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  1. Another one, hole thats asking to be fucked
  2. Was seeing her for roughly a year and recently told me she didnt want to carry on. I fantadis about her being with soneone new. Would love fakes, captions or comments about her.
  3. My friend whos keeping me well and truly in the friendzone. Likes knowing i fancy her even though we both know she isbt interested. Tells me to not bother with other girls because she likes the attention. Id like some classy captions i could show her if anyone would be willing to help me out?
  4. Few more, her and a friend, captions fakes and tributes welcome.
  5. Id love that so much! I saw her out the other night and she looked amazing!
  6. Some fakes made by claude m, the guys unreal 2.webp 3.webp 4.webp
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