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  1. Guess I should have posted these before the polka dot top pics. After posing for pics the real fun begins
  2. Relaxing in the kitchen. Cropped and uncropped version
  3. robert smith


    Teasing on the beach near Cabo
  4. Several years ago I found these 4 photos I had scanned on regulard paper. Quality a bit down but better than nothing. Wish I had the originals
  5. This pic is not my wife but gives and idea of what her shorts looked like after her alterations
  6. I don't think this story is worthy of adding to my collection of our sexual adventures but thought you might get a smile out of it. When I posted this old pic that was framed on our dresser I looked more closely and realized she was wearing her "short, short blue jean shorts" We used to go to the lake and spend many hours on the water. She put these little shorts on over her tiny bikini bottoms when we would go to docks to get gas or sometimes go into their bar/restaurant. I talked her into modifying them by cutting the legs, front and back, extremely short. About the only part of the jeans that went between legs was the seam. She even cut the front pocket linings out so they wouldn't disturb the view. Since she had her suit on under the jeans she did not feel she was really being too extreme. She finally got up the nerve to wear them commando in the evening around the campfire with skimpy top if there was a guy there she might want to tease. For the first few years I was the one setting up our MMF fun. I found the men and made all the arrangements. I always encouraged her to be on the lookout for someone she might want to join us. Let a man catch a glimpse of her pussy usually got there attention
  7. One time I suggested she convince a man to have sex with us by playing around a bit. I said a little kissing and fondling would encourage him. I said if she thought she might have a bit of chemistry she might even suck his cock to see how big his cock gets. She laughed and said "If I suck him I will fuck him."
  8. One evening she posed in this shiny black tight dress with her black dildo. I later cropped her face out because were were putting them in an ad on AFF. Regretfully I somehow lost the originals
  9. My wife is an average loving caring wife but when I share her with other men she knows what she wants and how to get it