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  1. leone55

    R.I.P. Tumblr

    Yes, I loved how she take the facial too
  2. leone55

    Cuckold Advice & Comments

    Robert, how many guys did she fuck from when you got married?
  3. leone55

    Showing hotwives

    What's the tattoo? A Penguin?
  4. leone55

    Let me see ur wife pics

    What an ass!
  5. leone55

    Per request

    H. I think you enjoy to tease us, isn't?
  6. leone55

    My wife needs encouragement

    H. I will wait for it
  7. leone55

    My wife needs encouragement

    It would be great.
  8. leone55

    My wife needs encouragement

    are you in the pic?
  9. leone55

    My wife needs encouragement

    I bet her pussy lips are shaved
  10. leone55

    artslade's owned WHORE wife!

    what's the fare of this hooker?
  11. leone55

    Big boobs

    uhmm so she's into BDSM as slave too
  12. leone55

    My New Years resolution is more lovers

    wonderful big tits
  13. leone55

    Big boobs

    A bit hanging but enjoyable and worth to be used to play with
  14. leone55

    New here

    Ehy cuck, PM me
  15. leone55

    New here

    she looks sexy, what are you looking for?