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  1. She quit posing 10 years ago so that won't be happening regretfully
  2. I recently rescanned many of the old Polaroids. Curious to see if the higher quality scan looks any better than the old one so I am reposting same pic
  3. I think this may be my favorite pic taken on our couch. Love the look on her face and the sexy spread pose with hand a finger on her pussy
  4. I forgot I had posted earlier pics on different thread. This is the pics of our old house
  5. Look at the stereo equipment in the background, the chair, couch, end table, blanket and pillow from the second and third pics I posted at 8:54 am yesterday. You can see them on these pics.
  6. Look at the stereo equipment in the background, the chair, couch, end table, blanket and pillow from the second and third pics I posted at 8:54 am yesterday then find them on these pics.
  7. I love my wife in her basques and suspenders and see thru lingerie I keep think I should start a thread with selections of her lingerie but it might get too large
  8. Some non nudes from early 80s in our first house together. Had to smile at the dated decor and clothes
  9. Several years, a few more lbs and shorter graying hair she could still squeeze into the knit suit
  10. I sent photos to guys we were trying to entice to join us for MMF hookup. At first she was a bit nervous about how much to show to complete strangers. This was the first collage she agreed to let me show to get men interested. She only wanted to show her boobs
  11. I always liked the basques and hose on my wife
  12. When he came back to the room I said Elaine told me you liked her boobs. He smiled and said he loved her boobs. We all got something to drink and headed to the basement. He commented that he loved playing pool and I said I'll bet Elaine can beat you and laughed. I excused myself to let them get figure out how to get started. I could see their reflection from the adjoining bathroom. Elaine walked over to get a pool stick and Kyle turned her around, pulling her tight against him, kissed her hard and slid his hand down her pants playing with her ass. She kissed him back for a minute or two and I thought he was going to fuck her standing up. She pushed him away and said how about the bet on the pool game. I reentered the room and racked the balls. She told him to go ahead and break. While he was lining up his shot Elaine quickly pulled her top off and stood there topless while he was shooting. He made one off the rack shot, but missed the next. Elaine is a pretty decent shot and Kyle lost all concentration. When she was bending over for the eight ball he came up behind her and grabbed her tits. She stood up letting me see her getting felt up by Klye's black hands. She led him to the couch and asked him if he wanted to titty fuck her. He quickly pulled down his jeans revealing a fairly long black shaft. Elaine looked at me as she stretched his cock up along his stomach and licked the shaft of his cock. She positioned herself where she could wrap her boobs around his dick. He already had precum oozing out and she used it as lube between her tits. I was enjoying the show when he suddenly let loose a shot of cum hitting Elaine's neck and chin. I am sure she was shocked at how fast he had cum, but quickly put her hand around his cock milking the rest of his load toward her boobs. When he drained all he could he sat down next to Elaine while I went to get a towel. What a sight, Elaine with cum all over her boobs and neck and Kyle sitting next to her with his jeans down around his ankles.and his long flaccid black cock waiting for round two.
  13. She found the suit several years later.