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  1. Delicious nipples!:rolleyes:

  2. Very inviting.You seem pretty wet and aroused already!:rolleyes:

  3. == Results from == 

    Mike's test results:
    99% Voyeur 
    98% Exhibitionist 
    87% Non-monogamist 
    86% Master/Mistress 
    80% Owner 
    73% Experimentalist 
    67% Primal (Prey) 
    65% Degradee 
    59% Degrader 
    59% Switch 
    57% Rope bunny 
    57% Dominant 
    57% Rigger 
    54% Primal (Hunter) 
    49% Submissive 
    44% Pet 
    43% Slave 
    43% Vanilla 
    42% Daddy/Mommy 
    38% Brat tamer 
    38% Sadist 
    37% Boy/Girl 
    33% Masochist 
    33% Ageplayer 
    10% Brat 

  4. shycplnfl

    How would your wife look as a whore?

    Very nice! Priced nicely too.
  5. shycplnfl

    Want my wife humiliated

    I would love to fuck her face with those pouty lips wrapped around my cock and shoot a load of hot jizz down her throat and all over that pretty little face.
  6. shycplnfl

    Cucks...check In

    Here's another for you...
  7. shycplnfl

    How would your wife look as a whore?

    That is so freaking hot!
  8. Hey sexy. Your huge boobs remind me of my wife's. Thanks for following me.

  9. shycplnfl

    How would your wife look as a whore?

    Yep, I would for sure.
  10. shycplnfl

    How many cocks?

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. All of the seven are friends and have cum in her. Also all have been multiple times and one (her first) has been many times. There have been several times in which I participated in an mfm situation and once with two of them in an mmfm. She has absolutely enjoyed everyone. The first time she was awash in mixed emotions until he entered her, and that sealed the deal. She is not trying to collect notches, but I am confident there will be quite a few more.
  11. shycplnfl

    Does cuckoldry correlate with penis size?

    My wife certainly loves larger, but has cum on both. I think the idea of a new cock is always exciting to them.
  12. shycplnfl

    How many cocks?

    I believe it is now 7 since being married.
  13. It can be fun to imagine your hot wife as a hot momma whore. Here is mine. What do you think? Would you stop for her? What would yours look like?