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  1. Etiquette

    very true need respect this rubbish there sluts biggest turn of
  2. What do we show our wives?

    is this site full of pretenders I thought it was real my wife looks at this site to what is wrong we are real cuckold couple on here weres the rest not wannabies
  3. Random hook ups or steady bull, which do cucks prefer?

    steady here for us
  4. What do people think about a hotwife having a boyfriend?

    yes a regular boyfriend is good and safe my wife loves it she isn't interested in randoms
  5. Useless Husband Turns into Cuckold

    not our thing either
  6. Hi there. Im Spencer. 32 bull

    1. twbacuck


      were are you

    2. wvbull7


      Wheeling. Wv

  7. Australian cuck couples wives and groups

    Brisbane is very quiet for bulls
  8. Brisbane [email protected]
  9. Any Aussies Here??

    any good aussie cuckoldsite ?
  10. Any Aussies Here??

    hi we are up in Toowoomba qld
  11. My ex is Built to fuck!! Would you fuck her??

    if its your ex why are you putting her pics on here does she no her pics are on here if she does great if not its wrong
  12. London: Cuckold Intro Course For Visitors

    we cant understand why every one calls wives sluts whores any one called my wife that she would be insulted we like respect and gental men no bogans or bullys
  13. Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    bit offened are you who would put that on here im voicing my views keep calling me names all good have fun
  14. Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    what a great thing to have black mail folder you should be blocked from the site what a thing to have this site is for real geniune people your a grub
  15. A Question for Cucks

    I'm always there when my wife has some fun safer and we both enjoy it I love to clean up