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  1. Always loved her peachy ass!
  2. Mmmm what a perfect view and a gorgeous arse! Lovely tight little pussy there too! Love to give her a good fucking! Stretching and filling her as you watched on
  3. If you have to ask then it's probably the wrong place - probably better off starting your own thread for that
  4. Smooth all the way for me! A landing strip is okay but yeah bald is best
  5. She needs to get the fuckings she deserves! That body of hers is born to be fucked and satisfied in ways one man could not!
  6. Any updates on this?
  7. Mmmm @icelord0807 you're a lucky guy! What I wouldn't do to be there! Amazing woman!
  8. Mmmm what a gorgeous ass! Would love to give her a good rough fucking! Filling that gorgeous ass right up
  9. Damn right, walking in as my thick cock is slamming deep inside her ass, her moaning and screaming, me pulling out showing you her gaping ass. Telling you this is what a real cock does to an ass like this! Her moaning begging for me to slide it back in and fuck her.
  10. Mmmmm sounds like the perfect woman to me! Hope she gets to that insane squirting orgasm from it too! Nothing hotter than a girl who literally loses it!
  11. You're 10000% right there! They both look perfect for fucking! She love that tight little ass stretched and filled?
  12. Loving the new cover picture! Such a hot lady! 

  13. Damn that ass is gorgeous! Love to give it a good grab and smack! Telling her to reach back and spread it for me, her holding it wide open
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