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  1. Knoxville, Tennessee
  2. I hope Steve starts to enjoy his new cleaning duties soon. Once he gets use to the tastes of those delicious mixed juices, whoa Nellie!!! At least he’s trying to be an obedient cuck hubby, which is very commendable.
  3. This is one way to help to keep from spotting your panties when discussing being cuckolded with your Wife.
  4. 👋🏻 👋🏻 hey! Did you ever have any luck?
  5. Enjoy your feeding time! I’m sure She does too!
  6. That is absolute man-meat right there now!! What being a feeder is all about.
  7. Hopefully it was all Her decision from the start and Her date night was a phenomenal event! Maybe She will eventually get over Her secretive nature to becoming much more ‘in your face’ with a little attitude. She may be still trying to protect your ego from a rival. Based on Her brazen display standing in the middle of you and Tom, She may enjoy rubbing it in if you give Her the okay or at least open up for more communication? Sure hope you made the right choice and gave Her permission.
  8. Sometimes it’s not all about size, maybe but again, logical proof plays out with Your well endowed husband. What else could provide such repeated fulfillment, while passing up her own hubby’s less adequate size.
  9. For some maybe. Some of us weren’t born with an adequate size penis; to which most women wouldn’t find pleasurable enough for even a tiny orgasm. Makes sph even more powerful than most people could begin to imagine, imho.
  10. Yum!!!! Thank You secondjag for such delicious thoughts!
  11. sissystephanie


    When was the last time She let you have an orgasm? and what did you have to do to earn it?
  12. Could I suggest a 10 speed vibrating dildo and your tongue on Her clit for starters. Make sure Her skene glands are fully functioning over and over for a period of a couple hours. Whatever makes Her orgasms the wildest She’s ever experienced. Find out how and do whatever so Her orgasms are powerful. Having Her clitorus stimulated at the same time Her vagina is being stuffed full might give Her a reason to pause and reconsider maybe. Good Luck!
  13. It may take awhile, but I would suck all of them until they all end up shooting a yummy load. Potent seed is very addictive and why cumsluts are real and not fantasy.
  14. sissystephanie


    Did you ask Her why She doesn’t feel comfortable having sex with you?
  15. This is also the exact moment for ridicule and most perfect for bringing this apparent excitement to everyone’s attention of this obvious stubborn hunger for fresh cum. Especially noting the straining inside it’s cage to become erect. Obvious signs of a cum hungry slut.