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  1. That’s too bad. Sorry to hear about that.
  2. Can’t wait to see you watching her have multiple orgasms on a huge cock!
  3.  it is important for you to read this letter, because the reason for me to write it will convince you of many things, I want to confess something very special to you through this letter ,just to have a good   affection of someone whom  i can share my joys and sorrows together, and discuss my problems without fear,Please accept my apologies I do not intend to invade your privacy,just that i really need to be a closer friends please if you Don,t mind i will like you to contact me on this email [email protected]­.com for more information about me MY Real Name is Sharon Edward 

    1. sissystephanie


      Thank you for the heartfelt message Sharon.  My email is [email protected]  You will be receiving an email from me very soon!

  4. OOOhh Sissy..... How  WONDERFUL..... You are soooo BLESSED....

  5. Did you almost cream yourself when she said, "So that's what a cock is supposed to look like."??? The smirk on his face must have been captivating for both you and your wife!
  6. You must have had a hands-free orgasm while taking one up the ass that lasted forever!!!! Did you enjoy wearing your pantyhose for them?
  7. My feminization has progressed over the years as well but still a sissy cuck wannabe here!
  8. Now that you have learned to take big dicks do you find yourself thinking you can’t get enough and think about getting your next one every single day,...morning, noon and night?
  9. OOOhh Stephanie..... Oh My  !!  You are soooo Delightful....!!!

  10. Knoxville, Tennessee
  11. I hope Steve starts to enjoy his new cleaning duties soon. Once he gets use to the tastes of those delicious mixed juices, whoa Nellie!!! At least he’s trying to be an obedient cuck hubby, which is very commendable.
  12. This is one way to help to keep from spotting your panties when discussing being cuckolded with your Wife.
  13. 👋🏻 👋🏻 hey! Did you ever have any luck?