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  1. me too 😜
  2. I don't believe K. doesn't like sex.. something happened for her refusing and humiliating you
  3. Enigma, if you find the link post it here so anyone can read the story
  4. Are you sure she doesn't have a bull? You told in another topic she fantasize aloud to be fucked by another guy. She's into domination of you and enjoy to abuse and hhhhhhhhh you, so I don't think that a such woman is not interested into sex.
  5. Cuck, video got deleted
  6. Nice woman Keith, but you should show her naked too
  7. Yes, she has the right assets to become a porn star. I love her big tits and would see her nipples thick and hard
  8. nice outfit, would like to see more
  9. @Creammywifenc: show more of this very fuckable hotwife
  10. I think that every REAL slut should post her face too...and the same for any real cuck
  11. @Strongbull: who is the webcuck? Tell me her nick and I will try to convince him to post more of his very fuckable wife
  12. Cookoo..was you giving her the massage? If not who was he?....and after the massage what happened?
  13. I would not offend her or you. Slut is a mood of being and acting, not my will to hurt a wife.
  14. Yes, your slut wife was born to dominate and humiliatevyou and to be a sub slut for all the bulls that use and fuck her body properly