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  1. What a wonderful looking woman, you lucky dog
  2. The rescan does look better Robert. Elaine is such a beautiful woman. I have to be honest I prefer the photos of her as she is now. Thank you for posting. I continue to look forward to all your posts
  3. You can really see that his cock has stretched Elaine’s pussy and that her pussy is clinging to his cock on the outstroke. Great photo and wonderful memories for you. Thank you for sharing.
  4. Elaine really is a very sexy beauty. Just noticed the tattoo on her ass, what is the symbol?
  5. That is such a wonderful photo Robert. Elaine’s legs are well spread and her lover’s cock is well buried in her lovely pussy. What a wonderful lady you have there.
  6. I also hope there is a part 4. How does Terrance make Claire his fuck toy and will Vickie get to enjoy and embrace the cuck lifestyle?
  7. What a great first time you both had. Marlene is definitely as BBC loving slut and it is great that you enjoy being her black cum loving cuck. Love to eat cum myself, especially out of a recently well fucked pussy.
  8. This has to be my favorite Robert. Elaine looks so sexy. Thank you for sharing with us
  9. Why not do both. Clean up the creampie and then go in for sloppy seconds
  10. What a great photo of Elaine. Even better Robert if there was another one of you cleaning up