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  1. New to cucking hubby

    A secure chastity cage can be worth every penny!
  2. How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    This is a very hot pic with sissy's Wife watching! Should be no surprise though.
  3. Cucks read up CNN thinks you’re doing it right

    My lovely Wife just thanked me this morning for sending Her this link. Very positive baby steps so far. #1 She thanked me #2 She admitted to having cuckold fantasies too Huge progress in less than a year!
  4. Any cuckold’s in chastity

    QueensKeep and JailBird
  5. Any cuckold’s in chastity

    Not made to, yet,...but not cuckolded yet either.
  6. How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Thank You very very much Sir!! Your awesome pics show most all the cucks on their knees pleasuring a cock! Doesn't get any simpler than that for many of us.
  7. My wife the model.

    It would have more effect for them if you were locked in chastity like this:
  8. List Your Location

    East Tennessee
  9. My wife the model.

    Congratulations to all and hope that Baby Daddy decides to stay around a long time. As for feeling like swimming in it, my lovely Wife had started actually squirting whenever I use Her new vibrating dildo to pound Her pussy and at the same time suck and lick Her clit. She always pushes the dildo up against my tongue while She squirts. Having such an aroused erection, bigger than any recent memory, yet still barely 5" probably, it was like it just fell in a deep wet well, like a well used pussy that simultaneously caused a surprisingly quick orgasm similar to a premature ejaculation!!! Yikes!! That's never happened before. Since it took less than a minute to cum, it really confirmed to Her my inadequate ability to maintain the stamina like any Alpha male to give Her proper penetration pleasure. So She now enjoys the extended attention of me cleaning Her pussy after my feeble attempts to pleasure Her. Our lovemaking has now changed in so many ways already. Not sure if we'll ever make the leap of adding a Bull but She seems to be riding a wild wave of fantasy to this point. It must be surreal being up close and seeing the dark / white contrast with all the heady sexual aroma swirling round. Yum! Living vicariously through you just keeps my panties soaked.
  10. Fastest you have cum during sex

    Thank you for sharing your reality of premature release. The first time I entered my Wife's wet pussy after using Her favorite vibrating dildo (which is 3"+ longer and much thicker than my tiny clit) to give Her a squirting orgasm, the ease of entering Her, along with how 'used' Her pussy felt, made me squirt so quick I could not believe it, then suddenly started shrinking and fell out to which She added She couldn't feel me in Her anymore, felt my softening clit and asked if I had cum already. I shyly admitted I had as I crawled between Her legs for my cleanup duties. When I suggested we incorporate our friendly purple vibrator into ALL our future foreplay activities, She did not disagree and admitted She really enjoyed the 'purple guy'. Then added, you couldn't stand it if i left you for someone else. I was stunned and almost speechless that my vanilla Wife would actually say it and in my submissive state I could only mutter a feeble, 'guess so'.
  11. Why I cuckold my husband

    Simply lovely! The main reason for cuckolding Your hubby is pretty obvious. Now enjoy Your black lover's superior manhood ever chance you get.
  12. He Has EVERY Right...

    Thank You for all the words of advice and encouragement. That would seemingly be the ultimate goal I'm sure that would cause me to face the reality of not just being a true cuckold but also 'feeling' like a cuck through pussy denial and chastity for a more thorough emasculation.
  13. He Has EVERY Right...

    Not sure my Wife is confused, probably more reluctant but based on the sex after my cuckold fantasy confession, the idea did seem to make Her very wet and horny.
  14. Cuck cage advice

    Loved reading Your thoughts Sir and would like to add my recommendation for a sensible yet secure chastity cage. The Mature Metal JailBird is stainless steel and completely inescapable when used with a P.A., very suitable for long term wear. It also allows for attachment of a leash.