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  1. captainblack

    Someone please caption my young hot friend

    Once you have done the above you can of course express your unending devotion and tell her you will help her meet a real man to service her properly, and you will be happy to warm her up and clean her out for him.
  2. captainblack

    Someone please caption my young hot friend

    Beatoffboy instead of beating off in secret to her photos you should kneel in front of her, kiss her feet and beg to be allowed to kiss and like her pussy. Perhaps it will stimulate you enough that you cum from just that action, but if not you can then ask her permission to beat off once she has cum. If you are lucky she may lend you a hand.
  3. captainblack

    DIRTY slut

    I prefer my sluts clean. If she is a dirty slut I would drag her to the shower first thing.
  4. captainblack

    Your thoughts on the Bulls

    RobJohnson I might suggest that you put you location in your profile. If folks knew where you were you might have a bull like me contact you to discuss how to work things out to become her new bull. If you are near enough to me I would be happy to try and work something out. I am at the moment between cuckold/hot-wife couples and I miss the dynamic, but I will not "settle" my next relationship needs to be as good as my longest term relationship.
  5. captainblack

    Your thoughts on the Bulls

    I had my first cuckold couple in my 20s. They were both folks I knew from moving in the same social circles. To my surprise as soon as they got home from their honeymoon she was asking me to screw her. At about the 6 month mark he started publicly begging me to screw her every time I saw him. Eventually they arranged to come to my place one Friday night for dinner. Turns out she was the only one who showed, and we met him for brunch the next morning. I had a good relationship with both of them until they moved away. They also turned me on to two other cuckold couples in our circle of friends. In those cases I had a relationship with all the husbands. The three couples were so tight they bought a farm together and moved out of the city inviting me to join them, but I did not want to leave my very good job. My relationship with the cuckolds was very close and we would even plan special things for the wives together, but the sex was always one on one. More recently my cuckold relationships have not included knowing the man personally. The husbands knew she had a lover, but did not know who or my details, only that she was seeing me. One of them actually would arrange for the motel I would meet his wife at, and spoke to me on the phone a few times, but in general no contact with me. My most recent hotwife broke things off with me 2 years ago because she was starting to have strong feelings for me that went beyond sex. She knew I had a rule that any HW that broke up with her husband was breaking up with me. She quickly found another lover, who she said was not as good, but it was "just sex". I am good with having a relationship with the husband, or not. I am not good with a wife deciding that now that she has great sex with someone that has all my other positive attributes she can leave her husband. So if any of you cucks are worried about losing your wife to her bull and you are in the Greater New York City area we should talk. If you want to be involved and have social interaction, go places with your wife and me that is fine. If you just want her to come home the next morning happy and well used that is also fine. I take care of other men's wives as if they were my own. CB
  6. captainblack

    Looking for UK bull

    It is best to fill in your location in your profile as then when folks see you online, or other postings if they are interested they can reach out to you if in the area. Note my location under my icon.
  7. captainblack

    Looking for UK bull

    Good luck! Wish You were in New York City!
  8. Gracie do you cum from getting ass fucked?
  9. captainblack


    Bill what did the hospital say seeing as how you are BOTH white? Did they ask for the father's info for the birth certificate?
  10. captainblack


    I love the cat!
  11. As a bull I have been fucking other men's wives for over 30 years. It started by accident with meeting a woman who was about to be married at a party. Over the years I have had a series of long term cuck couples. It is always great fun for everyone, at least until the couples move out of the area. I am on the lookout for a new couple in the New York City area.
  12. captainblack

    New York CIty Bull

    This is feed back from a recent session: My whole body is sore. My legs feel like jelly, but it was all worth it. I can barely stand, let alone walk. His lips, his smooth touch, his tongue. Oh, his tongue! Oh, my God please tell me what did I do to deserve such treatment.
  13. captainblack

    New York CIty Bull

    I am an educated and experienced bull living in New York City. I had my first cuckold couple in my 20s. My longest cuckold couple relationship lasted 13 years until family matters forced them to move out of the area. I am at the moment looking for a new wife. No worries if you are not experienced as I am happy to work both of you into the lifestyle. It can be very exciting and rewarding. I work hard to fully understand both the wife and cuckold so that everyone is satisfied and the wife with her cuck are left in a state of dripping anticipation of the next session together. If you live in NYC or plan to visit and need a bull please contact me.
  14. captainblack

    My wife ♥'s ANAL

    It would be great Cuckold_seekers if you updated your profile to have your location. I suspect I am not the only bull on here that would enjoy pounding your wife's ass. You never know I might be traveling near your town one day.
  15. captainblack

    Is she really satisfied?

    Looking at her cunt and your cock I would say you two are a good size match for each other. Take a look at Richard Burton's translation of the Kama Sutra.