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  1. My Wife for your captions/fake pleasure

    It doesn't look as if you have most of your wishes fulfilled in the real world already! Lucky man!
  2. Who would you rather fuck?

    Taller one.
  3. Wifey

    WOW!!! Those eyes are killers!
  4. Her wet slips

    Great pics guys! I rarely get to see the result of my work....
  5. Watching My Mom?

    Not that the idea isn't hot. If my mom had had a sex life while i was growning up, I would have for sure had spied on her. But I don't consider it cuckolding...
  6. hello..should i eat the bulls cum?

    I think you should look for the advice of other cucks. I explain myself. In my humble opinion is not a matter of if it's or not appropriate to eat the cream pie. The point is if your gf is ready to see you do that and what kind of reactions that will cause. And, on this aspect, other cucks might be more useful. Just saying...
  7. How many cocks?

    I'm not a cuck nor have a so....but...why did you specify for cucks only? I mean, even non cucks' wives and gf's are likely to have had cocks before their partners'.
  8. 23 year old bride for comments

    Superb. Only downside, small tits!
  9. Thoughts on pregnant cuckolding

    Maybe some of you prefer the end...
  10. Thoughts on pregnant cuckolding

    Hi everybody! Am I the only one who finds the idea of cuckolding while the girl is pregnat even more exciting than it normally is? I mean, when a girl is pregnant the couple should be more bond than even. To intervene in such a context is such an arousing thought to me. Not to mention the fact that when you come inside of her your sperm lands on impregnated wombs, which is so least in my humble opinion... If you like this subject, I leave you with a link (i hope not to break some forum rules posting it. If so, I'm sorry)
  11. Looking for ways to whore out preg wife

    Why don't you create a site and make her work as an escort? That would make the two of you ears some big money!
  12. Who wants a piece of my hot older sister?

    I don't want a piece. I want all of her!
  13. Show me yours

    Would you like to cuck your hubby with me? Or only blacks for you?
  14. Prove!