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    Finding a confident local Bull for friendship and possible FWB for kinky power exchange.

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  1. sissystephanie

    Is she really satisfied?

    I would be in favor of this as well. Much like underage restrictions to only a PG+13 visual media status to give all Bulls and Wives here another tool in their toolbox to really crank up the heat a notch or two on sissy cucks blushing cheeks, I say so why not, it's all mental for sissy cucks when it cums to denial anyway right?
  2. sissystephanie

    Does cuckoldry correlate with penis size?

    Why are you not wearing a chastity cage to cover your tiny tool?
  3. sissystephanie

    does eating black cum make you gay?

    It's quite possible to have a penis fetish and still not be gay. If you are not attracted to men except for their cocks, then you just have a penis fetish. Just because you like sucking cocks and end up a cumslut does not necessarily make you homosexual. You're simply attracted to penises and not the man himself. Kapish?
  4. sissystephanie

    Chatting On Kik

    my kik is tgirlstephanie
  5.  Ohhhh Yesss .. Sooo Hotttt , I Luv it😍

    1. sissystephanie




  6. sissystephanie

    Any cuckold’s in chastity

    Your nipples look like they are budding out. Lovely smooth feminine looking skin too. Do you ever have any interest in prolonged chastity of more than 60-90 days?
  7. sissystephanie

    Cucks, show off your cages

  8. sissystephanie

    Cucks, show off your cages

    Thanks for posting Dicky! Luv your cages with points for urethra insertion. Having never experienced urethra insertion myself, I wonder if such constant stimuli or lack there of, would induce more copious dripping during an aroused teasing of denial? Or is there no difference?
  9. sissystephanie

    KiK id's

  10. sissystephanie

    Cucks, show off your cages

    The only thing I dislike about my Mature Metal cages is the tendency to rotate when it's loose. The recommendation was to get a tighter fitting cage. They were right. Plugs can also help my cage stay snug.
  11. sissystephanie

    I Think My Friend Made Me A Cuck

    Multiple times too!
  12. sissystephanie

    List Your Location

    We are in East Tennessee too! Something in the water here? Sweetwater maybe?
  13. sissystephanie

    I need the groups help

    Is it a lil yellow bird? Luv your cage honey. Hope this works for you!
  14. sissystephanie

    What's too old

    Just turned 63 yesterday and spent over an hour making sure my Wife was empty of orgasms before cleaning her cream pie. Luckily Her dildo never goes soft while I enjoy the sweet taste of Her passion. She had never squirted before I confessed my cuckold fantasies a few months ago. Her concern then was we would have a hard time finding a Bull at our age. She wasted no time by taking me dildo shopping and now there is no turning back or slowing down. A real Bull may turn up one day in earnest but until then, we dearly love the role play being 'cuckolded by dildo'. Until then I'll enjoy it while it lasts!
  15. sissystephanie

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Luv the three hard cocks marking the nostrils! The making of a cumslut!