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  1. She might get fucked if you put your location in your profile.
  2. You will have a better chance of her getting dick if you put your location in the profile.
  3. In my 20's I was regularly doing 3 wives in a small circle of friends. I did the first one so well she turned the other two wives on to me. It was known in a group of about 20 of our mutual friends that I was the bull to those three wives. All started by accident because I was enamored of one of the wives at a party and did not know she was about to get married next week. I hit on her hard and when she got back from her honeymoon she had her husband ask me to fuck her!
  4. Agreed SecondJag. I am happy to chat with anyone, but do not go on about when/where/how can we arrange for a meeting then bail either at the time of the meeting, or before when things are going that way. Just say you do not think you can go through with it.
  5. You got very lucky Enigma6320. I have met wives on sites, but usually they were just advertising themselves as needing sex and it was not until the first in person I found they were married, sometimes while fucking them. I have met 3 married women from web sites in 20 years. That is pretty poor, but at least one of them was long term, as in about 13-14 years. Pretty much anytime a guy contacts me and says he is looking for a bull for his wife it has been a dead end.
  6. Well I am speaking of folks that have approached me about meeting based on my posts here. They make the approach then vanish. I believe the word for that is rude.
  7. It would seem the CNN piece might be something for all those wannabes to show their women.
  8. I have been on this site since it first started and I have had exactly zero real life in person encounters from this site. I have had 3 supposed cuckold couples in the NYC area message me for an extended period of time then disappear when I suggested meeting for drinks. I have had at least 5 couples from out of town say they were coming to the city for holiday and would love to have a bull for her while here and would like to enjoy my Bull and Breakfast facility (B&B) in one of the trendier areas of NYC. None of those couples has ever materialized. Most recently another out of town couple who was eager has now disappeared. Perhaps most here are just looking for something to beat off to?
  9. You should post your location in your profile. It will help in finding bulls for her.
  10. I would suggest you also recruit a very good bull for her and spend plenty of time licking her pussy. You better hope she does not lose count.
  11. Perhaps if you put your location in your profile you would have some luck.
  12. What was that thing in the last photo?
  13. I have had 2 wives with kids. One of them always met me outside her home except once when the whole family was away except her. Her kids did know I existed, but only that I was a friend of their parents that they never met. Kids were late teens. My other hotwife also had 2 kids and as far as they were concerned I was someone who helped their parents with their home business from time to time who was also a friend. Again I never was in the house the same time as the teens. In their case the husband would take the kids on weekends away without mom, or she would come to me. The only reason the kids even knew I existed was I actually did help them with their home based business from time to time and they would hear their parents talking to me on the phone. Now if you are like Bill and your kids were all fathered by different men several of a different race you pretty much have to tell the kids they have two daddies, the one who helped create them and the one they live with that loves them. I am not sure what that will do to them and I expect no one will know for another 20-40 years.
  14. You would have a great chance of sucking black dick if you go to a gay bar and pickup some black guy.