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  1. Hi fellow kinkster. I apologize for neglecting this thread for so long. Life gets in the way, from time to time. I've appreciated you giving this thread some positive feedback, lately. So I decided to give it some new life. I hope you like my new captions. Enjoy!
  2. That's right! Sexual satisfaction has to do with more than just the skin color.
  3. Wow! We need more clips like this one! Awesome!
  4. I would love to have my pics faked into sissy cuckold cum pics. I will pose anyway i am asked

    1. lifeslayer696


      I'm not skilled enough with photoshop or similar to do fakes. I'd do captions for you, if you want, though.

    2. willycuck


      Ok that would be great. 

  5. Dude! That thing should come with a warning for the faint of heart! It's really appaling!
  6. Do you realize that, of all the BBC, only a minimal sample is on this site, right? Even if no cuckoldfart BBC has been with her, chance is she might have hooked up with a black man. Wouldn't it be easier to just ask her?
  7. On vois bien que elle aimes la bite!
  8. Elle est un tres grosse salope! J'aimerai bien le defoncer pendant que tu regards!
  9. I would gladly fill her pussy with my seed so that you can raise my baby as yours!