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  1. Hubby here, looking for potential Bull or Bulls for my wife, fairly new to this but have previously shared her with another man for a long term occasional lover type scenario, she liked that a lot but wished he had taken it a little further and been a touch more dominant and possibly shared her etc. We live here full time and although she now says is more than happy with me regularly has fantasies about being shared again or being taken in front of me. She is aware that I would be totally supportive of whatever she would be happy to do and like most women is a pushover for compliments leading to sex talk. If she started messaging/talking to someone suitable she would give in totally and I would happily be willing to know my place and let the alpha male do whatever he can get her to do. Any interested Bulls please get back to me and I can then provide details to enable a smooth transition to get to know her intimately, likes/dislikes, weaknesses etc. For your information we are in the Almeria province, 2 hours south of Alicante and 3 hours east of Malaga. Thank you for reading this...