those tend to be the ones gravitate to the cuckold or swing life style choices.
  9. Step 1 put your location in your profile so that if there is a bull local to you he will know and might be able to assist in person. Step 2 find a local bull who understands how to handle a new hotwife and become friends with him. Start seeing him for drinks or to watch sports or whatever. Share with him all you can. Step 3 introduce him to your wife as your friend from wherever makes sense, book club, darts at the pub, cricket whatever works that you are both into. Have him over socially and let things just happen. They eventually will.
  10. With the possibility of dying from intimate contact with a Chinese girl this one should be off of everyone's radar!
  11. Flyboy fly her to NYC and I will be happy to double her pleasure. I know of course that she is resistant, perhaps small steps will begin the journey.
  12. Just an posting the same sort of request on another site she now has 3 men who want to try out to be her LTR cuckold. She will start meeting/dating them in the next 2 to 3 weeks. If any NYC cuck wannabees from here want in on the running they need to contact me right away.
  13. This guy is fake. Months ago he said his wife flies to NYC on a regular basis and he would set it up for her to meet me. Nothing. Total waste of time he is.
  14. Just post the photos here if you want to show her off. Where is she located?