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  1. First time is important. To make sure she really enjoys it talk to her about how she wants it to unfold. Some women like to be seduced, some like to be taken. My wife likes a man to kiss her firmly and take control by caressing her pussy and boobs. Once this happens she just melts and becomes a cock hungry slut. A bit of oral both ways gets her wet and once he enters her she likes to be dominated and screwed hard. She loves dirty talk as well while being held down and screwed. Good luck we hope it works out well for you both.
  2. Thanks. Yes she is a hottie. Bit quiet until she is kissed by her lovers and felt up, then she turns into a cock and cum hungry slut. mmmm love it. The guy in the pic is one of the many well hung lovers we have played with over the years we have been in the hotwife lifestyle.
  3. Got it Pic now removed. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  4. We didn't. For some reason it just appeared there and I don't seem to be able to remove it yet. Still trying.
  5. My wife Julie wears one on right ankle when we go out. Does not attract much attention here in Australia as it is relatively new here. A lot of women wear them but mainly just as a jewellery accessory.