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  1. Your wife's bull should decide what she wears and if she hasn't got it, then you need to buy it for her.
  2. I found that reality is different to the fantasy, mainly because at first you forget that there is now a third party involved and as much as might discuss various scenarios with your wife beforehand, there will be occasions when the other guy wants and feels different things. I won't pretend everything always worked out perfectly once my wife started cuckolding. We'd talked about it for over 2 years before this young guy came along, a customer at the shop where she was assistant manageress. They dated and they fucked and at the time it was amazing. She told me all about it when she came h
  3. Miss Becky is 43. I bet she'd love a young black boy who'd do as he's told.
  4. And I love to see her new young black toy boy kissing her white body all over. licking her pussy and ass and sucking her tits.
  5. That really conjures up a picture in my head of you and my girlfriend in the 69 position, your head between her spread white thighs and Becky with her first ever black cock in her mouth.
  6. Thank you Mac. I'm always pleased to be told by other men how much they like my girlfriend Becky and what they'd like to do with her.
  7. More than platonic, though admittedly we don't have sex that often. I say shy and inexperienced as she has only ever had 3 boyfriends, one of which she didn't sleep with, and only ever had sex with her son's father, a one-night-stand whilst on a break from him and now me. I'm doing my best to gently encourage her with this black guy she chats to without pushing her too hard and scaring her off. Hopefully he'll come on strong to her this summer and I'll let her see that I'm okay with them getting together if she wants to give black cock a try.
  8. It was different with me and my wife as I never had any involvement in picking the men she dated or slept with. Only now, since we've been divorced for nearly 7 years, have I chatted online to two of the men that got my wife into bed, both former work colleagues of mine.
  9. I love Michelle's body and it looks even better outside in the open. Love the boots too!
  10. If my shy, inexperienced little girlfriend Becky goes with anyone else, I'm pretty sure it's going to be the black guy she's been chatting to online for the past year. Now lock-down restrictions are being lifted here in the UK he's suggesting they meet up this summer. She wants to go and I want her to go too.
  11. I'm sure there are plenty of young guys that would be only to happy to fuck Michelle. When me and my wife first started, she expressed an interest in lads in their early-mid-20s. She was 35 at the time, but over the course of the next 10 years she got to enjoy the benefits of young, eager cocks from guys of 23, 25 and 28. They weren't at all bothered about her age or that she was married with 4 kids. They just wanted some easy pussy and she was happy to open her legs for them. With me being 7 years older than her, I loved knowing my wife was being fucked by lads our sons's age. The 25 year old
  12. I definitely would!
  13. She certainly doesn't look 61 with a body like that. You're one lucky husband. She could pass for half that age very easily.
  14. It sounds like your wife is really getting into this already, teasing you about this new man you have arranged being a good fuck and the possibility of her having a threesome with him and his friend and not you. All this is fuelling her and your fantasies and she's clearly enjoying making you squirm, making you nervous about your wife becoming a bit of a slut. You just need to hold your nerve, fight the anxiety you're feeling and let things take their course. I found that you can discuss all the various scenarios with your wife beforehand, but the unknown quantity is the other guy. What h
  15. It's only natural to be nervous, scared even. It's a big step to allow your wife to have sex with other men. Yes, it is a massive turn-on for men like us to know your wife is getting some extra cock, but that is inevitably mixed with jealousy, anxiety and insecurity. It's also the risk of them falling in love with each other or in some cases, your wife falling pregnant by someone else, that fuels our desire for them to be fucked. My own insecurities kicked in after my wife, the assistant manageress on a 24 hour convenience store in a nearby town, accepted the offer of a date with a young
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