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  1. We are not completely into the cuckolding lifestyle, we have been in the swinging lifestyle for close to 15 years now and have only recently started leaning toward the cuckold life style as she has continued playing as usual while limiting me quite a bit on how much I've been allowed to play.
  2. I'm gonna say more than likely, she had her fill. They were playing a good 45mins. to and hour before I started watching, and then roughly another half hour before having us switch to give him a break for 20-30 mins and another half hour to hour before him finished. So she was being fucked constantly for almost 2- 2 1/2 hours or so.
  3. This story is not only amazing but absolutely hot, plz continue I can not wait to read more.
  4. I would say it both physical and psychological, you have to figure she's already over sensitive from just having sex and then coupled what that thought, I can see why they say it's the best.
  5. I've only ever cleaned my wife out. But she has my the comment on more than one occasion about it being the best orgasm.
  6. Ours didn't start out as cheating or as straight cuckolding. We started swinging years ago and it has just been slowly transitioning over the last few of her playing more while not allowing me to play nearly as much as her.
  7. Not only does she orgasm every time, but very hard each time.
  8. We've talked about her having a BF and we both agreed not too. She does have two boy toys but it's NSA and just for fun.
  9. Mine only occasionally has me clean her after playing with someone but usually still lets me fuck her with her pussy still full of cum. This time she was not interested in anything
  10. I think you're absolutely lovely and when love to enjoy you.
  11. After two weeks or more in chasity, he'd should be more than willing to do anything for her pleasure if not begging too.
  12. I'd say you're a decent size, but my wife is a bit of a size queen and the bigger the better for her. I've had the pleasure of watching her with a 12" and really thick in girth. It only happened once because he was from out of town but she couldn't get enough of it.
  13. She is very sexy and the fact she enjoys other men, you are a very lucky man.
  14. As hot and bothered as she had me, it didn't matter. I wanted her in way I could have her.
  15. Lucky you. Hopefully she'll let you watch sometime