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  1. new to this, my little 25 year old wife

    Take those panties off
  2. Starting out

    I suggest you to start with online friendship of some bull (for her) so she can start to be comfortable with the idea of being a shared hotwife...and help her to overcome her shyness. When she will more used to the idea of try other guys you could start with a bull in RL. To share revealing hot pics of her (at first without shoving face if she prefers so) will help her on this journey too
  3. Cucks...check In

    Cuck, show her undressed
  4. Pregnant

    Is her ex bull black?
  5. My wife

    thank you
  6. French chubby wife

    bonne viande à baiser, montrer plus svp
  7. Want my wife humiliated

    If you really want her humiliated why did you hide her face?
  8. My wife

    can we have links of other scenario?
  9. French chubby wife

    est-ce-que nous pouvons voir ta femma aussi?
  10. My wife needs encouragement

    she appears very cute but I need more naked pics to fully judge her "assets" and potentiality
  11. My wife the model.

    ...and did he fuck her too?
  12. a few pics

    Sue has nice big tits and an inviting pussy that deserves to be filled with a lot of cum loads. She appears to be an experienced cocksucker too.
  13. Hotwife from Saalfeld ( Germany)

    People, maybe you didn't understand! Dana is not cuckifromrot's wife, his wife's name is Cassandra, another woman. She could be his lover and I asked so but he didn't answer, neither gave her contact. Cassandra is the gal in the pic
  14. MySecret's wife

  15. Here is my gf again

    She appears to have nice big boogs.. can we see them naked?