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  1. ninagomez

    My Wife Finally Cucked Me

    pictures before she went out last night, and a creampie after :-)
  2. ninagomez

    My Wife Finally Cucked Me

    Hi, me and my wife have been talking for some time about her fucking anyother man and receiving a nice creampie, and last night it finally happened, let me know what you think of the pic and video, I will be uploading more throughout the day when she finally gets home. Also we are looking for bulls in the Norfolk UK area, so get in touch
  3. ninagomez

    My Gf's First Meeting With Someone Else

    Should I lick her clean before fucking her when she gets home?
  4. My gf is going to meet a guy from work tonight, she has told me that he is going to fuck her and I was really excited at first with the thought of her coming home to me well used and full of his cum. But today is the day day and I can't help but feel nervous, jealous and my heart is racing, is this a normal feeling for first time cucks?