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  1. Mt872


    So my mind has gotten stuck in the thought of my wife being bred again. Who else gets like this?
  2. How old are they? What age did they find out?
  3. I think the kids as they get older start to figure it out. Sometimes I wonder if it’s better to just tell them...
  4. Mt872


    Has anyone else here have this urge? I think the fantasy is what it will stay but...
  5. Mt872


    So... I have been thinking more and more lately. I don’t know why the thought of having my wife being bred. I am thinking more of asking her to go they with it now.
  6. So. Many couples have children of their own. I am wondering how you approach your kids when they start asking questions about anything they may see. From both the couples and bulls point of view.
  7. Bulls, what our your thoughts?
  8. Ok so I have been thinking a lot lately. The thought of another man breeding my wife is still one of my top turn ons. I wish it wasn’t but I have accepted it. I also find myself more willing to try to suck a cock. Or at the very least lick her clit while her fucks my wife. It’s a day after a holiday and I am bored at work. After you started this lifestyle, did you discover your likes changed?
  9. So let’s have another talk. Who here enjoys the thought of pregnancy risk and breeding? Either with yourself, wife or the wife you get. I know it turns me in greatly thinking about it with my wife. Her coming home with her pussy full of seed. Not knowing it it took or not. Let’s have a discussion!
  10. Mt872


    All husbands wives and bulls are different. There are many things in life that can lead us to enjoy different things. Who enjoys the pregnancy risk factor? I’d course it’s something that needs to be discussed before hand.
  11. Mt872

    Who knows?

    So who all knows that you are in this lifestyle? A few close friends of ours know but no family. How’d they react?
  12. Mt872


    So.. now that it’s summer what will your wife be wearing? Or if your a bull, what do you want to see her in?
  13. Mt872


    So just a random question here. What type of rules do you and your wife have? I think it’s one of the most important part of this. Bulls, what types of rules do you have? I’ll post some of ours in a bit
  14. Always. I’m the end it’s all about her and i
  15. I can’t see the original list. Does anyone have it?
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