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  1. Nice tits show more of her face and body
  2. Where do you live and what do you look like and how old are you are STD free ?
  3. Post a regular picture of her see what she looks like We’ve been in the lifestyle for 18 years With my girlfriend and I was with the lifestyle since the 80s with my ex-wife. she mostly is into bbc and latinos but I’m still her favorite she’ll come home and tell me all about it With pics on her phone
  4. If anyone has met her I can post some nudes of her or her action pics of her
  5. Shazz I known her she’s easily fucked over 400 men most of them blacks and hispanics A few Middle Eastern’s she’s into guys with big cocks I’m just hoping some of those guys are on the site And they can share the stories About her ?
  6. Hoping some people on this website have party with her she goes out to New York City clubs mostly black clubs and bars in New Jersey to and Staten Island I would really love to hear from you guys or women who have party with her love to hear the other side how she was and how she is she’s very submissive she’s ass pussy mouth bareback if you BBC or Hispanic. rim jobs Too.o she is 5,7 natural blonde Boob job in her 50’s Nikki
  7. nyguy11a


    All I can say is she is definitely a WOW
  8. Does this mean anything sexually Having right now polish except for one finger does that mean anything sexually she also wear some rains until rains in the summer ?
  9. The goes back some 16 yrs she would go out the bars and dance clubs New York City New Jersey she’s very flirtatious. She always end up picking up a guy or guys Fucks them come home an tell me all about it. I would love to hear from guys who have met her and Fooled around with her.
  10. Wow very sexy blonde love her titty Does she play around on you I hope she’s three” Inputs Bareback Lady 😍
  11. She love flirt every club bar or swingers club we go she seems to Attention of all the men