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  1. My girl asks if she can swing by while I work tuesday if you dont mind.. Sir. And ill come by after and pick her up..
  2. I'm glad to hear it was enjoyable from you.. You didnt talk much to me as you were there.. I understand lol Would you care to come by this weekend... For another round... Ill cook something up as you fuck in my living room.. Dont worry about making a mess.. Ill clean up after you
  3. Hello everyone. Just a lil caged loser here.. 😅. I wrote to dom last week hoping he'd come over to show my wife what a good time its like to enjoy a real man. And it took some begging but he came over last night and made me sit on the floor as he had my wife ride his full length. She was cumming in minutes... It was only an hour later before dom busted the biggest nut I've seen deep in her without asking or a condom... Thanks for the good time dom.. ❤️
  4. Yes sir. You already know I cant cum myself cause of my cage...
  5. While the beta get to make sure the alpha as a good time
  6. Heh.. Good point sir.. But let me worry about it
  7. You could borrow my place if you want. Or take her to yours..
  8. I'm sure you'll both enjoy yourselfs. You and her
  9. Heh.. I bet you make a huge mess for me sir..