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  1. If you have seen any of my posts about my wife Elaine you know we have done many wild wife sharing things but I could never convince her to perform in a Gloryhole. My first wife obliged one time and I have always remembered that as being extremely hot. I hope you can convince her and your friends to go have fun.I had talked my first wife into going to an Adult bookstore/Movie House. We had done a bit of swinging with a few couples. Always wanting to do more and kinkier stuff I talked her into going into a glory hole where others could watch thru glass window. She was nervous and asked what she was supposed to do and how far to take it. We looked in at a few of the other rooms and some women were bent over backing up to the opening to let the man fuck her and some were fully dressed and just playing and wanking the man's cock. She said she wasn't going to let a stranger she could not even see fuck her. I said just go have a bit of fun and we will go home to finish up. She ended up sucking a good sized cock and I could see them talking thru the hole. She undid her blouse exposing her tits and really started sucking him. All of the sudden she pulled her mouth off him and grabbed his cock and pumped him several strokes until he blasted her tits and neck with cum. They had paper towels in the room and she cleaned up and buttoned up and we went home and had great sex. This is my first wife. If I had been the guy having her suck my cock at that glory hole I would have wanted to cum in her mouth or on her face but he asked her to let him blast cum on her tits.
  2. Hope this will load and play here Big Dicks.mov
  3. I have been combining two software programs to improve the size, resolution, lightine and darkness to some of my older photos and non nude photos where Elaine is small in the original Thought you might like to see a few.
  4. A friend did this for me when I told him about my fantasy of seeing my wife gangbanged
  5. I love this dress and lingerie because it was what she was wearing the first time she found a man to bring home from a large public gathering. Being around a lot of people she had to be coy. She leaned up to his ear and said "Brush your hand against my thigh and feel my garter belt. Come home with us and I will show it to you without this dress covering it up"
  6. Over the years I have had many men ask me why I like sharing my wife. That is hard to answer but it probably started with my first wife. We never set any boundaries about what we wanted. That probably ruined my first marriage. We were young and got into the Swinger, Wife Swapping scene and my wife could not fuck someone and not feel some type of emotions/ like/ love, etc.I think we made several mistakes by not setting boundaries or talking about what we wanted out of extra marital sex. It was the 70s and we were young and experimenting with what was then called Swinging and Wife Swapping and sex with more than one person. My wife tended to be jealous when seeing me with another lady and tended to treat some of the men life boyfriends. Those situations seldom turn out well. I probably stayed with her too long just because she was willing to party, had a great body and was a fabulous fuck. Hope that explains it a bit for you. Hard to resist this pussy and mouth. She definitely liked the sex and was good. The problem we had was she could never separate the physical sex from getting involved emotionally.I met Elaine when I was 32 and she was 29. We were both divorced with no kids. After dating for several months I really started liking her. I had done some swinging and wife sharing with my ex wife. I don't think that led to our divorce, but one never knows. I got Elaine to pose for sexy polaroid pics and she didn't seem to object like some women do. For my birthday she surprised me with some lingerie photos done by a professional she had hired. I was more than pleased with that attitude. After about a year I decided to broach the idea of sharing her. Started with sex talk in the bedroom. While having sex she acted willing saying it might be fun, but nothing ever actually happened. I knew for our relationship to go further I was going to have to press the issue to see if she was all talk and no action. I kept telling her to pick out some guy she would like to fuck. I didn't care if it was old lover or friend. She said she could not approach someone about having sex with them if she really loved me.When I look back at it now this was when I made the conscious decision to find another man she did not know and hope she enjoyed the sexual aspect but not get emotionally involved. We got lucky and it worked. After a few years and several men she did not know until we had sex she finally consented to fucking a friend. The rest is history. Hope I have not bored you with my ramblings.Defining what you and your partner want and expect to give is also important. I told Elaine I wanted her to have a complete sexual experience with the other man with me present, watching and joining in at some point. We also discussed this with the potential lover so he wouldn't be surprised. Luckily we made it work
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