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  1. My honest opinion is it was a HUGE first step but must be followed with baby steps. I think you may have opened up the possibility to her never realizing the pleasures of a larger guy and to agree to a threesome when it was never an option before is majorly huge. Just be careful and don’t just make it about sex or you could lose her, keep it intimate between you two, by not just sex but by talking honestly and openly. let it progress slowly and it will be much more rewarding
  2. Definitely be interested if we were still in NC not sure she’d be interested in a couple or not but my husband more than fits the criteria being just shy of 9”
  3. I call BS. We have been I. The LS for nearly 2 decades while yes there have been mistakes made on both sides it’s how the issues are dealt with that provides a solid foundation to be enjoy all the pleasures this LS has to offer. Though being completely honest we have know several couples that it has not worked out for and it Inevitable ended in divorce. She needs to stick to her one skill set and leave psychology to the professionals. I enjoy watch my husband with another female as much as he enjoys watching me.
  4. Troutman isn’t very far from where I lived in NC. Just on the other side of lake Norman where 16 and 73 crossed.
  5. We started out swinging years ago so this is somewhat of a natural progression. There has never been any emotional distress.
  6. If I had any I would share, I’m quite interested myself.
  7. Depending on your relationship and circumstances it may not be good to bring it up if she’s getting angry about it. As L smith said you need to find out what it is that makes her angry about even discussing it.
  8. That’s a great idea, and I wouldn’t mind actually watching for maybe new ideas. You know for purely research purposes. Lol.
  9. You want to know what type I am? This is the perfect description of what type I am.
  10. IKR. Seriously WTF!!! I’m that type lmfao.
  11. That type ??? As in what exactly? Not sure exactly how you meant that, I’m sure I could guess, but I can assure you I am my own type and which side you see is the one deserving
  12. OMG...... is love for my husband to get/do all of this for my birthday. ❤️❤️❤️