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  1. nyguy11a

    Look for Black Bull

    Staten Island NY 5.7 145lbs natural blonde blue eyes nurse practitioner voluptuous with triple D’s
  2. nyguy11a

    Hot nurse NY/NJ

  3. nyguy11a

    Hot nurse NY/NJ

    tell me anyone in here her saw at a Bar would you guys hit on her she very easy going and love dum/bull some pic are from before her boob jobs
  4. nyguy11a

    Hot nurse NY/NJ

    slut nurse love to dom by BBC 1on 1 or GB she ATM for BBC not white guys sorry. she from Staten Island NY and NJ
  5. hi how are you I'm AL

    1. Maria&Manuel


      We’re fine and u?

    2. nyguy11a


      so can I see what do Maria look like 

      here are my pics I hope she like them


      !a me 245lbs.jpg




  6. Caroline is my gf of 15yrs and yes she fuck lots of other guys 90% of the time are blk guys

    ! (2)a.JPG



    1. leone55


      Nice big tits, what about Toni?

    2. nyguy11a


      she ok where are you from

      would you like to meet her are you a bull



      photo_0013 (2).jpg




    3. leone55


      Unfortunately we are far away: I'm an italian bull living in  Italy

  7. nyguy11a

    Wife said she's to big

  8. nyguy11a

    Wife said she's to big

  9. nyguy11a

    Fake photos your wife

    How good is the fake you would have to know her body tell me what you would need
  10. she very real from LI and staten island I hook her up with guys all the time
  11. nyguy11a

    slut nurse G/F love bbc

    she love to party with her new boob job the 3x for her she was a C cup now she a DD or some times a DDD
  12. nyguy11a

    Wife said she's to big

    my nurse gf love black guys with big cocks or white guys with big cocks too tell me what you guys think of her
  13. nyguy11a

    slut nurse G/F love bbc

    come guys show your GF or wives pic know one know them any ways here my gf the nurse she 5,7 150lbs 42 DD real blonde blue eyes love bbc
  14. nyguy11a

    My Wife Fantasy

    come on guys show your girlfriends or wife pics real pic please not from the net.