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  1. Oh nStill learning how to navigate this, site. Do you have any pics? 

  2. Still learning how to navigate this site. Do you have any pics? 

  3. twbacuck

    Calling women slut/whore???

    thought it was a cuckold site not porn its a lifestyle most don't just fuck any one they are very choosey who they play with this sites heading of the subject how many bull treat woman like that or speak to them like that not very many its crap the way ppl seeing cuckold on here theres trust and respect not this fantasy being rude 90% of woman say no tell you to go away
  4. twbacuck

    Calling women slut/whore???

    we cant stand it also like to no how many pics are on here with out permission lot of ex girlfriends its so much of a turn off calling woman sluts
  5. twbacuck

    Advice needed

    don't listen to him go look at all his posts negative person
  6. twbacuck

    Remembering the past.... Part 2

    very nice
  7. twbacuck

    My wife and I

    your a pathetic creature I think your a keyboard wanker you have no respect for woman
  8. twbacuck

    My wife and I

    you wouldn't get near my wife you really are unbelievable with that attitude the woman are here to be treated well a hotwife would tolerate you
  9. twbacuck

    My wife and I

    are you serious
  10. twbacuck

    Soon wifey shall permit to post all pregnancy pics.

    her bull still in the picture or gone ?
  11. hi Brisbane area if interested

  12. twbacuck

    In Brisbane & Rockhampton in June

    cant log in to reply
  13. does she no you posted her pics ?
  14. twbacuck

    how to stop pop ups sites

    its not adds it locks your computer up it is something bad