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  1. Well, for the feeling, I'd ovbiously go with PILL. I mean, what man in his right mind wouldn't want to fuck bareback? However, from a practical point of view, I'd never fuck a hotwife bareback the first time (unless the whole lot agrees to show recent clinical tests). Besides pregnancy, one must shield himself from STD's. Only with time trust can be gained.
  2. Fine but....are you the father? That's the juicy part....
  3. Her ass is nice...but her pussy is even more remarkable.
  4. I am the very opposite. I can't stand body hair. But to each their own, obviously.
  5. Thank you! I'll try to post more so you all can enjoy!
  6. I am a bull. I have been active on and off since I was 20 - so for over 11 years now. At the time, I didn't even know what cuckoldry was. I just happened to hook up with an older lady I met several time at a restaurant. We first saw each other at my place (I was in university and had my own apartment) but, after a while, she invited me over. From the pictures, I understood she was married and with children. It didn't bother me so I didn't ask questions. After a few times I visited her house, she told me that she had a request. She told me how her husband loved t know she fucked other men and how he got off to that. I had come across to cuckold porn before but, as I said, was far from an expert in the matter. I asked her many questions. When she answered all of them, she put forward her request: she wanted me to fuck her in front of her husband. I asked for some time to think about it but, in the end, I agreed to it. That's not my fondest memory, though. While they were very nice and welcoming, the woman didn't belittle the husband. I'm the kind of bull who likes to be talkative and, even more, a talkative hotwife. I want a cuck in his proper place and constantly reminded of it. I know that many cockold-hotwife relationships don't feature such dynamics and I respect that...but I like a humiliated cuck better. Because of this, the best experience I've had was in Morocco. I visited the country with a dear friend of mine who is orginally from there. We toured so we stayed at many of his relatives'. In Rabat, we were hosted by a uncle of his. This uncle was a man in his late 50s who had had a (arranged, I suppose) marriage with a much younger lady. She could not have been older than 25-28. There was a language barrier because I spoke little French and no Arabic. I could speak English but they were not very fluent in it. Despite that, a night I was woken up by the lady and she brought me to the storage room of the store they owned and that was located at the ground floor. There she made me understand - with signs - that she wanted to fuck. Tempted as I was, I didn't want to offend my friend's family so I pushed her away and turned to leave. That's when I found the barring the way. Fearing he might misunderstand the situation, I did my best to apologise in my poor French. To my surprise, though, he was not enraged. He grabbed my arm and pushed me back towards his wife. A bit shocked, I started getting busy with the lady (who hid a very beautiful body under the baggy tunic). While we were busy, the woman started to speak in Arabic. Only then the man started to get hard and jerk off. I asked what she was saying and she replied, in English, that she was humiliating her husband for being a pathetic lover who needed another man to satisfy his wife. Given that swear-words were among the few vocabularies I knew in French, I asked her if she could do that in French. She did and, here and there, I interjected in English (or French when I knew how to say what I wanted to say). It was a great night. I fucked her three times, coming once in her pussy. We were very mean to the uncle, not letting him come. The peak was when I asked if she was into anal and she said yes. The husband didn't want me to fuck her ass. I would have left it at that but the girl was on a rampage. She told him that if she was not getting her ass fuck, he would. I thought I was about to see the breakout of a fight but, apparently, that was a pre-arranged gig because he turned around and spread his cheeks. The lady pushed two fingers in it and ravaged his hole while I rammed into her pussy. It may be because of this incredible experience that I like best black cuckolds.
  7. Thank you! I love the turnabout too! I detest stereotypes.
  8. While Black bull-other race wife is by far the most common clichè in porn concerning this lifestyle, the real deal has many shades. Because of the stereotype according to which every black man has a big dick, most women want to try and "go black". So, many white, Latina or Asian wives look for black bulls. Even so, there is a lively scene of non-interracial cuckoldry. I am white and have been the bull for mostly white couples. If you want some White bull-black wife captions, I would refer you to my thread:
  9. If you ask me, if you guys swing from time to time and she does not want to pursue a cuckold lifestyle, she genuine about liking your dick better. Most probably, she is one of the many women for which dick size isn't the key feature in a man. As I've advocated before, how important cock size is is a purely mental factor. There is nothing wrong in wanting only big ones but it is not a give that all women like it big.
  10. Wow! Such an articulate post! Please, spare us all the details...
  11. Well, I think the dynamic is very complex and that each couple has its own way of choosing the bull. I can only tell you what happened in my experience as "chosen-bull". Most of the time, the cuckold favoured the situation where I could meet the wife. However, it was the lady that ultimately chose if she wanted to go through with it or not. What I have noticed is that not always the husband's choice is what the wife would like in a man. He either picks men who are too similar to himself or too different. Also, chemistry isn't something that can be concoted on demand. In my experience, hotwives indulge in cuckoldry because they want better/different sex than they have within the marriage and this means that they must have a saying in choosing their mating partner. I do get what you're saying about being hot watching a cuckold choose his "replacement". It has happened to me, once. However, I had the feeling that the lady was getting off more to the thought of the humiliation she had put her husband through, rather than the encounter with me. So, summarizing, there is a huge difference in the kind of experience you get. If the lady chooses, it's more physical - i would say. The other, is more mental. It goes without saying that this is just my opinion and that other people might have different view on the subject. I was chiefly chosen by the lady and, normally, in a non set-up environment. I wouldn't normally know she was in a cuckold marriage until she brought up the deed.
  12. In my opinion, you are experiencing a dicotomy between your expectations and reality. I mean, it often happens that we draw a great deal of pleasure from fantasizing about something and then feel very disappointed when that fantasy comes true. The only difference, in your case, is that such a fantasy affects your relationship too. Also, your perception of the experience is biased by how your wife makes you relive it. I have always been a bull, never a cuck. To be honest, it has never happened to me that a husband had second thoughts. Or, at least, no couple made me aware of such a situatiion. However, I'm sure you're not the first cuckold or supposed-cuck that goes through such an internal turmoil. My best advice is to communicate openly with your wife. Maybe this lifestyle is not for you or, maybe, you need a break from it to gather yourself. None of this is a crime and, if your wife is serious about making this work, she has to respect your insecurities and fears. In case she doesn't, I think you should question how loyal she is to you and how this lifestyle isn't, for her, just an excuse to cheat. In any case, you need to open up with your wife. Maybe the problem can be simply solved by her not continuously reminding you of that night. Also, I advice you to try and work out why you didn't enjoy the experience. Was it the lack of involvement? Was it that she came so much and you didn't like the comparison? Was it the guy's attitude or lack of manners? Was it the long lasting consequences? You are the only one who can answer these questions and you need to do so in order to have an efficient communication with your spouse.