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Blk/guys always hit on my wife when’s she goes out or at work


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23CEF55B-D18C-4D52-B69A-22DA89E742BF.jpeg.a8aaddad770ab63afd5216704e90bccd.jpeg7C7F1F5E-0360-440A-B8AE-90B957A3CB3C.jpeg.2d5326562e8ab9fd19677922ccc56667.jpegShe would go out to the club Nell’s in NYC on W14street & 10th Ave 

she always got fucked in the club or cars by the parking lot alway more then one bbc she would come home and tell me all about it some time she would have pics from her camera and after her iPhone.

I’m hoping for someone would remember her from 2003 to 2019 93D355BF-11A3-4694-BA15-CCD6766B721F.thumb.jpeg.13a88a637bb29cab2a2e25ad1c371939.jpeg

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