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  1. my mature wife posing nude in bed

    So many posts in the thread, so few locations in poster's profiles. If the OP had his location in I would know if it made sense offering my services to stud his wife. Since there is no location she might be next door, or on the other side of the world. In any case she is a fine looking female and I am sure there is more chance of her getting fucked by someone from the board if her location is known.
  2. Indian hot wife

    Damn fine looking female. Too bad the profile is not filled in. Would love to know where she is located because if she is in or near New York City I would love to make her my next hot wife.
  3. cuckold son

    I wonder what part of cuckolding he thinks getting someone to fuck his mother would be? I have no issues with being a "mother fucker". Most of my hotwives have been mothers as well, but never did I have a son fix them up with me.

    I am amazed that no cuck couples want to vacation in NYC especially when there is a place owned by a bull that would give them an amazing experience.
  5. Bull walks in your home ,takes your wife to bed .

    Well I think it might be arranged, depending on where in WV you are located as I also find myself frequently in PA not too far from the WV line. Perhaps we could enhance his experience by binding him to a chair where he could not see, but only listen.
  6. My chubby wife

    I would let her stay in bed after I got done fucking her. It is too bad there is no location in the profile. I would love to know if she was near me.

    Well educated, in shape, professional in New York City who happens to prefer his women married to someone else. I am experienced with D/s, BDSM, and all aspects of the hotwife/cuckold dynamic. I had my first cuckold couple in my 20s, and had one for 13 years until they had to move out of town. I am presentable in public and your friends would never suspect the secret dynamic that happens between us in private. If you are a hotwife/cuck couple in or visiting NYC please feel free to contact me. If you are visiting I might just be able to arrange a flat for you to stay in. It would come with everything needed for a pleasing stay in NYC. If you are in the NYC metro area I am on a serious search for a new cuckold couple.
  8. Financial Cuckold

    And still folks don't put their locations in their profiles........
  9. Fuck my gf?

    They are in fakeland, like so many on this site.
  10. Handcuffed

    How is the relief administered? What about the guy at the end of the line?
  11. My Iowa housewife

    I know sometimes a woman does a group situation, or a threesome with her husband and enjoys the hell out of it, then later regrets it as something a good wife would not do. This is especially the case with women raised in very religious church going homes.
  12. i wanna be a cuckhold

    Put your location in your profile. You might be surprised to find an experienced bull is near you.
  13. sexboxer please feed that woman!
  14. My sophisticated elegant and rich wife

    I would be more interested in I would be more interested in spreading her legs than her photos. I am here for real encounters with wives. I have had some very long term relationships with married women, but I am not so big on just looking at photos of random clothed females.
  15. screw her front of me.

    She is not getting fucked. There is no location in the profile. He does not really even want her fucked or he would have let people know where they were.