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    looking for experienced bull for wife of professional couple to step into wife sharing

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  1. Accepting resumes for a bull who will make my Jane an official vixen, hotwife, and/or shared wife by becoming her first sexual encounter in the lifestyle. The bull will also get the opportunity to be her bull for a year, meeting approximately 1x per month for a lengthy sexual engagement. The chosen bull will be treated to dinner, drinks, then be provided a private room for all evening for providing various services to the new hotwife. To be considered please cover 4 areas: A. Physical traits (age, weight, race, height, etc. including penis measurements, kik or email,location), B. Photos (as many as you wish, no max number), C. How you will handle, interact with, & satisfy the hotwife especially the first encounter D. Why we should pick you to be the lucky guy who gets to fuck my gorgeous sexy wife at least a dozen times over the next year? deadline for applications is feb 28, 2020, winner will be notified within 5 days and must be able to meet for first full sexual encounter within 2-3 weeks, preferably sooner. requests for more nsfw photos of "new hotwife" accepted submit to [email protected]
  2. SandL, is so humorous and glib, witty with a hint sarcasm that is just perfect for a laugh and an instant mood enhancer, OMG, you must be wonderful to be around ..its really attractive.....
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