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  1. daaaaamn look at that lovely tight ass! Love to get my hands on that!
  2. Got to agree with @secondjag and @Naughty Nicki here - completely disorganised thoughts. Many people have successful lives in the lifestyle for many years! Yeah there are a few horror stories that people have had along the way but it's all about being sensible and appropriate...
  3. Who could blame you Steve, bet that was one hell of a pretty sight!
  4. Fiiiiiiine A it is....
  5. A or B I'm Easy
  6. I love hearing all about both of you! Glad you had an amazing date day! You're definitely a key-per!
  7. Mmmm that's my pussy right there!
  8. Ohhhh think this is the worst news I've heard all year! Will definitely be sadly missed in the community! ❤️
  9. bigbull9


    I think with a body like yours it's the only right thing to do! I mean it would be criminal to keep that beauty covered up! Keepin' it smoking hot as always!
  10. So that's a yes then cheeky :p Glad to see you still have that cute charm!
  11. Is it just me who thinks this thread is bollocks and literally barely makes sense?
  12. is it just me that can tell these are clearly faked pictures?!
  13. That ass is always amazing!