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  1. So many views, but no one has contacted me. Does no one want to give their wife a lovely cruise with ALL the amenities a hotwife needs?
  2. Yep, usually the wife has been having sex with white men, especially in the days before modern birth control. No white wife 100 years ago would have wanted to risk being pregnant with a black child. Heck she would not have wanted to risk being pregnant with an Asian child 100 years ago.
  3. I am a white bull. My first hotwife was a lovely mocha and her husband was Peurto Rician
  4. Perhaps if you put your location in your profile someone nearby will respond and arrange to make proper use of your wife and her oral skills.
  5. Spring is here and it is time to start the cruise season. In general I take the boat on a shake down cruise of 1-3 days each spring to make sure everything is in good order. This year I am offering one lucky cuckold the chance to send his wife on a beautiful cruise from NYC up the Hudson river with an experienced captain and bull for a considerable discount below what the cruise will cost when regular operations begin. The cruise is on a sloop that has berthing for 5, a full galley, heat (in case the evenings are cold) and an experienced captain. The vessel is in the middle of a mu
  6. Are you still planning to come to NYC for a cruise? I am going to start cruise operations in May.
  7. Bring your wife to NYC for a cruise up the river this summer. It is very beautiful and I can assure you there will be plenty of chances for her to get pregnant.
  8. As and experienced and naturally dominant bull several ideas come to mind, but it would be lovely to know where you are located. If you add your location in your profile you may find that a creative bull might be in your area. If you are not in the New York City area, but wanted to visit I could arrange for something that would meet your needs on a cruise. I operate "adult cruises" spring through fall up the Hudson river. If you come for a cruise the first point of humiliation will of course be the husband paying for a cruise with his wife where he will not get to fuck h
  9. My rule for my boat is no one gets a free ride. So if a female is getting on my boat she better be expecting to be serving at the captain's pleasure.
  10. Where is your wife? How do I arrange to meet her?
  11. Enjoy your good fortune. Perhaps one day she will come home dripping.
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