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  1. I think everyone likes this position whether watching your wife or being one of the participants
  2. I always enjoy the foreplay. Love watching my wife getting started. What about some of your favorite scenes?
  3. On page one I posted early B & W pics in this outfit. Later I got color polaroid and bought her another similar bra and panty set LOL
  4. Old pics of first time shaving pussy to totally bald
  5. Two of my wife's favorites from Chris
  6. Usually if I post a Photoshop people start complaining. I am shocked these meant with positive response from a few you friends. When Chris was working all we had to do was request a type of scene and he would oblige. Obviously some were better than others but we enjoyed them, Here are a couple more I like
  7. Elaine asked him for a cum shot. He sent her these two and threw in Ron Jeremy
  8. I wish I could do photoshop. We used to have a friend named Chris in the U,K, He was very good. He read about my wife's fantasy of fucking Peter North, the porn actor and did this for my wife. She loved it so much she made a print, framed it and put it in our bedroom, Hope Henry can help you
  9. Putting up the decorations
  10. Love that swimming suit. I thought my wife had some tiny bikinis, but not as tiny as Dana's. Very hot