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  1. I'm looking forward to it! Or, more precisely, to not let you do that! hahahahahahahaha
  2. I was kinda curious about your disappearance. Welcome back.
  3. Yes. You're right. The predominance of black bulls is definitely fueled by the American culture. Especially, I'd add, via the monopoly USA has on porn. I don't know if this stereotype has anything to do with unsolved internal issues that makes going with a black man more transgressive for a white woman. I'm glad you've had positive experiences being a bull. It has happened once to me too that the cuckold was very submissive and craved humiliation but the wife would have been pissed off if I dared. A very paradoxical situation.
  4. They taste just about the same. I doubt race has anything to do with how a pussy tastes. Hygiene and food are much more important. That said, I've always find white ones more cured. Thus, I'd eat a white pussy over a black one. That's just me, though...
  5. I voted <4" because my aesthetical opinions. That said, I reckon that making a cuck wearing panties is more a matter of psychological submission than something physical. In that sense, I'd like if ALL OF THEM wore panties!
  6. Indeed. The admin should do something about that....
  7. You'll need to give us a bit more insight than that, if you want an opinion on the matter... What happened is not clear at all.
  8. I've tried to make him understand that with my reply to his comment...but he never replied back! What do you say, @secondjag? Has he understood that he's wrong? hahahahahahaha I doubt it lol
  9. I sent the contract via private message.
  10. Thank you for following me!

  11. Thanks for clarifying. I'll send you the contract I had wrote a few years ago. Be a bit patient. It's not in English, so I'll have to translate it for you. You might want to be careful with the money-related part because you may run in legal issues, depending on where you live.