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  1. simply incredible - never cease to amaze!
  2. I'm sorry but that can barely be classed as a dick...I think i've seen clits bigger....looks more like a swollen cocktail sausage...
  3. Mmmm you know you need to take some pictures and message me them ;)
  4. So how did we all spend valentine's Day? Which poor cucks didn't get to fuck their wives/girlfriends? Who treated their partners to underwear for them to wear for their bulls?
  5. @Black cuckold boythink we need some pictures of this hot wife!
  6. And looks as though @DomBull4U photo post got deleted too?
  7. I also got access to the private gallery only for him to change his mind and revoke, also a Google link with them all in only for him to delete it before it had downloaded etc! She is a hot slut although not too sure why there is a QR code in the corners of the photos
  8. I thought I hadn't seen the name recently - really annoying!
  9. @DomBull4U it's when the person has hidden or deleted the album after it's been uploaded - Philnoffen is notorious for this uploads or unhides an album for an hour then hides it again but a post gets created to say new album - very annoying!
  10. Wow what a perfect arse! Pussy and ass look perfect for a good pounding!
  11. What a gorgeous wife! Would love to give her a good rough seeing to!
  12. There's no secret - it's clear for the world to see!
  13. Damn she has a perfect pussy too! Her ass looks ready for stretching, filling and pumping full!
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