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  1. If your for real we need to talk where are you from ? we are in Staten Island NY
  2. She a fun loving bbw lot of blk and Latino guys hit on her when she would g out to the bars ad club n NJ and NYC after she would come over an tell me all about it as we fucked she ass to mouth for bbc and Latino not white guys bareback slut
  3. We are in NYC is you well bills well hung call you STD free bull come to NYC
  4. What are you talking about ? Afford what lol
  5. The club pics of any one remember this club let me know Nells it was on W. 14th St. in the village Manhattan
  6. Back I. The day the club Nells on W14th St in The West Village Manhatta she used to go from 2003 to about 2012 the club was mostly black guys white women will go there to pick up black guys then go home to her husband boyfriends etc.
  7. No she not that woman from Li NY this one is from Staten a island and now NJ she fucked a lot of other guys I was hoping that some one have recognize her
  8. Hi what are you and where do you live she into bbc or dark skin Hispanics big fat cocks over 8ins you have to be STD free she into bareback only atm receiving golden showers and more
  9. She goes out to the club an blk bars to be pick up by 1 or more guys come home full of cum and tell me all about it she is ATM bareback for bbc and Latino sorry not for white guys
  10. Nells was the name of the club in Manhattan on the west village lot of middle-age white wives would to pick up bbc my wife what is a regular at the club if anyone remembers please let me know she got fucked hundreds of times in the club she 5,7 big tits boob job Natural blonde blue eyes very easy-going submissive to blacks and Latino
  11. She love bbc and Hispanic men she bareback love anal sex ATM and tell me alaa as bout it when she come house
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