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    looking for a regular bull Saturdays in brisbane

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  1. are there any real bulls over 40 or other couples looking for fun and friendship in our area
  2. its so fake its a joke she is a lovely lady thats crap pics of her
  3. didnt take gayless much time to ruin the site again is he stupid i thought admin sorted this out
  4. yes we wonder why we do it this lifsetyle is very time comsuming so many fakes time wasters or blokes that think my wife is in this lifstyle she will fuck every one treat her like a pieace of meat we wont cop it as far as cuckold i am but do the wrong thing by my wife then you see a diffrent side there seems to be no respect on here for the woman were bit over that attitude
  5. why are you letting gayless keep posting why cant he keep his origanail post going keeps posting has to be tods fantasy every one elses keeps adding to there post this person just keeps hogging the site
  6. i love to watch and i like to let her be alone
  7. why do ppl take the site over with endless pages of pics 1 every now and then not the whole site
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