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  1. You’re certainly right about that, especially after wearing sexy feminine outfits constantly for almost six months.
  2. Wow! Thank you Cathy, simply lovely! Thank y’all for this wonderful thread too.
  3. Bright red toenail polish for Xmas time!
  4. After my wife’s first squirting orgasm from the bigger vibrating dildo She purchased shortly after my sissy cuckold role confession, She’s thanked me for the incredible climaxes ever since. I never had any issue with premature ejaculation until the very first seconds after feeling Her slippery sloppy used pussy after prolonged cunniligus while Her hunky dildo hummed away deep and deeper. After She squirts, Her pussy is soaked and stretched open wide as She coaxing me for sloppy seconds. She thought it was so cute that my much smaller lil pecker sunk barely noticeable so quickly inside He
  5. He needs his toenails polished too!
  6. The right situation might also cause a cuck with sizable manboobs to wear a matching bra as well.
  7. That’s too bad. Sorry to hear about that.
  8. Can’t wait to see you watching her have multiple orgasms on a huge cock!
  9.  it is important for you to read this letter, because the reason for me to write it will convince you of many things, I want to confess something very special to you through this letter ,just to have a good   affection of someone whom  i can share my joys and sorrows together, and discuss my problems without fear,Please accept my apologies I do not intend to invade your privacy,just that i really need to be a closer friends please if you Don,t mind i will like you to contact me on this email [email protected]­.com for more information about me MY Real Name is Sharon Edward 

    1. sissystephanie


      Thank you for the heartfelt message Sharon.  My email is [email protected]  You will be receiving an email from me very soon!

  10. OOOhh Sissy..... How  WONDERFUL..... You are soooo BLESSED....

  11. Did you almost cream yourself when she said, "So that's what a cock is supposed to look like."??? The smirk on his face must have been captivating for both you and your wife!
  12. You must have had a hands-free orgasm while taking one up the ass that lasted forever!!!! Did you enjoy wearing your pantyhose for them?
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