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  1. More Gifs, Pics

    Those and the other all are internet pics from BBC-ENSLAVEMENT or ChristianWives4BlackSeed yahoo groups
  2. maximus..she's a nice fuckmeat and I have some pics of her
  3. maximus... do you have more of her?
  4. IMG_0087(1)(1).JPG

    She deserves to be fucked hard
  5. pic_17_big.jpg

    Nice tits, and big areolas and nipples
  6. pic_5_big.jpg

    Is she waiting for her bull?
  7. Want my wife humiliated

    hhhhhhhhh her more posting her full name, age and location (city)
  8. Wants to try?

    Any woman/girl want to be trained into submission and used also online as a slave/slut? I'm an experienced italian bull and master looking for new willing gals.
  9. Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    @sexboxer: what is the meaning of those boxing glovers you and your sluts always wear?
  10. Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    How was you made deliberately small and limp?
  11. what do you think? my gf

    She looks very fuckable, nice ass and shaved pussy.. I would like to see her naked tits too
  12. My Wife Is Going To A Bar By Herself Tonight

    @My Big Clit: any update? Was yours a real story or only fantasy?
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