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  1. Mt872

    Bareback or Condoms???

    Bare always. Cum in my wife. The love the risk.
  2. Mt872

    Bareback or Condoms???

    Bare always. Cum in my wife. The love the risk.
  3. Mt872

    Wife captions

    Anyone willing to do some captions? Hot wife. Breeding cheating. Not inter racial. Wifey just doesn’t dig them.
  4. Mt872


    I’m glad to see my little subject here is getting a lot or replies
  5. Mt872

    need captions?

    WOuld love some
  6. Mt872


    I mean since this started off about having my wife bred
  7. Mt872


  8. Mt872

    Bareback or Condoms???

    Bare! As long as you know he/she is clean though!
  9. Mt872


    This is a very important topic. Someone could “look clean” and it could be the biggest mistake. Testing is really the only way, or if you are with someone one long term. Yes... we all want it to be bare all the time. It’s just not possible
  10. Mt872


    I think it’s the act of total submission. Like I said. I think this is one I can keep as fantasy but not reality.
  11. Mt872

    Cucks...check In

    Here sir. Here is my beautiful wife
  12. Mt872


    Curious. Does anyone else out there want their wives birth control to fail while with him? Or have him cum in her unprotected? I get so hard at the thought of this happening to my wife. Not sure I could do it. But it’s hot to think about
  13. Mt872

    My wife. Caption her

    Please caption her