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  1. This lady is impressive!
  2. I think all ladies look hotter when they smile
  3. Short, but sexy. Love seeing wife spitroasted
  4. Would love to see the rest of the evening photos
  5. What is dice and dare game? How is it played?
  6. A few more from her first hubby. Elaine did not want to to show her face, but her tits, ass and pussy are OK. These are scanned polaroids
  7. I absolutely love reading about other men sharing their lady, I have shared Elaine for nearly 30 years
  8. I knew my wife's first husband from high school. He married Elaine her freshmen year in college and they divorced 6 or 7 years later. When we were in our late 40s or early 50 ran into each other at class reunion. He asked for my phone number and said he wanted to talk to me privately later. Next day he confided he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and did not want his current wife to find his small collection of nude photos he had taken of Elaine, As weird as it sounds he offered them to me as he hated the thought of destroying them. I gladly accepted. Here are a few of the,
  9. Love stories about first dates
  10. I have a friend, Chris, who has done great work for me..Some people don't like photoshop pics but I enjoy them
  11. I agree the risk is way too high. When she lived out fantasy of filling in for stripper at friend's bachelor's party it ended up being very close to gangbang as she had sex with several men, one right after the other. The safe part was we knew them and trusted them. I will never forget when she walked in the house all made up, even false eyelashes, which she seldom wears. When she started dancing and took off her top exposing black half bra I realized we all might get to fuck her or at least get a blow job. In all our years she never acquired a STD so I think we were lucky.
  12. My wife says the same thing. Just a fantasy
  13. This is the one fantasy of mine Elaine has never done. Maybe the reason I dream about it is because we never did it, LOL Hubby takes a nice shot of his SUPER SEXY shared wife enjoying a GREAT night of dogging, with lots of horny strangers lined up to fuck her!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!
  14. I love watching mature white lady with younger BBC. She knows what she wants and is good at getting it. Reminds me of my wife
  15. I don't know what I am impressed with the most; size of his cock or her ability to swallow it.