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  1. In short yes. We’ve/I have never had a “study bull”, but the openness, fun and excitement has definitely helped to improve it.
  2. Desert too? I love me some good deserts too. Hehehe.
  3. Way over thinking, and disorganized. We have been in the lifestyle for over 16 yrs now and life a perfectly normal life except we play outside our marriage. Most of our friends are in the lifestyle and the majority of ones who aren’t knows, he’ll most of our family’s knows, we both hold well paying jobs so being in it 24/7 is no biggie. What you are referring to is fetish playing which is almost entirely done behind close doors and only slightly carries over into ever day life.
  4. You sir are correct. It has been a few times. Lol.
  5. I find it very hard for a “subservient wife” as you put it, to to be an actual cuckdress considering by definition they’d be in a female led relationship making her more of a dominant figure. And although my husband loves for me to play with other men and even watch, he is the ALPHA MALE in which I’m married too. That being said, yes I very much do enjoy very dominant and assertive men when I am playing.
  6. Very well said. You guys sound a lot like my husband and I.
  7. DAMN TEASE !!!!! Lol.
  8. I do agree with porn being a possible trigger to a lot of fantasies, but women are not programmed to please or comply, and it only works to start the conversation about the possibilities. there is way more involved than the husband watching porn, snaps he’s fingers and the wife is in bed with someone else. There has to be a level of comfort and trust way before anything. We have been in one form or another of the life style for 16 years now and have yet to have a “Alpha male” or “true bull” experience”. There is some Validity to what you’ve said, but there is a lot of holes in it as well.
  9. To be honest, it has absolutely nothing to do with skin color, although I do love the contrast 😉, but have everything to to with personality and attitude. Size does play a little bit into it but that can be had no matter of skin tone. I agree and disagree with some of the things said above but that’s just my personal point of view.
  10. Yes, I do actually , and a nice big one at that. Hehehe you know the saying, go big or go home. Lol.
  11. Oh I’m sure that’d be a nice big shot of vitamin D. Hehehe
  12. I wish I knew. Looks like a nice hefty hearty meal.