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  1. Spring is a wonderful time to treat your wife to a trip to New York City for a weekend of all that NYC has to offer escorted by an experienced, educated, in shape, long lasting bull.
  2. You should put your location in your profile. It might help your wife be satisfied by someone from the site.
  3. You are correct. If she is having fun fucking him she will keep doing it.
  4. In general I prefer to be alone with the wife, but have done some with the cuck there. I find that most of the wives I have had preferred also to be alone with me.
  5. Glad you have a good sense of humor!
  6. Perhaps you should wash your cock.
  7. captainblack


    When I was in my 20s a friend who stayed over at a party at my place asked my room mate to fuck her right in front of her husband. He turned her down. Turns out her husband was sterile and all their kids were from different guys who has similar color and features to her husband. She never gave him another shot.
  8. captainblack


    subsucko I can tell you that I do not go bareback with random women. Heck I do not even do it with my own hotwives until at least trust is established that she is fucking no one else, she trusts that I am bare back with no one else, and we know each other to be STD free. A couple of years ago I had two cuck couples at the same time. Both women were on birth control, but I had a choice to make as to which one I would bareback. She was the only one, even times when I had them both together.
  9. captainblack


    riprap69 not to mention the worries about STDs with a stranger!
  10. captainblack


    I had one couple where the wife went off birth control. They wanted another kid and he could not do the job. She got knocked up straight away. No I do not have a kid. She had a health crisis and lost the baby. She was over 40 at the time I knocked her up, so it was a high risk pregnancy, but they wanted a third kid, so we went for it.
  11. That is a good start. When I am involved with a wife I control her husband's orgasms. If the wife is not happy the husband does not cum. If I am not happy the husband does not cum,
  12. Does your wife allow you to fuck?
  13. She sounds like a girl that I would enjoy. I suspect she enjoys being dominated no mater the color of the man's skin.