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  1. Mmmm looks like they were gonna have a fun weekend! Although wouldn't need any of those for a weekend away with me
  2. mmm I'd love to suck and bite them! Great lil nipples!
  3. Damn she's hot, would love to have a night or few with her!
  4. no but i'd love to!
  5. Did she come home Saturday night is the real question....
  6. Interested to see who's wife/girlfriend celebrated Valentines without them this weekend? Stories and photos welcome as always!
  7. bigbull9


    love seeing her hungry for a good snack!
  8. If you came to the UK you'd have a very willing bull here
  9. And that's why we love you ha
  10. Just felt the difference afterwards?:P
  11. Love to give her an extra load for you to clean up
  12. bigbull9


    What a gorgeous pussy & ass!
  13. Damn! Now that's a body i'd have a LOT of fun with! Feel free to drop me a message So many naughty things!