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  1. made a mistake in previous post. along with a vid, i added a pic when i meant to add this This_Photoshoot_gets_hot.wmv
  2. Sunday funday Karissa Kane CP.wmv
  3. think you'll find a lot of cuckolds with similar interests here OralS
  4. terrible choice of words baby girl. glad you could clarify
  5. have heard of this many times; no idea how well it works but no downside - try it
  6. listen Ex, you have a unique opportunity. Between Wild Thing (LilNicky) and SandL, you have a wealth of knowledge. One from the highly experienced, one from the newly inducted. pay attention, you'll do fine.
  7. have a rather extensive collection. i'll look for, and be on the lookout for.
  8. no worries, lol, the fans will ALWAYS let you know. sprinkle in a few of that beautiful gf from time to time and we'll all go f'ing crazy.
  9. that was an awesome post! thank you my brother
  10. Nicky, you might be surprised to know that i see it as art
  11. Ex, she is stunning, simply beautiful. Hang on to her, she's a keeper.
  12. can't thank you enough Ex. very nice of you to say so. just a bit of burn out, i guess. i keep looking for anything interesting to discuss in the meantime. thank you, Kak, Sand L, and Wild Thing
  13. this is what happens when i drink coffee at night
  14. Wednesday night, everything to excess
  15. thanks Kak, means a lot. just kinda wondering if folks here might be tired of it
  16. well. let's not stop now, i'm in a gif kind of mood