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  1. wow impressive how much horny pics you have..ty for sharing

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    2. kikhout


      nice! are you on the chat too?


    3. secondjag


      rarely.  honestly most of the time i've checked it out it was pretty mindless.

    4. kikhout


      yes youre right..

  2. Black seemed stockings, suspenders, high heels, Classic but sexy..
  3. kikhout


    My wife, Dorien is a beautiful woman. One thing that everyone says about her is how incredible her ass is. I think she should be posted on this thread. I shared my wife with DomBull4U...and she is now owned by him...she is one of his sluts. He brings out the submissive nature of my wife...and she loves being a slut for him! I wish he would post my wife on this thread....showing what a beautiful ass she has. I think he should do that.