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  1. I can not believe he has not responded, I’m mean really why would you not want to shed some clarity on everything.
  2. As a mother of two myself, that is thee first and foremost thing I make sure of is my kids never know let alone see anything
  3. Gotta say 14 & 15 HAF !!!!
  4. 😯😯😯 WOW. I did not see that coming!!!
  5. Think it would do some good and help others with understanding
  6. Yes yes and yes plzzzzzzzzzz
  7. I have never heard of this kind of chastity. I think it sounds a little more extreme chastity than ultimate though.
  8. The parents where really good friends at one point the we played with Them quite offend and due to political views we ended up not really speaking for months, while we were out one time we ended up running into their (21) who is actually the one who brought it up that she knew her parents were swingers and assume we were to because of hanging out so much. She proceeded to tell my husband that she was more than interested and had been for nearly two years. Needless to say she went home with us that night and several other nights.
  9. Hubby has been with a mother and , not at the same time and the mom doesn’t know either. Lol.
  10. That honestly sounds like he issues to deal with if he doesn’t want to lose the relationship. As it is this relationship is doomed eventually unless you are happy with willingly being submissive to him and being locked away being nothing more than a trophy wife to show off. I for one would never stand for my husband treating me this way, a relationship is built on trusting one another not manipulation because of being insecure and afraid someone better might take you away.
  11. my opinion on that is he knew that when he asked you out and he knew that when he married you so no that is not why he is jealous and insecure.
  12. I don’t doubt you do get a lot of attention from guys, just remember they are usually only wanting one thing. Not sure if you are looking for an excuse to cheat or not but being with another has caught you attention now. Usually when someone acts like your husband is there is a reason, being it’s a personal issue he has his self or possible something you did, or he thought you did, in the past. Talking and communicating is your best bet. And eventually maybe doing like browning9 suggested and slightly play around with suggestive hints to see how he reacts.
  13. You definitely DO NOT want to go down this path right now unless you are willing to ruin your whole relationship and end it. First off there is some major trust issues that needs to be dealt with. The fact the he is very manipulative and jealous screams it. In my opinion in order for a relationship to work there has to be complete open and honesty especially if he’s going to stand for you being with another guy. If not then it’s just you cheating not cuckolding.