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  1. So. Me and the wife have done some cuckold stuff over the years. Not much. Usually her sleeping with her ex bf, ex partners. And a few times with my best friend. Behind my back and in a 3 some. Very exciting. Thats a story on its own but this weekend just gone. We both got very drunk and shes opened up about a black guy from work whos very interested in her. Shes never been into black guys but we have role played about it a little. This black guy has invited her out for a works night. Everything paid for. All she has to do is turn up. Anyways. I asked her what she wanted to do. And she seems more than up for a free night out, The thing is. We havent talked much over the last few months. But i have noticed shes been on her phone talking alot over messenger. So i think it could be this black guy, whos apparantly a drug dealer. And i know my wife does like a smoke every now and again. Since shes told me about the black guy i cant get it out my head. I have been so horny since she first said about it. She is back in work on tuesday 13th aug i think with this guy. Who has told other work colleuges hes going to fuck my wife. And she didnt mind at all. So i have my fingers crossed this week to see how it all goes and what actually happens. But whats worrying is. What if she likes the guy more than she is letting on. With her exes. Shes never realy been to excited about them. With this black guy she goes all bashfull and really excited and has a very big smile. Could they have already been upto something. This is a girl i thought would never go black. Shes in her early 20s, very small and slutty. Very good looking and gets alot of attention. Size 8 uk underwear Loves anything sex. Nothing she wont do or hasnt done. She has told her best friend she is meeting a black guy, i suppose me being the husband its a little harder to talk to me about, cheating on your husband with a black guy. Any tips and advice would be nice. Yes i dont mind her playing, and i think its because i am more excited which is causing the nerves to kick in, it all just feels different to other times shes fucked other me, it may seem a little far fetched but 8 have never been good at making things up. I think my wife has become a little smiten with this guy. Paranoia or not. I dont really have proof and wont go snooping. Just what she has told me and how she has been
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