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  1. Some original captions of mine. Thanks @Beatoffboy for providing the raw material. I hope you like them.
  2. I'm still waiing for your argument! hahahahahahaha
  3. The exchanges involving SandL are very funny indeed. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my OP. Maybe I expressed myself poorly. When I said that stereotypes were driving me away from this world, I meant it's online version. I will always derive a great deal of fun from fucking anohter man's wife with his consent. And this kink is widespread much more than I orginially thought. So it is possible to get in touch with people that suit your tastes. What I'm advocating for is a greater online variety so that people can find each other more easily.
  4. Thank you @DomBull4U for bringing the thread back on track. I do agree with you that the terminology "domme" relates more to bdsm than to cuckoldry. However, I also think that a hotwife must feel empowered over her man by the fact that she can sleep around while he can't. And let me state my point clearly here: everybody can do whatever they want and whatever gets them off, but - in my humble opinion - a couple where BOTH have parterns outside the marriage/engagement is NOT living a cuckold lifestyle but "simply" an open marriage/relationship. I have come across people that are not in agreement with me on this...and they sure have valid arguments. I still stand my ground, in any case. So, coming back to the topic at hand here, there is a sort of "femdom" inside the very conccept of cuckoldry, in my opinion. That's probably why I would and could never take on the role of the man who lets her woman sleep with others: I'm too dominant to accept it. As for the t-shirt... I've seen some similar in my country (I don't live in the USA). I disagree with that statement. Sure, if a man wants THAT pussy, the woman has almost illimited power. However: 1) if she's a woman bald enough to wear such a t-shirt, she wants a dick in that pussy just as much as the cock wants to be in her cunt; hence, the power is even. 2) if the man is simply looking for A pussy, not that specific one, the girl has no real power; sure, she can look for a different cock herself, but - once again - the power distrubition is even.
  5. You gotta embrace the aren't a domme! At least, not YET! lol
  6. Nope! No editing. I recall you doing it, too!
  7. I guess this answers the domme thing too, @SandL! hahahahahahahaha