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  1. I LOVE  you....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Cancer is back....no more fun for now.   Thank you all.

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    2. silkteddy


      OOh  My  Darlings....You are  both in my thoughts  and  prayers....  I have recovered from lung cancer 2 years ago.  No fun.  Chemo, radiation and  surgery.... No recurrence....Hoping  we  can celebrate together...Warmest hugs        sweetest  kisses...... teddi

    3. Taocentered


      Thoughts are with you, get well, be strong and know you are not alone.

  3. Hoping for the best for you. I don't know what you are dealing with, but as one who dealt with just about the worst, I can tell whatever it is you will come through and be better than ever. God bless.
  4. Thanks all,   have to wait for results now..ugh!

    1. joker1961


      Keeping fingers crossed and thinking positively for you sexy. 

    2. shycplnfl


      thank you so much, my friend.   xoxox


    1. joker1961


      Right back at you sexy lady

  6. Have to go.  one mre damn doctor's appointment


    1. Taocentered


      Hope everything is OK.

    2. joker1961


      Sorry too hear you aren't well hope everything goes well.

  7. Being a multi-cummer opens up a lot of avenues for me.   I can cum during oral, I can cum using toys, I can cum during just regular fucking, but after all of that, particularly with a large cock I love to ride it taking in the entire shaft of it all the way to the balls.   Then I will seriously work that cock until we both cum, finally this time it is a very powerful orgasm that will result in squirting also.   Does anyone else have this experience?


    1. Naughty Nicki

      Naughty Nicki

      I am very easy to get off and a once I do it’s like a new ending roller coaster but I can’t squirt.  

  8. wowow .. contact me if you like tributes

    1. shycplnfl


      Love 'em.   Anytime would be great.

  9. Getting her to fantasize about other cocks in her during sex and while using a dildo was the start, then after she met a friend to whom she was attracted, I did the same thing, until she was about to go out of her mind to jump is bones. when the time came she was so ready to fuck him she never looked back.
  10. That is one of the best fakes I have ever seen, right down to a shadow.   Thanks.  You are excellent.

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