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  1. very true nicki nothing in our part of the world either
  2. ok how do the kids handle the truth its one hell of a decision my kids wouldn't handle it
  3. taken the site over with crap links
  4. this is days of our lives this site is going back wards is there only one couple on here I no it is how different couples get of but do we need to no everything they do or say I no im going to cop it but all is good
  5. I wouldn't cop it not our thing but we are all different
  6. we are the same all about my wife we are closer now as well
  7. looking for genuine couples in south east queensland and bulls to start up a group in our area
  8. twbacuck


    I just got another message and scam some tinder site
  9. if she does keep seeing him your doomed it has to be your way or goodbye myself id front both of them if they don't like it good bye you can be cucokld with out this if your wife isn't with you you are dreaming plenting of bulls try this crap sorry I find it so upsetting there is not amy thought for the cuck I'm different id explode the bull would find out don't push your luck not all cucks are weak I'm the other endid teach the bull a lesson if he crosses the line my thoughts
  10. tell him no if he cant accept what your needs and wants are why let him share your wife just my thoughts