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  1. thank you for folding me

  2. olcrab

    Cucks...check In

    Been a while since I checked in here's an after shot.
  3. i think i would probably cum on the slide in i'd be too excited :rolleyes:

  4.   what a hot sexy lady,would love to deposit all my seed inside you!

  5. thank you  my friend:)

  6. olcrab

    Wife's anklet

    Judy with my Key around her neck in the bar for dtinks!
  7. olcrab

    List Your Location

    Maplewood MN
  8. olcrab

    Elaine's First Time

    I have a question for you Did Elaine ask you to lick her pussy after you unloaded deep in her or after one of her lovers?
  9. olcrab

    Cucks...check In

    One can only try!
  10. olcrab

    My hotwife Elaine

    I'm on it!
  11. olcrab

    Cucks...check In

    I'm not Dom but sure would love to be sucking on those good looking nipples!
  12. olcrab

    Cucks...check In

    Checking in for your pleasure.
  13. olcrab

    Let me see ur wife pics

    Here's mine for you.
  14. It was great what about yours?

    1. tightjeansmom43


      It was good, thank you...

    2. olcrab


      Was My Birthday yesterday and my wife treated me to a nice creampie desert.

  15. olcrab

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Haven't tried yet but want to get it done yet this year!