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  1. How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    Haven't tried yet but want to get it done yet this year!
  2. Cucks...check In

    Checking in been awhile, a couple of Judy locking me up and teasing me.
  3. Shaving the cuckold

    Been bald for 10 years and shave the wife when ever I can!
  4. Cuckold Chastity Cages

    the wife wheres the key around her neck when we go out.
  5. Cucks...check In

    Thank you DomBull4u sorry for not asking to participate I though it was a given that you would partake I will accept my punishment as you see fit thank you for your use of my wife.
  6. Cucks...check In

    Here she is locking me up she turns 65 today going to the bar tonight with the key around her neck!
  7. olcrab

    Relaxing at the cabin!
  8. I like the name... Your age, and Minnesota is beautiful! I hope we can chat sometime...

    1. olcrab


      I'm 67 Yea I like it at my cabin where I can walk around out side or ride my 4 wheeler naked when no one is around.


  9. Cucks...check In

    Thank you Sir !
  10. Cucks...check In

    I was ordered by DomBull4U to post a second picture of my 64 year old wife for his pleasure and hope that she can become one of his fuck sluts to worship his cock.
  11. Cucks...check In

    Wantabe here trying to get my 64 year old wife seduced and fucked in front of me.
  12. She sounds just like my wife she thinks she is to fat ,old and ugly.