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  1. Fabulous story---more please!!!!
  2. joelhwood

    NY slut

    I'm on the UES
  3. joelhwood

    S and L

    Cant wait to hear more-- you sound very real!!! joel
  4. Yes-- Eat the ass --then suck the cock--- mmmmm
  5. This is such a hot pix!!!!
  6. You sound like you both are exploring the wonderful,exciting and sexy life of a Hotwife-- enjoy the journey and keep us all excited along with you both!!!!
  7. luv hanging saggy hucow udders--- post more of her like this please.. preferably while she is sucking huge cock!!!! Thanks for the post!!! joel
  8. Love your story.. Fuck the haters! Muah josie
  9. Fantastic story... Please post more of your experienced.. Joel
  10. Hope she cums around for you---- sounds great
  11. I so love this journey you are all on--- please dont stop posting the details--Happiest New Year to you all---joel
  12. Great story.. Can't wait for more.. Or the site you are starting!
  13. Love your story-- and of course we need to know what happens next!! Thank you and looking forward to next story--- joel