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  1. We are so sorry friends, we are leaving due to the fact her cancer has returned and she is in endstage renal failure.

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    2. creative41


      You and your wife are in my heart and prayers.  Best of luck


    3. Boberle


      that is unfortunately very sad

    4. Bibrandyn2


      Best of luck, will be in thoughts and prayers!

  2. Nice, love to see her without the bikini too. Pretty girl.
  3. Damn, my wife would love that cock! She would cum all over him all the way to the balls. This girl is hot as hell.
  4. Damn! That's hot!
  5. Hello from Manhattan!

    This is why I don't get laid!



  6. Outstanding! Not sure why you say it went too far. Looks like a good time was had by all.
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