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  1. Very nice! I have a young girlfriend too, well a lot younger than me anyway! I'm 60, she's 42. Looks much younger than that I reckon.
  2. I love black women. I've fucked 3. Your wife would be number 4.
  3. I think it has a lot to do with it still being at least a little bit of a taboo subject, white women going with black men. I also think black guys are more confident and the idea that they have bigger cocks than white men must help, with some women curious to find out if that's true! I do know two or three women that say that black doesn't appeal to them at all, but they are far out-numbered by women I know that have already tried black cock or want to. For my part, I absolutely adore black women, so I do kind of agree that the color contrast of a white body against a black body is very arousing. They say that "once you go black, you never go back", but I've been with 3 black women and now have a white girlfriend.
  4. It seems Mick noticed my wife Debbie not long after he joined the company I worked for. We had a social club and Debbie would often visit and wait for me. Mick and I didn't really get on particularly well, I certainly wouldn't have considered him as a mate, but Debbie seemed to like him. She enjoyed male company anyway and he was just one of many guys she'd chat to and have a laugh with. I remember one occasion when Debbie had met me at work, she sat on a chair in the yard talking to a group of us. She was wearing a very low-cut top and I noticed Mick position himself on the step of the doorway right behind her. I realized that this gave him a perfect view straight down her top, such that he must have been able to not only see between her breasts, but her belly too! He glanced up and saw me watching him. We just smiled at one another, so he carried on admiring the view he had of my wife's tits. From time to time the workplace banter would involve Mick criticizing my work or how I did the job and I found out later from Debbie that around this time he had actually asked her out for a drink. She told me that she had been very tempted, but at the time was a good girl and determined to stay faithful to me. He later left the firm, but still lived locally and it was in 2008 that Debbie received a social media friend's request from Mick. Not me you notice? She accepted that request and soon they were messaging each other. She knew I wasn't keen on him, but she carried on chatting to him on a daily basis and texting one another. We had a lodger at the time, a friend of ours called Marie, and Debbie told me that she had tried to match make Mick and Marie. Mick's reply was that he'd much rather go out with Debbie. By this time Debbie had already been with a couple of young guys with my knowledge and approval, but Mick didn't fit with our agreement. However, as we sat in bed some evenings she would show me their chat and sometimes I even suggested what she should reply to his messages. Debbie said that she felt she was getting into something she was going to have trouble getting out of and I suddenly heard myself tell her, "That's okay. You can meet up with him if that's what you want. Take things as far as you feel comfortable with." Soon they had arranged to meet in town for coffee, but Mick cancelled so many times I felt nothing would ever happen. He was married with a step- and worked odd shifts, but then suddenly one Sunday afternoon, whilst I was giving one of our kids a lift to her friend's, Debbie went out by taxi and wasn't in when i got home. Later, she texted me to pick her up from a street near his house. She'd been invited over to see Mick whilst his wife and step- were out. Sure enough, there she was on the corner of his street waiting for me, dressed in a white top and blue denim mini-skirt. Her first words to me were, "Well, that wasn't all that!" I was a bit stunned to be honest. "What? You fucked him?", I mumbled. "Yep!", she smiled contentedly. "Get me home quick! His spunk's dribbling down my leg and I haven't got any knickers on!" At home we had to wait until the kids were all in bed, but when i finally got Debbie in our room it was still blatantly obvious that she had been very well fucked earlier. Her pussy was red and puffy, still gaping more open than usual. I buried my face between her legs and enjoyed the small of sex on her and the taste of her juices mixed with Mick's cum. My first cream pie was soon followed by my first sloppy seconds. She felt different when I entered her and she teased me with some role-play as we made love, whereby i had to pretend I didn't know where she'd been or who with, "but it's someone you know. Someone you don't like very much." I remember thinking of Mick's smug, almost arrogant, smile at work and how to finally get my wife into bed must have been the ultimate put-down.
  5. I don't think these cuckold tendencies will ever leave now, so yes, I often fantasize about sharing my new girlfriend. As soon as I showed him a photo of her, I knew he'd want some of that. Says it would interesting to see how she compares in bed with my ex-wife and he'd be more than willing to report back with his findings. Said he's never had two of the same man's women before. Reckons that would be a very enjoyable first.
  6. Thank you kind sir! Debbie was 35 when she let that young guy have his wicked way with her. Later she had at least 4 other men that i know of, two of them in their mid-20s. She told me how much she preferred young cock.
  7. Two Polaroid photos of my now ex-wife Debbie, 1999, around the time she was the assistant manageress of a 24 hour convenience store and being fucked by a customer 12 years younger than her. Lucky boy!☺️
  8. The deal with my wife was that she wouldn't go with anyone I know so I wouldn't be able to put a face to the name. That however didn't last, as she was pursued on social media by an ex-work colleague of mine and succumbed to temptation! She asked me if it would be okay and I agreed that she see him. It turned out that he'd actually asked her out some 11 years previously when we'd worked together, but she was a good girl then and declined his offer. This time however he was more successful and got her into bed. I was surprisingly fine with this and me and him are now Faceb00k friends, which has enabled me to hear from him what they got up to. Now though - with me and my wife divorced - he has seen photos of my new girlfriend and suggested we go visit. He wants this one next....
  9. Very wise words Rob. To begin with my wife and I - that's my leggy, red-headed wife Debbie in the photo - discussed the possibilities in great depth, role playing different scenarios in the bedroom with the help of a dildo on occasions. Even then it took at least 2 years of gentle encouragement and persuasion before my wife felt confident enough to embark on some extra-marital activities. This was with a young guy 12 years her junior, a regular customer in the shop she worked at in a neighboring town. Insecurity got the better of me a couple of days after she'd dated and slept with him and we had a few uneasy days whilst I reassured her that no harm had been done, it was something we;d wanted to try and I loved her just as much now as I had before, if not more. As we got older and wiser, I occasionally broached the subject again, originally met with a "I'm not going down that road again", which later became "maybe one day", then a "are you sure you could handle it better this time?" Assisted now by the advent of internet dating and social media sites, 9 years on Debbie dipped her toes in the water again and indeed, I did handle it much better this time round. Three men were lucky enough to get Debbie into bed, including one of my ex-work colleagues who'd found her on fff and tried his luck. After a couple of years though the openness disappeared and in our last year together we didn't have sex at all. Well, she did, i didn't. She became secretive for some reason, which i find odd considering how much she knew I enjoyed her coming home with an account of her night out. I can only assume that cheating became more satisfying for her than me knowing. I now know that my ex-workmate was actually fucking her on and off over the course of 2 or 3 years when I thought it only happened twice. She even went away with him for a week when I thought she was away with a totally different guy! I've also discovered that when she was supposed to be spending the weekend at a female friend's in a nearby town, she was more often than not at this friend's step-dad's flat in his bed overnight. I wish I'd known all this at the time. I would have loved knowing what she was getting up to, but we somehow lost those lines of communication. But I certainly don't regret her cuckolding me and I'd do it again if I thought my current girlfriend would be up for it.
  10. No, not that I know of anyway. In a twist that i didn't see coming, she moved in with the guy 2 doors down the street, not long after his wife left him for one of the guy's my wife Debbie had been fucking! The two women were friends, but his wife went through my wife's fff friends one night and picked out 4 or 5 men she liked the look of. One was this ex-work colleague of mine who had been fucking Debbie. Not one to miss a golden opportunity, he bedded my neighbour's wife too and the rest as they say is history! They moved away and are married now, whilst my now ex-wife is still with my ex-neighbour. I guess it was the talk of the street for a time, but they too have now moved to another part of town.
  11. In my case, yes, especially our sex-life. However, 5 years down the line she left me for a neighbour and we divorced! That said, I certainly don't regret encouraging my wife to go out and get herself some extra cock and loved knowing she was getting the variety she needed, especially when it was a much younger guy. I still miss being cuckolded now though.
  12. I bought one for my girlfriend. She has absolutely no idea of its significance, but she loves wearing it so much she never takes it off!
  13. Brighton & Hove, England.
  14. Does cuckoldry co-relate to penis size? Not in my case. I have a 7 inch long, 5 inches round, penis. but persuaded my wife to go out and get a bit of variety from time to time. She went with 5 other men that I'm aware of - 3 of them much younger guys, her preference - including one regular lover who had less than 4 inches, but was dominant and rough with her.
  15. Reminds me of when my wife and her mate went to Colchester for a week and both were fucked by young squaddies from 2 Para. My wife was 44 at the time, the lad just 25.