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  1. Found one more in that suit. Leone might like it. Unfastening the neck strap
  2. I posted these about six months ago but they seem to fit in with the swim suits poses recently. Elaine trying to be sexy but still in her swimsuit. Kind of cheesy but I like her attitude
  3. Lovely looking lady. Wish she would ask me to kiss her freckle.
  4. Sometimes after an afternoon in and out of the pool Elaine would take off her wet bikini top to dry off for awhile. Sometimes friends would stop by and enjoy her little cotton tops
  5. I think I have mentioned it before but Elaine cut the lining out of some of her one piece suits making them a bit sexier, especially when wet. Hard to hide her nipples in about anything but they are really noticeable in these suits
  6. Letting them cum where ever they want
  7. At home in our pool with one of our nieces
  8. This was the only time we hooked up with one of the local man. We were staying at an all inclusive dive resort in Cozumel. He was one of the dive guides and we had known him from a previous trip. We all seemed to get along well and Elaine started flirting with him as much as you can on a dive boat with usually 10 to 16 other divers present. During our nearly hour long break between dives she visited with him and asked he wanted to come by our room one evening. He said he wanted to but would lose his job and even he wanted to chance it the resort had locked front gate and he would be questioned as to why he was coming back at night when he had to be back at 6 am the next morning for work. We were less than a half mile from the downtown plaza and told him we would be at a certain bar if he could stop by. This is Elaine sitting at the bar waiting. Only pics I got from our fun evening, LOL