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  1. hello everyone wanted to see how others have been in the the cuckold lifestyle. i have been wanting to be in this lifestyle for more than 30 years and have not had the chance till now. i have found someone that i want to bring into our life as our bull owner . my wife has talked about have this in our lives for many years.but with other things have come up and have never gotten the chance till now to have it happen. when we talk about it we don't want to have multiple men we want one we can enjoy and maybe join a club and we all go out every once in a while. just looking for others that are in this type of lifestyle and to hear about there experiences.
  2. bobbie


    i have had that inmind for my wife and her bull . i want him to unload his black seed in her womb over and over . seeing her belly grow knowing its his baby in here is what i wish could come true