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  1. Sorry, I'm italian and I don't understand what SPH means, who can tell me it's meaning?
  2. Well, I think you are going to become a cuckold then
  3. leone55

    Cum On Skype

    what's your (or her) skype ID?
  4. What a hot and very fuckable lady... she deserves a good screwing to enjpy her.
  5. Who is the more slut of the two?
  6. Once in the net, no way to go back.
  7. It would be better if she shows us her "thoughts" with less clothes.
  8. I have 35 pics of her
  9. I'm sure she know how to pleasure a bull having fun her too .
  10. Hi, how is going your cuckold hunting? (to be clear I'm an italian bull)
  11. Leonne,

    Thankyou so much for sending that Link.

    Now have to wait until the mood is right ( most important as you know).

    I will keep you in the Loop.