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  1. Sooooo want to hear something funny? I just looked and he viewed my profile 18 hrs ago. Lmao.
  2. I love exactly how you said that!!! He lost that “PRIVILEGE”
  3. So just curious, has he ever messaged you since? He hasn’t me. Lmao.
  4. @Dirtyfun1 you are right on, @secondjag is always posting material not just for the guys and cucks a like but even for me so here’s my thank you as well.
  5. Although there are some fine points in these, I have to say I do not agree with all of it, mostly the humiliation.
  6. She’s definitely a hottie, but honestly it is not about looks, it’s about having confidence and trust in each other and being able to enjoy something that isn’t mainstream
  7. As far as I know it doesn’t have anything to with sexual, but i could be wrong. I am curious to if it does or not.
  8. I believe that was the case with my husband, but now he’s becoming more willing
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