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  1. bigbull9

    Open letter to Todos

    you could keep reporting his posts to the admin as spam? Sure they'll soon get sick of them all flagging up
  2. bigbull9

    My wife needs encouragement

    mmmmm that ass is gorgeous! love to get a good hold of that!
  3. bigbull9

    Per request

    oh wow - how did I miss this thread? Such a gorgeous hot wife!
  4. I definitely think you need to post some of yourself Hotwife show them all how it's done 😛
  5. bigbull9

    Wants me to post wife

    Mmmm nice pussy on her definitely a big cock lover right there
  6. bigbull9

    Skanky slut for comments...

    Why hijack someone else's post?
  7. bigbull9

    Skanky slut for comments...

    She is a gorgeous nasty skank that I would love to get my hands on - who's filthy wife is she?
  8. bigbull9

    Showing hotwives

    Mmmmm I'd happily be next, giving that pussy a good seeing too and filling while her little cock licks her clean
  9. bigbull9

    Showing hotwives

    Such a hot little lady! Great breasts and love that semi innocent face
  10. bigbull9

    Showing hotwives

    What a body! Your wife would look amazing getting fucked by a real man.
  11. bigbull9

    My First Experience

    Wow what a hot wife! She knew exactly what she wanted and she made it happen! She has a great body! You and Tom are lucky guys!
  12. bigbull9

    Lauren From Cali

    Mmm what a hot little slut! Love the way she shows off those curves! sticking that ass out, begging for a real man to fuck it, a real man to give her a fucking her little cucky could only dream of! Those tits just dying to be covered in cum, licked clean by cucky just like her abused, cum dripping pussy!
  13. bigbull9

    Another Slut Wife Introduction

    Well then you better behave or I'm sure there's ways of making you very uncomfortable!
  14. bigbull9

    Another Slut Wife Introduction

    You know your place don't you little cucky! You need your wife satisfied! She needs it!
  15. bigbull9

    Another Slut Wife Introduction

    I thought as much, all true sluts deserve to be bred by real men, natural selection!