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    1. bigdee6293


      Hey hi there i am a bull here with a week wort cumm i need to be drained badly.

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  6. olcrab

    Posting pictures on your profile

    Haven’t been able to add any more
  7. olcrab


    My wife is a little more passionate to me I guess because she lets me out she thinks to cruel to leave me locked up for more than a week. 😄😄😄😄
  8. olcrab


    She lets me out every other day. But locks me back up when I get out of the shower.
  9. Fucking great!😛😛😛😛😛
  10. Good for you for cleaning off your wife’s face she should have made you clean the rest of her in stead of using a tissue.
  11. olcrab


    Yea took my shower this morning and was able to soap up and shave with little problem the only thing I can’t get the fore skin back to wash my nob.
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  13. olcrab


    I told her I need to have sex this morning. She said no and I kept after her and she finely went and got my cage told me to get naked and put it on and said it isn coming off till I'm ready! Here she is locking me up.
  14. Thank you glad you liked my wife's pictures.

  15. olcrab

    IMG_5573 - Copy (2).JPG

    I shave her on and off for 10 years now. I shaved her yesterday and when I finished she planted her pussy on my face. I fucked her in different positions for a half hour before I shot my load deep in her snatch. She immediately forced me on my back and sat on my face then said clean me fast I have to pee and she dribbled a little in my mouth and face before she jumped up and ran to the bathroom swearing at me as pee was running down her legs!😂😂😂😂