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  1. The term "cougar" was not really around in the 80,s, but here is Elaine's first successful seduction of a younger man. I tried setting up a few more guys for Elaine. Some did not show, one couldn't perform and one was kind of a jerk and we sent him packing. I encouraged Elaine to try and find a guy she thought she might like. She was still hesitant. I think she was afraid I might think she was choosing him over me, but if I brought someone home it was okay. I told her to try and be aware of other guy"s paying attention to her and seize the moment. Not everything can be planned in advance. > One night we went to a bar with a friend and his date Karen. I was not even thinking about a threesome. There was a local band playing. The women went to the bathroom and when they returned they were kind of giggling like young girls. During a band break the Karen left and I didn't think anything about it. She came back and told my wife to come with her. Elaine returned 5 or 10 minutes later smiling. Our friends soon left and I asked Elaine what was going on. She told me on the way to the bathroom she had told Karen thought the drummer was cute. What she did not know was that Karen knew some of the guys in the band and went and told the drummer about what my wife had said. He said he would like to meet her and to bring Elaine backstage during the break if she was serious. Elaine said she took him to a darkened area kissed him and told him she would fuck him but it had to be a threesome with her husband. He seemed hesitant and did not say anything so she grabbed his hand and put it on her boob, massaged his cock and kissed him with passion. He said O.K. We only lived a couple of miles away. She gave him our address and told him to get his ass over there as soon as he could after the band was finished. We left about 15 minutes early and headed home hoping for the best. > It was quite late so we decided if anything was going to happen we had to get with the program quickly. I suggested Elaine get into lingerie and meet him at the door. To my surprise she agreed. She put on a little blue teddy and white hose and no panties. We still weren't sure if he would show so I started kissing her and played with titties. I figured if he did not show I would finish the job and we would go to sleep happy, but disappointed he did not show up for the fun. We were about to give up on him showing. This was the 80 s and cell phones were not common. Suddenly we were interrupted by the ringing doorbell. > Elaine met him at the door. He was pretty much speechless. Elaine kissed him on the cheek and invited him into the living room acting as if she was fully dressed. I walked in and she introduced me. I asked if he wanted a drink and went into the kitchen to get drinks for all of us. > When I returned they were sitting on the couch making out like teenagers. She was in the middle so I sat on the other side and started playing with her ass. I left to go to the bathroom and give them some time to get things heated up a little. When I returned she had opened his pants and was playing with his cock. I sat down again next to her and she turned and kissed me then turned back and started sucking his cock. She was leaning over to suck him so I got on the floor and started eating her pussy. After a few minutes I could tell she was getting good and wet. She stood up in front of him facing away, bent over and backed up sticking her pussy in his face. He ate her until she was just about to cum. She asked for a condom, opened it and rolled it on him then stood up and eased onto his cock as he was sitting on the couch. She was grinding on him with her hands on his knees . I stood up and stuck my cock in her face and she was getting plugged at both ends. > Soon she turned and faced him as she loves to have her titties sucked while sitting on a hard cock. We switched positions several times and wore her and the couch out. We had all been consuming alcohol and the rest of the night turned into a blur of fucking Elaine silly. Here is what she was wearing that night, The first pics is her standing at the front door, just like she did that night.
  2. The first guy was from out of town, at Elaine's insistence. After that worked out okay we tried to find local guys. Elaine had just turned 30 and was still quite attractive. I convinced her to dress a bit more provocatively and use her womanly charms to entice guys she might like. We would go to local clubs and she could dance and flirt a little. I am attaching a couple of pics of a summer dress she would wear without bra or panties. If she danced slowly and pressed up against him her pointy nipples would usually get anyone's interest. If he had his arms around her during a slow dance she would casually move his hand lower to her bare butt. She would invite them to our table or booth and sit in between us. Elaine was never much for public nudity or sex, but could be coy and overtly sexual if she wanted. Like I said before some guys were nervous about 3 way sex. One guy was not sure about coming with us. He just wanted to do her out in the parking lot. Elaine leaned over and whispered something to him, then moved back. I saw him trying to be subtle as he slid his hand onto her leg. She slid her dress up a little and opened her legs giving him access to her pussy. They really started getting into it and Elaine was actually hunching her hips as he fingered her. She suddenly pushed his hand away, lowered her dress, smiled and said we were leaving. He asked if he could follow us and Elaine volunteered to ride with him. I knew she was going to make sure he did not get cold feet and not show. I actually followed them just to make sure he was not some weirdo and did not want to take Elaine home. It was several miles with lots of stop signs and I saw Elaine move next to him. He put his arm around her shoulder and I knew he was feeling her tits. At the next light her head dropped out of sight and I just hoped he did not wreck his truck. I missed the last stop light so they got ahead of me and when I to the house the truck was in driveway and they were still inside. When I walked up he was sitting on the passenger side and Elaine was sitting on his lap bouncing on his cock. The window was open and she just turned to me and smiled saying he said he could not wait any longer. I had the garage door opener with me so they started going at it while waiting for me to arrive. I reached in and pulled her top down giving his better access to her tits. Within a minute he grabbed her hips, hunched hard and had his first cum of the night. She invited him in and a fun time was had by all
  3. Elaine has never been much for public nudity. Sometimes around a swimming pool or at the lake she would flash a little. Alcohol helped reduce her public nudity hang ups. I did get her to cut out the lining in some of her swimsuits. That revealed her nips and pussy when she got wet. We had a pool and used it to our advantage several times. We had friends we invited over and many times guys would just stop by for a beer and a splash in the pool. If she fancied a guy she would judge his interest by laying on an inflatable raft or a chair by the pool and tease him. Her top might slip or she would spread her legs showing a semi transparent crotch shot. She might get in the pool with him and grab his cock in a playful teasing manner hoping to find out if he was well equipped. If she wanted him for a partner she would discuss things while showing him her boobs or let him play with her tits. But she would never do the deed in public. Usually the most she would do was let them play with her boobs and pussy. Sometimes she would suck on their a cock, but usually not to completion. We had a good friend and had partied with with for a couple of years. Sometimes we just had fun without sex and sometimes we ended up in bed. One Saturday afternoon he showed up with a friend. It was a summer day and we headed for the pool. After a couple of hours of drinking and enjoying the water our friend jokingly asked Elaine to show her boobs to his friend. She was just loose enough to flash us her tits. We all applauded and complimented her hoping for more. She finally showed her ass and pussy while still in the pool. As it was daylight and neighbors could be looking she put her suit back on when she got out of the water. We headed over to the hot tub area where there was a little more privacy. Elaine loosened her top while sitting in the swing. I took the cover of the hot tub and we all got in the water. It was a little tight with 4 people so we kind of sat on the edge and let Elaine be more submerged. One of the guys pulled his cock out and asked Elaine to suck him. She laughed teasingly and started playing with his cock. We kept trying to get her to do more, but she seemed reluctant to actually screws us in the tub. She sat up on the edge of the tub showing all of us her boobs. We continued to chat and try to get Elaine to do more. She stood in front of us and let us play with her boobs but only touch, not sucking. Our new friend told Elaine he had gotten divorced recently and sure would like to have sex with her. She moved over and started sucking him. She turned and looked at the two of us and asked if we were enjoying the show. I could tell she was going to finish him off with her mouth. He was sitting on the edge and she was in front of him topless and really giving him good head. I figured she would let him come in her mouth but he suddenly pulled out and shot off on her face, neck and boobs. We all laughed and complimented Elaine. They had to leave to take the new friend home, but our old friend came back that evening and we ended up in bed screwing Elaine. You can see the hot tub in the background on the deck
  4. I think this was the peak of her tanning. Love the contrast.
  5. One guy sent us this cum &&&&&. My wife thought we should try to hookup with him. Loved the look of his body and cock
  6. Forgot to add this view of how the hot Florida sun and white beach sand will allow the sun's rays to even penetrate the small holes in the waist of her bikini bottoms
  7. I love the smug look on her face in the last pic
  8. When I met Elaine she had just turned 29 and weighed 105 lbs. and loved to tan her skinny body almost to excess. Amazingly she has never had any skin cancer issues. We vacation in Florida, the Caribbean and made Scuba diving trips to many exotic sunny locations. Here is my thin, then girlfriend somewhere near Destin or Panama City
  9. I have always thought much of my wife's allure is her smile and different looks she projects when posing.
  10. Giving me that "Let's fuck" look.