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  1. Showing hotwives

  2. sloppy seconds

    Didn't ever see email.
  3. shycplnfl

  4. Showing hotwives

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  6. Trained or self taught?

    Totally self-taught and self-motivated...for years.
  7. Embarrassing orgasm problem

    First, you shouldn't be embarrassed. Second, frankly it sounds like you may have a medical problem. I would talk to your Primary Care Physician. He may be able to help you. You may still want to be a cuckold or a stag, but still solve that issue.
  8. Does cuckoldry correlate with penis size?

    Mine also has multi-orgasms. I am good for one of them via intercourse but have accommodated more using tongue and dildos. As I said previously, I am not small, about average, but she definitely cums much faster and stronger on a larger (length not width) cock, and once she cums once always wants much more.

    Amazing hot lady!
  10. ass

  11. Does cuckoldry correlate with penis size?

    Same as many before...I can only answer for us. I am not small, about average, and she enjoys it so I am good with that. She does not like men whose only asset is a large cock. They must have other things going for them as well. That said she does not enjoy massive width, but nice width with a long cock really does the trick for her. She can take 9-10 inches easily to the balls and cums readily on that kind of cock used well. Hope that helps.
  12. DESPERATELY wish my gorgeous wife would cuckold me!

    Just take your time and don't push her, but work at it persistently, and enlist some help. You will get there. I did.