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  1. Cathy I had the same problem but I was the one with it. I had affairs but had never been with anyone but me, she wanted to see what it was to be with another man and seeing that I have been with others it was not fair for me to object to her wishes to at least go to a swinging club to observe and mabe join in. Did, she enjoyed it and to my surprise I injoyed watching her, she enjoyed playing with other men and had satisfied, we have been happy ever since.
  2. I can understand both sides, could he be jealous that u can enjoy the sex more then he can? Do you take care of his sexual needs with the same fevor with the others? Is there any way you can talk to him & maybe compermise with him to the exstent where you can both be happy. Like you my wife and I had the same problem and by talking we work it out. I wish maybe if I knew what your problem was, I might be of more help. 💔
  3. ummm eating her, looks to looks nice to fuck
  4. Would love to have her lay under me