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  1. Fuck my gf?

    They are in fakeland, like so many on this site.
  2. Handcuffed

    How is the relief administered? What about the guy at the end of the line?
  3. My Iowa housewife

    I know sometimes a woman does a group situation, or a threesome with her husband and enjoys the hell out of it, then later regrets it as something a good wife would not do. This is especially the case with women raised in very religious church going homes.
  4. i wanna be a cuckhold

    Put your location in your profile. You might be surprised to find an experienced bull is near you.
  5. sexboxer please feed that woman!
  6. My sophisticated elegant and rich wife

    I would be more interested in I would be more interested in spreading her legs than her photos. I am here for real encounters with wives. I have had some very long term relationships with married women, but I am not so big on just looking at photos of random clothed females.
  7. screw her front of me.

    She is not getting fucked. There is no location in the profile. He does not really even want her fucked or he would have let people know where they were.
  8. Not bad, but the man fucking her prompted her.
  9. On the dining table

    That sounds like great fun.......Oh to have another cuck couple. My last of many years had to move away a bit ago.
  10. Big boobs

    What if your cuckold's wife has big boobs?
  11. Fastest you have cum during sex

    You should put your location in your profile.
  12. Fastest you have cum during sex

    Introduce me to your wife, she needs a good long fuck! If you are not in the NYC area bring her for a long weekend.
  13. Sexy Slutty Indian GF

    Who is she hotguy?
  14. Does Your Wife Have Anal Sex Only With Her Bull(s)?

    I am not really into anal, but make it a point to take a wife in all three holes. Every wife has told me that nothing makes them feel like they belong to a man like being taken up the ass. I tend to do it anytime I think reinforcement of the power dynamic is needed.
  15. Friend wife maria

    Great post!