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  1. Thanks getmade11
  2. Have any new pics for me, jack?


    1. jack123456


      i thought sent something a few weeks ago

    2. DomBull4U


      maybe you did probably did.

      Are you going to quibble with me...or offer me Fay again?


  3. how are you doing

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    2. jack123456
    3. jack123456
    4. DomBull4U


      And? And jack?

      And...we both want the same thing. We both want me to fuck your beautiful wife Fay. We both want me to make her one of my dirty sluts.

      We both want to see Fay spread her gorgeous I can kiss her beautiful thighs...and work my way up to her delicious pussy. I'm sure you'd love to see Fay's hands...holding my head, guiding me, as I tongued her sweet pussy and buried my tongue deep inside her.

      We both want to see my hands on her tits, playing with and tweaking her nipples!

      I'm sure you want to see me standing beside cock hard and throbbing...and aimed right at her. Look at the lust in her eyes jack...look how hard her nipples are with excitement. Watch your horny wife rub and stroke her wet pussy. Keep watching as I put my hand on Fay's head....pulling her towards me. We pause just she can look over at her mouth drops open...and I pull her forward slightly...listen to her moan as my cock slides into her mouth...and her lips close tightly around my shaft. Watch as she responds when I tell her...suck it...suck my cock Fay! My hand staying on her head to guide she lovingly licks and sucks my throbbing cock! Look into her eyes she turns again to look at you...this time with her lips wrapped around my cock and her head bobbing up and down as she sucks me!

      Love this picture of your incredibly sexy wife, jack. Thank you. Thank you for the picture and for feeding my filthy imagination of being with Fay. Thank you for sharing her with me...and wanting me to fuck her!


  4. weekend away with her girlfriends