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  1. In my experience it has always been the wife who has approached me. My initial experience the wife approached me, but in the end since I did not respond to her she had her husband continue trying to get me to be his wife's bull. In the end some months after the initial approach he ran into me at the store and begged me while we were standing line to please fuck his wife. At that point I agreed and when she and I started to see each other I wondered why I ever let her being married get in the way of fun times with her for all those months.
  2. I have only had one wife that wanted her husband to watch and I have been at this for a very long time. Most have wanted to be with me alone, and back in the pre-hiv days they would usually want to go home with several loads inside. My first hotwife would make sure to get a fresh load in the morning before we met her husband for brunch at a local spot. I am not sure what they did when we left the diner, but he would usually check out what she had brought him with his fingers while we waited for our food. He would lick his fingers clean after feeling her up at the table.
  3. Yes it does say that in the body of this posting, but presumably they will make other postings in other threads, maybe started by them, maybe not. If she or they become active on here and someone takes a fancy to what they are offering they would do better in getting responses if it was easy for folks to figure out where they are from just looking at their name on the left of the posting. You of course are free to not post your own location as I am free to continue to advise people looking for real connections that posting their location in their profile might increase their chances.
  4. While I doubt you will get many takers until the Covid-19 situation is under control you may get better results if you put your location in your profile. I really wish you were in NYC. I am looking for a new hotwife.
  5. Well the current global crisis means she will not be meeting anyone for some time, but electronic communication is a good way to be first in line to meet when things go back to normal.
  6. Good luck! The only thing I have gotten from this site has been stood up on initial meets. Folks talk a good game, but many are scared to actually play the game.
  7. Easy on the eyes, but I suspect you will have better luck if you put your location in your profile. I am a VERY real, VERY aggressive, very long lasting white bull.
  8. Andy17 finding someone on here will be easier if you put your location in your profile.
  9. Really no one wants the chance to lick her up when I am done with her?
  10. Maybe this will motivate a cuckold in the NYC area to contact me about her. She is nice arm candy for some lucky cuckold. She is also very sweet.
  11. She has gotten some interest on another site, but none of the guys seem to be really want to be cuckolds, so she and her Double Ds are still interested in finding a good cuckold.
  12. Still available for visiting cuckold couples.
  13. This guy is an utter waste of time.