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  1. What does this have to do with dating?
  2. Pro tip: If you are serious put your location in your profile. Sadly women in their 40s often have trouble making it to term, but if you want to try bring her round to NYC and we will make it happen.
  3. I think to answer that question photos of more than her tramp stamp are in order.
  4. Bring her on vacation to NYC and I will help you both out.
  5. If she thinks you are big then you are probably one size too big to be her perfect fit. Read the Kama Sutra as translated by Burton. It discusses size. Not all girls can fit a big dick. Not all girls want a big dick. Porn videos not withstanding.
  6. I suspect that depends on your size.
  7. I always prefer the first date to be just the wife. Once I have really gotten to know her and her responses to different stimuli then adding her husband into the mix might be discussed. I have found though that only one woman I knew ever wanted her husband to watch, and that was a one and done thing. I think they were just trying to "check it out".
  8. If you really want someone you should put your location in your profile. Pro Tip: start your location with a colon then a space followed by the location and it will display nice like mine.
  9. None of the above, but most cuckolds of wives I have had were chastity cuckolds. Some were not allowed any sex with their wives, others only after I had well used the wife and sent her home home filled.
  10. Now that things are returning to normal I am ready to find a new Hot Wife in NYC or entertain visiting wives. I am a naturally dominant, but not domineering gentleman who is still in military shape and has been a lover to several hot wives since his 20s. Most have been long term relationships, but there have been a few visitors that I have shown a good time to. I am 5'8" tall with a close cropped full beard and a crew cut. I am very long lasting and can go from gentle to rough in the extreme based on what the wife needs. I am a well educated and respected professional with many vanilla interests, so I would expect that any interaction might also involve vanilla activities where only we three know that the vanilla activities are actually extended foreplay.
  11. Boy he was not talking to you. You really do not have to jump onto every thread and try to take it over. Get a life and learn to read.
  12. My advice is just keep putting yourselves out there. Maybe start with the wife finding a lover solo first. She can say something to her prospective like, it is OK with my husband, he can't get it up any more, so he wants me to still be able to be with a real man. I have had two hot wives local to NYC that both had husbands that could not get it up. Both just advertised themselves as looking for a man on www.collarspace.com. When I met them for our first date they each told me about their husbands. If she finds a kinky enough man perhaps you will get your ass pounded. New York is opening for business again. If you want to send your wife for a cruise I would be happy to have her. I will even arrange for a gang bang on at least one leg of the trip. CB
  13. Great situation for a bull near you. If you were in NYC I would take the two of you in an instant.
  14. So many views, but no one has contacted me. Does no one want to give their wife a lovely cruise with ALL the amenities a hotwife needs?
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