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  1. A little over 10 years for us.
  2. shycplnfl

    being aware

    Ha! Mine looks up everywhere I go on here and sees everything or sometimes it is her that is on.
  3. shycplnfl

    Faked And Captioned

    I would love to have them made. Thank you.
  4. shycplnfl

    Tinder slut wife pics

    You have to love a well-used pussy.
  5. Hello how are you I'm AL and what is your name


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    2. nyguy11a


      you have a look to you that very sexy are you into BBC too?

      you do have that look to you but I hope you know some white bulls are well hung too.


    3. shycplnfl


      White is good.

    4. shycplnfl


      Sorry I missed that one...Ocala, FL.

  6. shycplnfl

    How ruined is wife?

    Is she "ruined" a term frequently used about a pussy that has been often and well-used by a much larger cock? No, she is not "ruined". She is simply now more able to accept those larger cocks with less discomfort and much more pleasure. Though vaginas have the ability to stretch and contract she still may feel a little loose if you are very small, but it should still be pleasurable for you both. Visually I live her new look and find her pussy very erotic looking.
  7. shycplnfl

    Love it when she wears no underwear

    Yes, it is. She wouldn't have worn that particular dress to EPCOT because of kids, but she has worn it when we hit a bar late at night for a quick bite to eat or....?
  8. shycplnfl

    Does cuckoldry correlate with penis size?

    See for yourself...
  9. shycplnfl

    Love it when she wears no underwear

    One day when we went to EPCOT it was quite warm, so she wore no panties under a short summer skirt. I don't know about her, but I walked around with a hard on all day.
  10. shycplnfl

    Dice and dare

  11. So horny today.

  12. shycplnfl

    Cuckold Quiz

  13. Delicious nipples!:rolleyes:

  14. Very inviting.You seem pretty wet and aroused already!:rolleyes:

  15. == Results from == 

    Mike's test results:
    99% Voyeur 
    98% Exhibitionist 
    87% Non-monogamist 
    86% Master/Mistress 
    80% Owner 
    73% Experimentalist 
    67% Primal (Prey) 
    65% Degradee 
    59% Degrader 
    59% Switch 
    57% Rope bunny 
    57% Dominant 
    57% Rigger 
    54% Primal (Hunter) 
    49% Submissive 
    44% Pet 
    43% Slave 
    43% Vanilla 
    42% Daddy/Mommy 
    38% Brat tamer 
    38% Sadist 
    37% Boy/Girl 
    33% Masochist 
    33% Ageplayer 
    10% Brat