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  1. Brighton & Hove, England.
  2. Does cuckoldry co-relate to penis size? Not in my case. I have a 7 inch long, 5 inches round, penis. but persuaded my wife to go out and get a bit of variety from time to time. She went with 5 other men that I'm aware of - 3 of them much younger guys, her preference - including one regular lover who had less than 4 inches, but was dominant and rough with her.
  3. Reminds me of when my wife and her mate went to Colchester for a week and both were fucked by young squaddies from 2 Para. My wife was 44 at the time, the lad just 25.
  4. I have joined as a member after seeing this story via Tumblr. Although we are now divorced, my wife and I entered into the cuckold lifestyle many years ago. Firstly, back in 1999, which ended up as just a one-night-stand with a young customer at the shop she worked in, but later, more sucessfully from around 2009-12 with a number of other guys. Although in her 40s by then, she still had a penchant for younger guys and was eagerly bedded by a soldier of 25 and a security guard of 28. This story though reminds me of an encounter she embarked upon with an ex-workmate of mine. We had previously agreed that she would never go with anyone I knew, so I couldn't put a face to the name, and that she would always use condoms, despite her having been sterilised. This would hopefully deter her from catching an STIs and passing them on to me, whilst letting the other guy assume that a married woman not wanting to get pregnant by someone other than her husband was understandable. Though I wouldn't describe Mick as a rival as such, we never really got on particularly well at work. He would sometimes put me down or criticise the way I did the job. I found out later that he had asked my wife out not long after he'd started on the firm, probably whilst using our staff social club. At the time, she'd politely declined, but admitted to me years later that she had been quite tempted. He eventually left the company, but still lived in our town and around 2009, when by chance we had decided to have another go at her cuckolding me, he suddenly requested my wife as a friend on fff. Not me you'll notice. She readily accepted and they began to chat online more and more. One day she told me that she felt that she was "getting into something she can't get out of" and I heard myself telling her that that was fine and to take things as far as she felt comfortable with. She would often let me watch her online chat with him and I even sometimes offered suggestions for her replies. Then, one Sunday whilst i was out with the kids, she went out unexpectedly, later texting me to pick her up from a road I knew was near his house. When I got there, she was in a skimpy top and a short denim mini-skirt. No sooner she was in the car, she said, "Well, that wasn't all that!", and I realised, somewhat shell-shocked, that she'd just fucked him. "What? You've fucked him?", I exclaimed. "Yep!", she smiled. "His cum's all cold trickling down my leg." She had no knickers on. My first thought was how smug he would be feeling now, knowing that he'd fucked my wife. Surely the ultimate put-down. We couldn't go straight to bed when we got home because the kids were about, but when we did, her shaved pussy was still red, puffy, glistening and gaping open. She had clearly been fucked and fucked well. She told me how he had taken her straight to his bedroom, having instructed her not to wear knickers, where they were soon kissing passionately on his bed and quickly undressed one another. He had sucked her tits and licked her pussy, before entering her bareback. He had been quite rough with her, which she enjoyed, and pumped his load into her, so both our ground rules were broken that same afternoon. I handled knowing that Mick had finally succeeded in bedding my wife much better than I'd expected. He'd wanted to fuck her for some 11 years and had finally got what he wanted.