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  1. Too bad she is a sex worker just trying to drum up business and not an actual wife.
  2. How about you just tell your wife you can arrange for her to have another man and then bring her to NYC on vacation?
  3. This has exactly nothing to do with being a cuckold. Find another wife, one that wants to be fucked by others and offer her up here.
  4. I suppose you could find something to play with and show us the photos.
  5. Wife or hotwife comes down to is she taking dick from other men or not. I would be happy to make her your Hot Wife if she gets to New York City.
  6. Nicki I do so want to get together with you one afternoon or evening!
  7. Did John go to Hollywood as well? Will he be making any appearances in any of your porn films?
  8. I am very glad that you are both OK. You mean the Governor has not shutdown porn filming and cock sucking yet?
  9. Too bad there were no progress pictures added.
  10. So this one is your wife? Who is the Nurse from Long Island that you had me call?
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