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  1. I will not share pics of her on the internet, but if someone is serious and in the NYC area I will show him photos over drinks in a local pub.
  2. My first HW/Cuck couple she was Dom to him and it showed in everyday life, but so many couples seem to be a pair that both want to submit.
  3. Porn sites do what they think will sell and with the various laws about internet porn these days it is a big and expensive effort start up a porn site. I used to work in that industry, and that work came to an end due to various laws passed in the USA. I forgot mention I had two cuck couples where the man wanted his wife to dominate him, but she was pretty much as submissive as he was, so it became a situation where I dominated them both, with her being my proxy often. In these cases I set up little daily rituals for the two of them that enforced in his mind that the power dynamic was ME -> Her -> him.
  4. I am not black, I am average in size, but a very good lover and very long lasting (I went over 2 hours last weekend with a woman and she eventually begged to finish me with her mouth because her pussy was sore). I have mostly not had the wife with the cuck in the same room, let alone the same building. In my over 20 years being with other men's wives I have had only one man that wanted to watch. I have had one that would drop her off and pick her up after. The pickup was usually the three of us going to brunch together either Saturday or Sunday morning depending on if she spent Friday or Friday and Saturday with me. Those brunches were interesting as he would finger her at the table to see how much of a load she had. I have had multiple cucks that would speak with me on the phone after to see if she and I had a good time. I had one cuck who had ED. So it is really all over the map. For my own part I have never had a cuck who wanted to be humiliated, or do cleanup in front of me, but if I had a relationship with a couple where the cuck wanted that since I am a very creative dominant I could see some really interesting ways of interacting with a cuck that was into being dominated and humiliated.
  5. I can not believe there are no wannabe cucks without a girl that would pass up a cute arm candy girl looking for a cuck.
  6. I was asked by a cuck couple to get the wife knocked up. She was unable to carry to term due to age related complications, she was mid 40s when they asked. I have no problem with the idea of getting another man's wife pregnant. I feel if I am fucking her and he is not then obviously she should carry my genes into the next generation, not her cuckold's. Now if I only had a fertile cuckoldress in my life.
  7. I have been asked to find a cuckold for a curvy 24 yo hispanic woman with lovely 38DD breasts who is just cute as a button. She is in the New York City area. If there are any unattached cuck wannabes in the NYC area who are interested in a very real situation this might be for you. The ideal cuck will: . be between 22 and 32 years old . have at least a 4 year degree . have a job . have a desire to treat her like a princess . have a desire for a long term cuckold relationship . understand her sexual encounters are in no way under her cuckold's control . be ready to embrace a full time cuckold lifestyle . be prepared to meet with me for frank conversation before meeting her. : my approval is required for any potential cuck to meet her.
  8. captainblack


    I of course have had the experience of approaching a woman with an anklet to be told not only was she not looking, but her teen gave it to her, so it is a little bit of a crap shoot.
  9. I would say you can look here, but in the years I have been on this site I have had at least 6 couples express interest until it came time for an in person meeting. Some of them just ghosted me, yet they are still active on this site while others just did not show after making a date to meet for drinks. My actual connections have come from meeting folks at vanilla parties, and some non cuck oriented sites where the wife was on there looking and did not tell me she was married until our first date was nearly over. I am at the moment between cuck couples my last couple of 13 years having moved out of the NYC area, but it is like hunting unicorns. Many people want the fantasy, but are not ready to step up when it comes to meeting.
  10. The ladyboy/MTF who still has a dick is not a good option. They often can not get it up. I had one cuckold couple where he decided to become a she. Even before sharing that info with the biological female or me. We both noticed that the cuck was having a ED issues. When the tits started to come in the cuck admitted to being on hormones and said it was nearly impossible to get hard or cum. Your millage may vary, but that is my experience.
  11. Why do so many fail to fill in their location. That is so helpful if you are looking for an in person connection.
  12. I second the question....where is the wife? I also suggest you put your location in your profile.