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  1. Thank you. I like to remember the things my wife used to get up to. We've been divorced 7 years now, but I still enjoy visiting cuckold websites and fantasise now about my new girlfriend trying the lifestyle. If my experiences can help wannabes and novices, then I'm only too happy to share my stories. I'm not a wannabe, I'm a "usedtobe"!
  2. I've never liked the smell or the taste of my own cum, it reminds me too much of some nasty cheap glue, but I was okay with my ex-workmate's when I licked it out of my wife that Sunday evening. I think she was surprised how happy I was to still go down on her knowing he'd not long fucked her bareback. On another occasion she had me fuck her wearing a condom, then placed it carefully on her bedside table. She then proceeded to dip her finger in it and smeared a little bit on my lips for me to taste and lick. Seeing that I didn't bat an eyelid at this, she kept doing it, repeating the action for ages, feeding me more and more of my own cum. "There's a good boy!" still arouses me now. After our divorce I visited a local male masseur out of curiosity and ended up with his erect penis in my mouth. He was another one who told me I was "a good boy" as I performed oral sex on him. He didn't cum in my mouth though - perhaps that was extra - but I did cum in his hand as he massaged my dick.
  3. My wife liked "making" me take her dildo in my mouth, smiling as she coached me on how to do it. "There's a good boy!", she'd whisper. "You're a natural!" I never got to watch her with another man, she reckoned I wouldn't have been able to handle it so only ever had sex at their place, but I'm pretty certain that as long as the guy was agreeable, she would have loved to see me suck his cock, probably as lubrication before he fucked her and afterwards too, to clean him and taste her juices and cum mixed together on him. I did have the pleasure of licking my wife out when she returned one Sunday from her first session with an ex-work colleague of mine and I had no qualms about the taste of his cum still seeping out of her red, puffy, well-fucked cunt, so sucking his cock in front of her would have been fine and proof that I was more than okay with them having sex.
  4. I'm more than happy to show you what you missed out on. This is my ex-wife Debbie. We didn't call it being "unfaithful" or "cheating" as it was me that suggested it and persuaded her to do it. She was just "naughty" sometimes...
  5. It might not be in my life-time, but i can see the day coming when every white woman in the world has had a black man's cock.
  6. Two guys I used to work with have both fucked my wife. One she had to seduce by telling him we'd split up so he felt less guilty about taking her to bed. The other one was much bolder and was after her pussy from the first time he saw her with me in our works' social club bar. It took him 20 years but he got what he wanted eventually and he ended up fucking her on and off for 2-3 years, even taking her away on holiday for a week once whilst I stayed at home with the kids.
  7. Cupid Doctor is right. You need to talk to her, let her know that you are happy for her to have sex with other men. Encourage it. It took me over 2 years to persuade my wife to get some cock elsewhere, but she did in the end and loved the freedom this gave her. I loved seeing her so contented from all the extra cock she was getting. Men seems to know when a wife is up for it, so she found it very easy to get laid.
  8. Yes Doctor, I agree. My wife had her first extra-marital sexual experience when she was 34 and carried on getting it from other men into her mid-40s.
  9. I wish that was my girlfriend's bathroom. She's happy to tell me that she chats to a couple of black men online and that both want her to go visit them, but so far she's resisted the temptation. I think this photo might persuade her...
  10. My girlfriend Becky in her knickers. I think she looks pretty good for a 44 year old mum. I've tried to persuade her to have her belly button pierced, but she's having none of it!
  11. Seeing as I am in Sussex too, it's a shame I wasn't aware of Oldercock when I was still with my wife. I have no doubt we could have come to an arrangement but sadly we divorced in 2014, but I still enjoy remembering those days - and nights! - she enjoyed with other men. Even more of a shame is that my 44 year old girlfriend won't go down this road, but I live in hope!
  12. If she does escort work, I have no doubt she's had black cock more than once. My girlfriend has a "secret" fantasy of having to do "it" for money, either to pay off a debt or if she was desperate for money. Maybe I should suggest she becomes an escort.
  13. I hope the black men here like my girlfriend Becky's tits. She's 43 with a grown-up son, hence the "mum" necklace.
  14. Welcome! Your wife is beautiful.
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