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    My wife & I are not looking for any playmates at the present time

    A little About Me:
    Hello to everyone! My feminine name is Missy.

    I am a sissy sub & my wife is my Goddess/Owner but I am also her Daddy which makes it a little complicated at times (we are still working on things).

    I do not dress as often as I wish due to my current housing arrangement (my wife & I live with her parents due to financial difficulties), so it is mostly occasionally. However, I do proudly wear panties full time (I don't own ANY male undies).

    My Kik is: wearinglingerie

    I am happy to accept all friendship requests & be online friends with everyone. Always happy to chat about anything and everything, of course, as I'm mostly introverted and shy...I usually let others lead conversations.

    I am a submissive sissy bottom, DDF, clean, cut & shaved smooth. I am very bi-sexual & really enjoy to cross-dress (I am a bigger body type and not passable). I'm a very big exhibitionist. I get turned on being on display & knowing that you are getting turned on by seeing me exposed, humiliated and dressed in lingerie, panties, fem clothing.

    I am a very big pervert & I am into just about everything...I have practically NO LIMITS, however the few things that I know that I am not into is serious pain, Degradation, blood, or scat. I am sure that there are others, but have not yet discovered them.

    My hard limits are nothing to get me fired from my job, arrested, hurt or infected with disease.

    I prefer verbal commands, orders, rules to be given and specific (I do tend to be a literal type person, so specifics might be needed to be clear). I am the type of sub that thrives on the ritual/the act of the sessions (if you understand my meaning). A great example of this would be flogging/spankings: I do enjoy the feeling of being flogged or spanked (provided that it is not too hard), however, I do enjoy it more while wearing panties or dressed. The act of being verbally commanded/ordered to bend over to assume the proper position and then feel as my skirt is raised or even perhaps ordered to raise my skirt is far more exciting then feeling the pain of the firm hand or flogger smacking across my sissy ass.

    Erotic humiliation is also fun (I am not into degradation/insulting), however, I DO ENJOY: slut, sissy, cocksucker, my bitch, slave, things along those lines....but NEVER: tiny dick, useless, unsatisfactory & I HATE the term faggot (not sure if there are others but, there could be, just ask before trying it and I will answer honestly and tell you if I would like being called that name).

    Outside the Bedroom:
    My Wife & I are introverts & nerds/geeks. We are VERY HUGE movie fans, LOVE movies!! I LOVE Star Wars!! She is more of a Trekkie (Although I am also a Trekkie). We enjoy watching various TV shows, anything geeky/nerdy (Star Trek, anything Sci-fi/Renaissance/fantasy, etc...). We enjoy playing board games, various card games including Magic the Gathering, playing the computer RPG's (Darkages, Star Trek Online, Minecraft).

    I took the test and here are my results:

    You Scored as Exhibitionist / Voyeur
    Exhibitionist / Voyeur - 100%
    Experimental - 96%
    Submissive - 93%
    Degradation - 89%
    Switch - 46%
    Bondage - 43%
    Sadist - 39%
    Dominant - 18%
    Masochist - 14%
    Vanilla - 0%

    Thank You for reading my profile. Please check out me out at FetLife.com to see my fetish list for a lot more of the many things that turn me on.

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