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  1. No one is forcing you stick around and make negative comments. If you don't enjoy what you see and read hear simply LEAVE
  2. My wife talking about big cocks. Turn up the volume. Just a little screenshot video you may have to downlead or it may not work at all IMG_3293.MOV
  3. Kaktuscpl, If you are talkiing about me I posted one photo on May 25 and before that April 10. More like 7 weeks not 10 daya and not same photo
  4. A friend sent these to my wife. She thought they were funny and a bit sexy. She said "Too bad I din't have big tits like that" and laughed
  5. Nope. Neither one of us wanted children.
  6. Her first successful seduction of a man without my assistance was in this dress and lingerie
  7. A friend found this on an IR site and sent it to me
  8. Learning how to put text on photos
  9. I found an Old Scan, kind of funny and sexy
  10. I posted these two pics and some guy commented that she kind of looked like Kay Parker. Could not remember her so I looked her up..
  11. Love seeing my wife riding a friends cock
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