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  1. Thank you kind sir! Here's another photo of Becky.
  2. Becky. 43 years old with a son in his 20s.
  3. Oh dear! I have a girlfriend who has been happy to tell me that she has been exchanging so far innocent direct messages with a black guy on Instagram and I have an estate car that exact colour....
  4. Thank you kind sir! It's all a long time ago now and these things happen. Although she knew I was all in favour of her going out and getting extra cock and hearing all about it later in bed, she became very secretive. Maybe she developed feelings for one of the guys or perhaps she just found it more enjoyable doing it behind my back instead of having the tell me about it. The only thing i miss about her is hearing about what she got up to with other men, usually much younger guys, hence why I still visit cuckold websites 8 years on!
  5. Although she did have sex with 3 or 4 men around her own age (including 2 work colleagues of mine) my wife used to love young cock. I was 7 years older than her, but the day after her 35th birthday she went out on a date with a lad of 23, a customer at the shop she worked in who'd been chatting her up for awhile. After a few drinks she went back to his flat where he quickly stripped her and fucked her 3 times before sending her home. At 44 she had a couple of afternoons with a 28 year old security guard ( the friend of a couple we knew's son) and spent a few nights in the bed of a 25 year
  6. I remember years ago posting photos of my wife and accounts of her extra-marital activities on Imagefap and being rather anxious when I realised that a Google search of "naked redhead wife" found her very, very easily. I confided in a work colleague and he was only too pleased to be able see Debbie in all her glory. Not only did he set up his own account to comment on the photos, but he also shared all 3 galleries on his own blog. A recent search was less successful, but it was a long time ago, We split up in 2012.
  7. Me and my wife Debbie split up in 2012, but in 1999 and from 2009 onwards she went with at least 6 other men that I know of but I never got to watch. It wasn't a problem for me as I loved her coming home and telling me all about it in bed afterwards. The only time we did mention me watching her have sex she reckoned I wouldn't be able to handle it, but did say that if I were to walk in on her in bed with another man, "You wouldn't even stop us would you?" "No babe, I wouldn't. I'd sneak back out and let you carry on fucking." "Mmmmmm!", she replied. "Good boy!"
  8. Since I posted this 3 months ago, I have found out that my wife did cheat on me before that first cuckold experience we'd planned for, but as it was only a couple of months before I suppose she did have my permission in a way, although as I knew the guy really well it did go against what we'd agreed, hence why she kept it quiet. She had been very friendly with him from about 1993/94 and we did have several rows about how friendly she was with him. Once I'd found a hidden itemised phone bill which revealed how often she was phoning him, usually as soon as I'd left for work, then all day un
  9. When my wife Debbie and I agreed that she could go out and get some extra cock from time to time, our only two ground-rules were that she wouldn't go with anyone I knew and that she'd make sure they always used condoms. Debbie had had a hysterectomy some 5 years before, so pregnancy wasn't an issue, just the avoidance of bringing home any STIs. Those rules didn't last very long though. Although one or two eager young lads were told to use protection as "we don't want any more babies", two men I used to work with both succeeded in getting Debbie into bed and both pumped copious amounts of
  10. I'm not sure my girlfriend will ever actually cuckold me like my ex-wife did, but the lock-down here in the UK did bring about a situation I couldn't foresee. We don't live together and she was self-isolating anyway, so I was only seeing usually seeing her one day a week when I'd go shopping for her and deliver it for her door-step, always keeping 2m apart. On the first Saturday of the lock-down she chanced upon an internet virtual clubbing site catering for the "old school" garage music she loves. Since then she has been visiting the site every weekend, made a few female friends on there
  11. I am fortunate enough to have a 7 inch penis, even though it is attached to a skinny, weedy body. An above average sized penis didn't prevent me from becoming a cuckold. My wife once watched me undress and commented that "Mick's hard is the same size as yours soft", but she liked his stocky build, his many tattoos and him fucking her hard enough to go and see him for sex on and off for 2 years.
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