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  1. Cuckold Advice & Comments

    How hot is it you see this view of your lady taking a big cock in her arse
  2. Stories written by women

    I have written all our stories, or at least the ones I remember the best. Would love to hear other couple's adventures especially from wife's view
  3. Stories written by women

    I got my wife to write one story about our adventures and I even found it exciting and I had experienced much of the evening.
  4. a few pics

    She looks like the kind of woman I would like to get to know
  5. Cuckold Advice & Comments

    I love watching the initial foreplay as a young man fondles your wife's tits, getting bolder and bolder
  6. Remember when.....

    Memories of the lifestyle are great. Feel sad for those who only have fantasies
  7. My hotwife Elaine

    When friends are coming to visit this will guarantee and successful party
  8. My hotwife Elaine

    We all like hardcore pics, but I also love see thru clothes and hose. Anyone else? If not what do you like?
  9. My slutty girl. Comments for more

    This pic tells you where I would fuck her
  10. Cuckold Advice & Comments

    Wives who truly understand the "SHARING"
  11. Why do men hit on Married Women

    Tell her to dress and act sexy and she who notices and hits on her even after seeing her wedding ring and walking in with you
  12. My hotwife Elaine

    More of my favorite type photos
  13. Why do men hit on Married Women

    With married women men can usually get great sex without the hassel of dating single women and all that goes with it
  14. And a Last Run Along Memory Lane

    I am so glad to have all our memories of my wife sharing herself
  15. Let me see ur wife pics

    M.salah, I know many people like to see the mature ladies, and Elaine is certainly mature now, but I still like looking at her when she looked like when we first met