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  1. I want to lick cum off her so bad and have her call me names and order me to eat her ass. Ummm Her black pet puppy Dog

  2. she should train it every day with the bib dildo to stretch her pussy

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      Black cuckold boy

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      Black cuckold boy

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  3. I showed these to my friend Chris who did photo work for us, collages, magazine covers, photoshops and GIFs.
  4. Oh yeah. Almost always gets her pussy licked before fucking
  5. This was the first time she ever posed playing with a dildo. I bought it for her to us in foreplay and encouraged her to imagine she was fucking another man with a big cock like the rubber one. It was also our first time playing with the razor and her pubic hair. Cut a little V notch across the top creating a bit of a heart shape look. I think she had just turned 30
  6. #38 My wife said "If I am going to fuck someone for fun than he better know how to eat pussy and have a hard cock and the bigger the better"
  7. I would surly eat Your Cum Out of your Pretty white Wife, and clean your cock.

  8. I think the other men on the boat enjoyed my wife's bikini
  9. Shorts for when you get out of the water
  10. Petting a seal while waiting for our ride out to our lifeaboard and getting ready for our first dive
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