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  1. bigbull9

    first time

    Are you going to be with them? Should insist on being there second night to lick her clean after she's had him
  2. bigbull9

    My lovely wife / Meine Traumfrau

    Wow, what a gorgeous wife! I would love to join you both for some fun!
  3. bigbull9

    Any one else from the UK? on here

    Mmmm would love to take a trip over there, North West here, give her a good old seeing to!
  4. bigbull9

    My hot wife teasing in sheer bikini

    mmmmm don't blame things getting hot!
  5. bigbull9

    Found photos

    me too!
  6. bigbull9

    How many cocks?

    Wow what a gorgeous pussy! I'd love to have some serious fun with your wife! Mmmmmm
  7. bigbull9

    41 yo Wife from NW UK

    mmmm she's one hot lady, Also from NW Uk
  8. bigbull9

    should i Make More pics of My wife tied?

    Definitely! Tied up and ready to be used by her real mean
  9. bigbull9

    The weekend

    mmmm sexy lady! Would love her on her knees at the mercy of my big thick cock! You watching on as she begs for it
  10. bigbull9

    Cheshire Couple Searching For Hung Bull

    Where in cheshire are you?
  11. bigbull9

    My Iowa housewife

    She has such a hot sexy body! Would love to take her in front of you, letting you watch and clean up after her big bull
  12. bigbull9

    New here this is my sexy wife

    mmmmm she is a gorgeous little thing isn't she! I think you'd be better holding those knickers of hers in your mouth while she puts that gorgeous ass to good work!
  13. This is my favourite - that ass
  14. bigbull9

    new to this, my little 25 year old wife

    mmmm wow what a gorgeous girl! I'd absolutely love to fill her right up!
  15. bigbull9

    New here

    Mmmm that ass looks like it needs a really good intense fucking! Not fair of you to hold such a gorgeous body back from experiencing bigger thicker cocks