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  1. Hotwife/cuck luvR

    For those guys that are unsure....

    My husband doesn’t mind if I play with out prior notice, as long as I tell him afterwards or when I get home. He completely understands not wanting to ruin the heat of the moment and tells me to go with it. But ultimately he’d rather be there.
  2. Hotwife/cuck luvR

    Calling women slut/whore???

    This, is a porn site, damn my fault, I got confused and thought this was a cuckold forum. porn is not all about objectification and/or disrespect unless that is the genre that you like. In which case it sounds like you may be and expert because acting like that I’m sure you have a whole stable of vixens dropping to their knee for you. This is absolutely hilarious to see someone act this way and think that they are so high and mighty.
  3. Thank you both, you know how to make a girl blush.
  4. Hotwife/cuck luvR


    I do agree with you on most of your points, you are right about marring in love, but there is a big difference with love a sex. I love my husband very much and I do play with other as well, with that being said I do still and very much enjoy being with my husband too. We are both very respectful of each other but it’s hard to tell which of us enjoys me play with other men more.
  5. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  6. Tyvm, everyone always says lucky him (husband) or lucky guys, but to be honest, I think I’m the luckiest.
  7. Hotwife/cuck luvR

    Cuckold Video - cuckold good autst 2018

    I am soooo jealous.
  8. Hotwife/cuck luvR

    Calling women slut/whore???

    Guilty as charge on all accounts. Lol.
  9. Hotwife/cuck luvR

    Calling women slut/whore???

    I completely agree except I think it to low morals, just someone who loves sex.
  10. Hotwife/cuck luvR

    For those guys that are unsure....

    Very nice, I glad that things have worked out for the both of you and are enjoying it. I for one won’t limit my self to just one type or the other even tho I do very much enjoy black men as well.
  11. Hotwife/cuck luvR

    Calling women slut/whore???

    I completely agree.
  12. Hotwife/cuck luvR

    Calling women slut/whore???

    Well put, I guess it comes down again to each their own. I know women who loves to be called both and get off by being degraded. To be honest, I do on the slightest note in the heat of things but in general I do not. So I guess it really on depends on the person and the circumstances