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  1. Crotchless can be sexy too
  2. I like commando, crotchless or at least sheer.
  3. Creampie eaters will like this vid
  4. Great story George. Hope you have more
  5. This photo has been around for years. Always turns me on as it reminds me of my first wife,
  6. First time watching your wife take a BBC is one of life's more erotic experiences
  7. More great multitasking ladies
  8. More eye contact pics when they have gone past the making out stage
  9. We are all different in what and how we enjoy this lifestyle. I like being present and watching and participating. In the beginning Elaine was shy and hesitant about approaching anyone for fear of rejection or humiliation. With my encouragement she gained confidence and started finding men on her own, but she always brought them back to be with me while she fucked them. I love the MMF aspects best. Over 30 years we have tried many different scenarios but I always end involved in some fashion. Find what works best for you and your lady by trial and error.
  10. Love these GIFs Tried double pussy a couple of times. Harder to do than you would think. Still fun!
  11. More of wives/gf getting started with new man while husband/bf is watching. I love these scenes.
  12. This is the kind of gangbang I wish my wife could have experienced. Men fucking her multiple times and shooting off on her face, in her mouth on her tits and in her pussy.
  13. More of my favorite sex scenes from the net & my wife licking, kissing and sucking cock
  14. Whooops, pics loaded backwards. Meant I really like the first one
  15. More of the lovely ladies giving their man the "Look" as they enjoy themselves. I really like the last look she gives her man as she is getting ready to take on two BBC