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  1. lifeslayer696

    Used, full condom

    I've recently acted out this kink and thought it might be fun to share the result. In the following pic you find my cum-full condom and the cuck ready to put it on. I hope you enjoy.
  2. lifeslayer696

    Used, full condom

    The reply to this is partially in my previous post, where I quoted you @DomBull4U. I see the potential problem, of course. However, in my opinion, it might not be a problem at all. Rather, something useful. in fact, to wrap a condom around a cock after the condom has already been used might prove quite difficult if the dick fits just narrowly. On the contrary, if the condom is too large it goes in easily. Of course, the content is more likely to ooze out and make a mess, but that's not really a hindrance. Actually, I think the cuck may like it - if he doesn't, he's definitely not into this game. I also stress once again that the difference in size is very probably an humiliation element that arouses the cuck. So it's a problem-not-problem. On the contrary, I had never thought of what you suggested: the bull telling the man he can only fuck the wife if the condom fits. That's a very hot kink right there. Thanks for putting it forward. It also occurred to me that it might be a nice idea for those into breeding. It is well known that a used condom is more likely to break than a new one. The bull might come in the condom and the cuck could be made to wear it. If it breaks or its content is spilled in the woman's cunt because the man's dick is too small, the lady might end up pregnant from the bull. Of course, this would require that the sperm is still fresh. I am therefore thinking about a situation like the adjoining rooms you so often use...
  3. lifeslayer696

    Used, full condom

    Hi @DomBull4U. Sorry for the late replies, but I was offline a few days. What you describe is a practice I have used myself as well. I mainly stay at the married couple's place and don't usually sleep there. However, the variation of what you propose that is most popular for his is the following. While I am busy with the wife, the man has to get dinner (or, more rarely, lunch) ready. I should explain that I normally have time during lunch breaks or after work. Normally, the agreement is pretty much like you described. The only difference is that with the hotwives I normally see I am not the one demanding the cuck to wear a condom if he wants to jerk off. It is the wife (wives) who allow their submitted hubs to jerk off only if they eat their own cum afterwards. Another detail you might find interesting is that the wives normally require that I bring a condom of my size. While I am fairly avarage, I am still much bigger than the hubs. Despite this, they are required to use these condoms and not those of their size. The purpose is to enhance the humiliating effect.
  4. lifeslayer696

    Used, full condom

    That was definitely my idea. To lift the hotwife from the burden of fucking the cuck while allowing this latter to still have his sloppy seconds. It goes without saying that the condom would be used to jerk off and not to have a protected intercourse with the wife. That's the bull's privilege, not the cuck's. Although as @DomBull4U says, it would be highly preferable that the bull isn't made to wear a condom - if the relationship is steady.
  5. lifeslayer696

    Used, full condom

    Of course I agree with what you say. I probably haven't made myself clear in the OP. My idea stemmed from the fact that many if not most cucks are into sloppy seconds. However, it is often a nuisance for hotwives to go back home, freshly fucked and satisfied to give in to their puny husbands' urges. With the used condom, the cuck could still have his sloppy second without bothering the hotwife. The downside is that the bull has to wear a condom....I agree on that.
  6. lifeslayer696

    Used, full condom

    I was wondering if any of the cucks here had ever been made to wear the condom used and filled by a bull, after the hotwife had come back. I have tried to suggest it to a woman, but she was not into that. I think it's very hot...but It might be just the way I see it!
  7. lifeslayer696

    My Wife for your captions/fake pleasure

    It doesn't look as if you have most of your wishes fulfilled in the real world already! Lucky man!
  8. lifeslayer696

    Who would you rather fuck?

    Taller one.
  9. lifeslayer696


    WOW!!! Those eyes are killers!
  10. lifeslayer696

    Her wet slips

    Great pics guys! I rarely get to see the result of my work....
  11. lifeslayer696

    Watching My Mom?

    Not that the idea isn't hot. If my mom had had a sex life while i was growning up, I would have for sure had spied on her. But I don't consider it cuckolding...
  12. lifeslayer696

    hello..should i eat the bulls cum?

    I think you should look for the advice of other cucks. I explain myself. In my humble opinion is not a matter of if it's or not appropriate to eat the cream pie. The point is if your gf is ready to see you do that and what kind of reactions that will cause. And, on this aspect, other cucks might be more useful. Just saying...
  13. lifeslayer696

    How many cocks?

    I'm not a cuck nor have a so....but...why did you specify for cucks only? I mean, even non cucks' wives and gf's are likely to have had cocks before their partners'.
  14. lifeslayer696

    23 year old bride for comments

    Superb. Only downside, small tits!
  15. lifeslayer696

    Thoughts on pregnant cuckolding

    Maybe some of you prefer the end...