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  1. WTF ??? on the first two. Lmfao.
  2. # 1 I think would be so much fun but honestly don’t think I could ever do that # 2 a nice warm up # 3 yes yes and YESSSSS PLEASE.
  3. I NEED some of that in my life.
  4. # 11 she is my hero now in more than one way. Hahahahaha
  5. Then you better not leave.
  6. Don’t you be going anywhere!!!! I meant it!!!!! You’ve given me some of the best advice, even when I didn’t want to hear it.
  7. I am going to have to check this out when I get a free min
  8. I think people like comics because of the fantasy aspect of it.
  9. Too restrictive??? Is that such a thing???
  10. Gotcha, we have been in the swinging lifestyle since 03’ and I guess more teetering somewhat toward cuckolding over the last few years or really I guess more hotwife or stag/vixen than cuckolding because he not only enjoys and encourages me to play but he free to play as well just doesn’t nearly as often as I do.
  11. Hello love......HAVE A GREAT DAY 

    1. Naughty Nicki

      Naughty Nicki

      Thank you 😘

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