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  1. My wife always chose the men she went with. She had a thing about younger guys (I was 7 years older than her) and at 35 she dated and fucked a lad of 23, a regular customer from the shop she was assistant manageress in. In her mid-40s she went with a 25 year-old and a 28 year-old, but she wasn't exclusively into young cock. We originally agreed that although she had been sterilised, she'd always use condoms and that she wouldn't go with anyone I knew so I wouldn't be able to put a face to the name, but as time went on it became a case of "her pussy, her rules" and for a time Mick, an ex-work colleague of mine, was regularly fucking my wife bareback. He'd been after sex with her for about 20 years and finally got his wish!
  2. My situation was the opposite. My wife Debbie and I embarked on the cuckold lifestyle first in late 1999, then again more successfully from 2009 onwards. The first attempt was scuppered mainly by my "cuckold angst" and insecurity getting the better of me, but our later experiences were much better. We were both older and wiser by then, a stronger, more trusting relationship I guess and Debbie went on to have sex with what i thought was 3 other guys. For reasons I've never worked out, Debbie then became very secretive about her extra-marital activities and I have since found out that a former work mate of mine I thought she'd only been with twice had actually fucked her on and off for 2-3 years and even went away with him for a week's holiday when I thought she was with someone else entirely! Another discovery has been that on weekend visits to her friend in a nearby town, she was sleeping with her friend's step-dad at his flat. I have only found all this out since our divorce in 2014. I don't really get why she needed to be so secretive when she had my approval to go out for extra cock when she felt the need. Maybe doing it behind my back was more fun than having to tell me in bed later or perhaps she started to fall for one or both of these other guys. Doubt I'll ever know now.
  3. I've been with 3 black women and they loved every minute of it. So did I!
  4. Thank you kind sir! Debbie was a very, very good fuck. I always felt she would be tempted to stray at some point and once I'd realized that the prospect of that turned me on, I slowly set about suggesting it, encouraging it and persuading her that I'd like it to happen. She confessed to an attraction to much younger guys - I was 7 years older - and eventually she bedded not only that 23 year-old customer from her shop, but - in her mid-40s - also a 28 year-old security guard and a 25 year-old soldier. She readily told me how much better in bed he was than me, but he was half my age after all. Debbie also went with a former work colleague of mine who'd been after her pussy for 20 years and one of her mate's step-dad. We split up in 2012 and divorced two years later, but i still miss having such a naughty wife.
  5. This is my girlfriend Becky at a posh local hotel. I like to imagine her embarking on being an escort and this is her waiting for a businessman in town for a conference and wanting some company for the evening.
  6. I bought one for my girlfriend and she loves it so much she never takes it off. She has no idea of it's significance though.
  7. We're in the UK. East Sussex.
  8. My girlfriend has only ever had 2, maybe 3 cocks inside her, one being the father of her 22 year old son. Seems such a waste. Other guys have dated her briefly before I came along, but lost interest when they couldn't get in her panties.
  9. Only just found this post. Please continue!
  10. My girlfriend's tits aren't that big, but I hope you still enjoy seeing them. She's 42 with a son of 22, hence the "mum" necklace.
  11. I think being paid for sex is a fantasy of my girlfriend Becky, though it has only ever been hinted at really as a ploy to get money out of me! Once she said she couldn't meet me this particular evening as she was going across to a neighbour's flat as he'd offered her £75 for sex. I don't think she did though. More recently she has suggested selling photos of herself to men, but was a bit put out when i said that she wouldn't get much for photos, maybe £10 each, when guys can go into town and get an hour with a prostitute for £120. Another time she was looking to borrow money and wondering whether to ask a couple of men she knows but wasn't sure "what they might want in return". Personally, I think she could make good money as an escort, especially selling "extras" to businessmen visiting our town for conferences, etc and staying in hotels. This photo is Becky and could easily be her waiting in a hotel bar for a client.
  12. I knew you'd be the first to like that photo!
  13. "Take that bra off Becky. You know you want to"