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  1. Nice, would she like to have her nipples pierced?
  2. Also if in her 50 y.o. she's always hot and really very fuckable
  3. Show her fully naked
  4. leone55

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    Uhmm Belle chatte
  5. Wow, belle salope, J'aimerai la baiser.
  6. If interested to talk PM me.
  7. leone55


    surely she's, let us see more of this sexy wife
  8. Clara, visto che sei di origine italiana come sono io, sarebe possibile ammirare il tuo viso, magari in un messaggio privato?
  9. where are you based?
  10. nice body and pussy to fill with a big cum load
  11. A very fuckable lady. I love her red hair. Where are you based in Eastern Europe?
  12. He is clearly intimitaded from her and is fucking her in vanilla mood, not using her big tits to take and give her more pleasure. Also if she was flattered a young guy craves her I think she would more enjoy being used as a "slut" hard and rough, to let her feel she was born to be used sexually.
  13. Did you also planned her to continue to cuckold you in the new country after you get married in September?