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  1. Maybe... let me think about it? 💋
  2. I had a boob job a few years back, 34B to a 34D, I think they fit my body perfectly. Thoughts?
  3. Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  4. blushing thank you very much. 💋
  5. oh she’s very cute, I see absolutely nothing wrong with her. Very natural, attractive to the eye, great figure. The fact that she’s willing to pose is certainly a plus. Love to know more about her?
  6. just my opinion, way too much behind your back communications going on....SHE isn't giving you a choice, shes just fucking him at her leisure! unsat!!! This is not a relationship, not equal, not respecting each other, this is her fucking a new toy at your expense. im sorry, i don't agree with this.😡
  7. I must say, well written, very to the point, the Erotic nature of the setting is so Taboo , but OMG hot. The boss was quite a pig, but certainly portrayed in a very strong sexual predator! Wow!!!
  8. That is a great story, makes me want to run up to Fort Campbell (Don is retired military, loves the idea of the younger troops and me) and buy a van! LOL Goodness me, it was so simple and yet so erotic in both your parts.
  9. Blushing, thank you, we are in Murfreesboro. Still terrified but talking.
  10. The Show me state is living up to its name... mmmmmmm
  11. As Eagercuck stated, "HAPPY" should be the term, you both are HAPPY! Both pleased, enjoy, and very open and honest with each other, how about this; I am seeing more honesty here, than 99% of regular marriages in America. Labels? I think I understand what your asking, and for only curiosity sake, yet it sounds like a GREAT relationship. Just my opinion.
  12. And a very happy welcome to both of you, your wife is lovely, and I’m sure will have no problems finding lots of admires. The very best to both of you. Cathy/Don
  13. Not that tech savvy… Seems everything worked much better with windows 95, and AOL4.0?😂😂. So far whatever I have which I don’t have a clue, other than windows 10 which I do hate, it seems to be working. Obviously far better than me. Laughing
  14. Hope this works....for VIP status Don/Cathy