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  1. Love the way the black lingerie disappears into her crack
  2. More pics for the men who love hardcore action
  3. This was the first time she ever posed playing with a dildo. I bought it for her to us in foreplay and encouraged her to imagine she was fucking another man with a big cock like the rubber one. It was also our first time playing with the razor and her pubic hair. Cut a little V notch across the top creating a bit of a heart shape look. I think she had just turned 30
  4. A friend said he liked how how full and frim her boobs looked in the little chemise. I said that thr stretchy chemise straps helped keep her boobs from flatening out too much. You can see her boobs on this pic without side straps.
  5. Sometimes when she was watching porn and playing with dildo while waiting for me to finish taking photos she would get hot enough to cum . I think this was one of those times. When she started one handing the dildo and rubby her clit with the other she would end up with her first orgasm of the night
  6. I just found these 3 pics in her little chemise I should have put on the preceding page with the dildo and vibrator shots. They were taken that same evening