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    I think with a body like yours it's the only right thing to do! I mean it would be criminal to keep that beauty covered up! Keepin' it smoking hot as always!
  2. So that's a yes then cheeky :p Glad to see you still have that cute charm!
  3. Is it just me who thinks this thread is bollocks and literally barely makes sense?
  4. is it just me that can tell these are clearly faked pictures?!
  5. That ass is always amazing!
  6. Mmmmmm wow what a woman! Your wife was born for fucking!
  7. Your wife looks seriously hot riding that cock!
  8. Mmmmmm love seeing you posting the pictures of my new little slut - showing her off to the world
  9. yes it does! You going off to the bathroom hearing her moan, scream and gasping. Hearing her begging for it harder, begging for me to fuck her ass like your little cock couldn't! returning just in time for her collapsing on the bed, gaping ass dripping with cum ready to lick clean. Me sat on the bed with her lips around my cock, cleaning it off. Her kissing you after with my cum all over her lips
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  12. Mmmm that's the last time it'd look like that again! Fucking her like an animal, a fucking she will never forget, a stretching she'll never fully recover from! Topped off with a gaping pussy dripping with hot thick cum, glazed like a donut ready for cleaning up
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  14. Anyone else wanna see more pics of this naughty girl?