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  1. leone55

    Roger returns

    Already posted as "Amanda" lol... however nice story.
  2. leone55

    First Date Night - S and L

    This affair no need I waste more of my time. I closed it.
  3. leone55

    First Date Night - S and L

    Sorry again N. : if husband know and agrees it's cuckolding, otherwise is cheating. The intercourse started as cheating, now turned on cuckolding but for the reasons (I assume) I said before. You have to read all thethread, my dear. 😊
  4. leone55

    My wife needs encouragement

    mywifefor: are you allowed to join them too?
  5. leone55

    First Date Night - S and L

    N. I regret not to be agree with you this time. Said firstly that they can do what they want, Leslie can't pour us this story as cuckholding, I repeat . a) the story starts as cheating as she cheated him on for about six months; b) for me isn't true that she made amends and told him all, he started to suspect something as their sex life had changed (remember the "red flags" of the first thread) and so when she realized he would find out soon she told him everything; c) I continue to think that he was not happy of this intercourse and was "forced" to accept it not wanting to risk to lose her; d) as far as I'm concerned I don't admit the betrayl (to be sincere, as a bull, I would not like to be cuckolded too); e) S & L posting this story should expect that someone could not be agree with them (for the truth Steve didn't say anything at this matter, also if for the reasons I said before he could not say what he really think). Of course this disagreement does not change the admiration I have for you. 😉
  6. leone55

    Paola P Italians Do It Better Showing Face

    Hot video from Paola. Enjoy her. Faceporn.no___Paola_Piseddu_the_cutlery_more_on_my_blog_http___mnpp-mnpp.blogspot_it.mp4
  7. leone55

    First Date Night - S and L

    Leslie, first of all I want to be clear that you and your hubby are free to do what you want and prefer and you both don't have to justify nor apologize with me. What I would to say is only that you cheated your husband and your story is not a cuckold story as you settled it up but a cheating story. And also confirm my conviction - from how your husband @@@@@@@ the story from his part - that Steve was inside himself "forced" to accept your cheating. What I don't absolutely agree is with those who praise your behavior as an expression of freedom and mind openness. Yes, marriage and sex are different things but marriage is sex too and above all trust and you betrayed Steve's trust. And I don't think, as you say, that "he grew to find your sexual adventures arousing", I think he was aware that you should be returned to your guy in every case (be sincere and answer to me about that). A last thing: what if instead of you would be him to cheat you on behind your shoulders, would you be so quiet as if nothing would be happened? Think over this. But as I said in the beginning, they are not my issues and you are free to do what you like more (from my side I would have broken with my wife - but we all don't think in the same way).
  8. leone55

    First Date Night - S and L

    Some statements would not deserve any answer, so much they are provocative. But since someone insists on the wrong concepts that would do better to study instead of posting photos and videos taken from adult sites like Xhmaste, XVideo, Pornhub, Blacksonblonde, Blacked, Tumblr (when he allowed nudes) and so on, that each one could take from his self, I confirm the meaning of the different terms: SWING: when the components of a couple have sex with other people; they are called SWINGERS CUCKOLD : when only one member of a couple has sex with other people with the partner's knowledge or agreement; if she's a woman is called HORWIFE or CUCKOLDRESS. CHEATHING: when a member of a couple has sex behind the shoulder of the partner; if she's a woman is called SLUT. I hope the concept has now been clarified. This story borns as cheating, not cuckolding. I think Steve accepted (but really agreed?) to turn it on cuckolding fearing Leslie would have continued the same to meet Robert as she after did.
  9. leone55

    First Date Night - S and L

    rest = stay (I said my english is not the best)
  10. leone55

    First Date Night - S and L

    Secondjag: No point of meeting. Each of us will rest with his own idea...bye
  11. leone55

    First Date Night - S and L

    Secondjag: I said in the start that someone could not be agree with me, lol. Do you believe i'm wrong? It could be but that was what I think also because Steve didn't me appear too happy in the start to share her wife, after he bended to the events as I wrote before. But this is my point of view. Again: how would you call a wife that goes with other men back the shoulders of her husband? A final consideration: I said that as a bull I have to be grateful to the cuckold couples, but I didn't say I would enjoy Leslie, moreover I didn't see her . It remains my best consideration for what you think.
  12. leone55

    First Date Night - S and L

    I also want to say my thoughts on this story, although I'm sure that many of you will not like what I'm about to say. First of all I am Italian (andit is not English my mother tongue) so it could be that my writing contains errors that are not iexplaining well what I want to mean. Second thing, as a bull, I should be grateful to those people who love to share their wife (him) or love to have relationships with other men (her). What I disagree with is Steve and Leslie's behavior. They assure to love each other and can not live one without the other. Steve, however, complains the behavior of his wife in wanting other men, but , having the opportunity, he does not stop the affair but gives his agreement to resume the intercourse. Probably he thinks she would have done the same even against his will , but fuck, if he didn't want it he could show the "balls" and stop her: if Leslie actually did not want to lose him, as she says, she could have renounced. Otherwise it would be worth breaking, the world is full of women. Leslie instead appears to be a real slut. She states to love her husband, not wanting to live without him but can not give up fucking Robert! Now if she really love her husband, knowing that he suffers from this situation she could also make a renunciation, considering moreover that they also have a sex life that even if it does not satisfy her in full they can try to improve by talking about it. But in my opinion the truth is that Leslie does not want to give up with Robert and doesn't lose the economic and social security that her husband can give her. If he left her who is the one who will take a slut owned by black guys in the States so fucking apparently puritanical?
  13. leone55

    Paola P Italians Do It Better Showing Face

    Paola, Posso aggiungere un video che ho di te?
  14. leone55


    Spread those holes open wide