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  1. I think being paid for sex is a fantasy of my girlfriend Becky, though it has only ever been hinted at really as a ploy to get money out of me! Once she said she couldn't meet me this particular evening as she was going across to a neighbour's flat as he'd offered her £75 for sex. I don't think she did though. More recently she has suggested selling photos of herself to men, but was a bit put out when i said that she wouldn't get much for photos, maybe £10 each, when guys can go into town and get an hour with a prostitute for £120. Another time she was looking to borrow money and wondering whether to ask a couple of men she knows but wasn't sure "what they might want in return". Personally, I think she could make good money as an escort, especially selling "extras" to businessmen visiting our town for conferences, etc and staying in hotels. This photo is Becky and could easily be her waiting in a hotel bar for a client.
  2. I knew you'd be the first to like that photo!
  3. "Take that bra off Becky. You know you want to"
  4. Very difficult to add anything to rob's excellent advice. My wife Debbie was quite out-going and enjoyed male company socially, but even after having been together for 10 years, it took over 2 years of gentle encouragement, occasional persuasion and some role-play in bed from time to time, before she was convinced that I'd was serious about letting her see other men. As other husbands have no doubt encountered, a wife will often think that you don't love her anymore if you're willing to let another man take her to bed or that it's some ploy to gain permission to bed other women yourself. I let her know how much I enjoyed men eyeing her up when she wore a short skirt or a low-cut top and she admitted that she enjoyed the attention too. It was a case of right place, right time in the end, when a young customer at the shop she worked in hit on her and he successfully dated her and fucked her. We then had 9 years when she refused to repeat the experience, due mainly to my insecurity after that first guy, but eventually she succumbed to temptation and was bedded by at least 4 other guys. Sadly, we drifted apart over time and divorced, but I put no blame on her infidelity. Actually, I miss that side of things! With my new girlfriend Becky, it's like chalk and cheese. I have confessed to her how much I enjoy seeing men check her out and she isn't adverse to showing off a bit of cleavage or her bare midriff, though I have stopped short of suggesting she start dating other men. I really don't think she would go for it. She's another quite shy girl and I think she'd be horrified, but of course you should never say never and I enjoy fantasizing about the possibility.
  5. Mine's always been 7 inches, still is. 61 now though, so suffer from erectile dysfunction, so viagra is required to maintain a hard-on.
  6. I don't think Becky realised how see-thru that bra is....
  7. I'm glad you like Becky so much.
  8. Hi Crispin, long time, no hear! I remember you and your wife from another site and exchanged several e-mails with her a few years back. I always enjoyed seeing that sexy naked body of hers, so it's good to see her again. I wanted to fuck her then and I'd fuck her now. I wonder if she still has the photos of my cock I sent her?
  9. Becky in her bedroom. 19 years younger than me...
  10. Just for you Unique_abishek!
  11. It always pleases me when men like her photos or eye her up when we're out together. It's good that men want her. I take that as a compliment.
  12. Thank you kind sir! I'm really pleased you like her.
  13. She's cute! Very nice indeed. In one photo there, sitting on the sofa in shorts, she looks just like my girlfriend. See below - your wife, then my Becky underneath. Lookalikes or what? Is she getting the extra cock she needs?