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  1. Wish you were in the north east instead of the south east. I could use a hotwife like her.
  2. That cunt looks like it needs a bull.
  3. You guys should put your location in your profile so a local bull can find and take care of her.
  4. Nice ass. Too bad her location is a secret. I expect there may be a nearby bull willing to take her.
  5. She especially needs a good long fuck if pegging your ass makes her wet.
  6. Looking at her Dirtyfun1 I think she needs some good old fashioned fucking.
  7. Sadly she has been absent from this site since shortly after she and her cuckold moved to Hollywood. They were supposed to come to NYC for a week long Hudson River gang bang cruise, but they have yet to arrange that and they first talked about arranging a gang bang cruise with me in the early spring.
  8. Why did your wife marry you if she did not intend to fuck you at the start? Did she know your size before she married you? Is she the only woman you ever had a relationship with?
  9. There must be some cuckold couples in NYC that need a bull.
  10. Best to list where you really are. Asia is a big place. If you list your country and region you may get a local guy to hit on her via her social media. Of course once you have a local hooking up with her what are you going to do? Show up at one of their play times and make a scene? If you get a local guy hooking up with her and you use that to reveal you know it needs to be done carefully or she will either leave, or drop your hand picked guy and go back to random dick. Best way to handle would get your hand picked guy fucking her on a regular basis and have him introduce the idea of bringing you into the picture by her telling what they did, or by whatever means seems will work in a positive way.
  11. That position is better without panties.
  12. I can think of a thing or two I might do with her.
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