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  1. captainblack


    So are you posting them here because you are trying to get them dates? There are other threads for just posting wives photos.
  2. captainblack

    List Your Location

    New York City Bull here for area or visiting wives and cuckolds.
  3. captainblack

    Wife said she's to big

    chuck1030 you should put your location in your profile. If you do that you may be contacted by a local bull who might meet the two of you in a social situation. I bet if I were to meet your wife and chat her up and offer her a good bedding she would take me up on it. As subsucko said many men enjoy women with some padding. I have my limits in that respect, but most women who are chubby or even a bit more than chubby still are exciting to me.
  4. If she is a mother, she does not qualify as one I would like to fuck, so the MILF is misleading as well. I enjoy larger ladies, but this one is just not on the radar of attraction in the least.
  5. Nothing Beautiful about her.......
  6. captainblack

    only 3 days before

    If she has the time, and he has the time then they should take whatever time they desire together. My first hotwife/cuck couple the first meeting with her was an overnight. After a shower the next morning where she did not wash out her pussy, and I in fact deposited another load in it we met her husband at a dinner. His hand went under her skirt at the table and his fingers came out covered in cum, which he promptly licked off. These days with HIV and resistant strains of other STDs you might have to wait weeks or months for such a treat while they figure out health status and rules of engagement. Let her enjoy herself and if she allows it milk yourself dry while she is away.
  7. captainblack

    New York City Bull

    Hello there cuckolds and wives, I am a well educated, in shape, naturally dominant without being domineering, experienced bull in New York City. I had a local cuckold couple for about 13 years, but they have moved out of the area, so I am looking for another wife who can not get what she needs from her husband. I had my first cuckold couple in my mid 20s. That was also a LTR of 2 years, until they moved away. I understand the D/s and other dynamics related to the cuckold lifestyle and I make sure to know and understand both the cuckold and the wife deeply. This deep knowledge of both of them leads to a satisfying relationship for all involved. I enjoy taking in vanilla activities with the hotwife, or the hotwife and cuckold together. These sessions usually turn into extended foreplay with conversation that seems innocent to the casual observer, but which has hidden meanings to the three of us. Some things I enjoy are sailing, scuba diving, long distance cycling, hiking, concerts, theatre, opera, creating things with my hands. I understand the need for discretion so as to not affect professional or family relationships and I have plenty of experience in these areas. My last cuckold couple had a pair of teen kids, so I became very good at discretion and as far as the kids knew I was just another adult friend of their parents. This in spite of my regularly bending the wife over the arm of the couch in the family room or taking her from behind on the stairs. While I am looking mostly for a long term situation with a local hotwife/cuckold I am also open to acting as the native guide for cuckold couples visiting New York City. I have a sailing yacht that I also entertain on. If you are visiting think about a weekend trip up the beautiful Hudson River while the wife is well serviced by a very long lasting bull. I have had more than one woman beg me to stop fucking and finish in their mouths them because their pussy was too tired. I think my longest fuck session was about 6 hours. I am serious and look for the same. If you are local and message me expect to meet for drinks within 7 to 10 days of messaging me. I prefer getting to know people face to face.
  8. captainblack

    SEX 587

    Seems to have nothing to do with the site purpose.....I say spam.
  9. captainblack

    Who would fuck my racist wife?

    I could care less her views on race. She is skinny, and butch looking with that boy style hair cut, but I suspect after a long fuck session she would decide it was in her best interest to be more like a girl. I find many women who try to be boy like if they are in relationships where their men do not take the lead respond very well and become more feminine when a strong bull enters the picture.
  10. captainblack

    Destinations in Caribbean (for real!)

    My travel advice is holiday in New York City. I have a flat that you can get cheaper than a hotel and it comes with a very experienced bull to make your dreams come true.
  11. captainblack

    Central Florida Cpl needs man or cpl for wife

    Wish you were up here in NYC. I am older than your hubby, but still going strong and can go as long as 6 hours. If you are ever in NYC let me know.
  12. captainblack

    arab wife

  13. captainblack

    fff FRIEND

    What does this have with dating?
  14. captainblack

    Any Indian Cucks with White bulls here

    It is too bad you are not in NYC. I have been looking for a cuck couple in NYC and I have particular interest in my next couple being Indian.
  15. captainblack

    Married cpl looking for bull in Orange county

    Yep if you really want to meet someone having your location listed can really help.