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  1. Nothing hotter than walking into the room and she your wife like this
  2. My first Sloppy Seconds with Elaine. After relaxing a bit we got going again. Elaine sucked Ron hard and slipped a condom over his dick. He mounted her missionary style and I enjoyed watching them screw for awhile. We alternated fucking Elaine in various positions. The second round of sex is always more relaxed. Elaine had learned to preform a little for me. She would smile or wink at me while getting drilled or sucking cock. Sometimes she would talk and ask me if I liked what she was doing. Eventually I was laying on my back with Elaine in front of me on all fours blowing me. Ron was standing up fucking her doggy style. I had seen him put on a condom earlier so when he grabbed her hips and started cumming I didn't think anything other than it would be my turn now. When he finished cumming he pulled out he held on to Elaine's waist and kind of pushed her on top of me. That is her favorite position and she seemed to be getting close to climaxing. She was very wet and at first I thought it was just her juices. As Elaine was grinding on my cock I could not believe how wet and loose her pussy was. Her juices were oozing down my dick and onto my balls. Her pussy felt different and I just thought she was really turned on. Ron was massaging her tits and tweaking her nipples. I said "My God you are wet!". Then he winked at me and picked up a condom from the floor that was empty. We both smiled as Elaine orgasmed followed quickly by me shooting off. I don't know if it was physical or psychological but I loved fucking Elaine after Ron had climaxed in her. I was hooked on sloppy seconds after that. As Elaine rolled off me she noticed how wet we both were. She said something about us making a big mess. Ron and I smiled at each other and Elaine looked at us as asked what we were grinning about. He held up the empty condom and I said "You just gave me sloppy seconds and I loved it". She was kind of upset at first, but calmed down and finally said it was okay with her if it was okay with me. Most guys wore rubbers after that, but if we knew and trusted him Elaine would let them cum in her just so I could have the thrill of fucking her cum filled pussy.
  3. Do you have some photos of your lady posted on this site?
  4. Glad you like my wife's pics

  5. Before the words cuckold and bulls and hotwives became the norm I just considered myself a Wife Sharer and Elaine my Hotwife
  6. You have a good eye. Maybe you have fucked my wife awhile back
  7. Sharing scenes I like. My wife is in a couple of them
  8. Showing off her black lingerie set and dildo
  9. Old Polaroid I found. First time she let me take pic of her fingering herself. Did not want to show her face even in a Polaroid
  10. Our friend, Mike, who loved to see her in dressed up "nasty" as he called it was coming over. I reminded her of the song"Trashy Women lyricsYeah, an' I like my women just a little on the trashy sideWhen they wear their clothes too tight and their hair is dyedToo much lipstick an' er too much rougeGets me excited, leaves me feeling confusedAn' I like my women just a little on the trashy sideShe came downstairs dressed like this"
  11. If you have seen any of my posts about my wife Elaine you know we have done many wild wife sharing things but I could never convince her to perform in a Gloryhole. My first wife obliged one time and I have always remembered that as being extremely hot. I hope you can convince her and your friends to go have fun.I had talked my first wife into going to an Adult bookstore/Movie House. We had done a bit of swinging with a few couples. Always wanting to do more and kinkier stuff I talked her into going into a glory hole where others could watch thru glass window. She was nervous and asked what she was supposed to do and how far to take it. We looked in at a few of the other rooms and some women were bent over backing up to the opening to let the man fuck her and some were fully dressed and just playing and wanking the man's cock. She said she wasn't going to let a stranger she could not even see fuck her. I said just go have a bit of fun and we will go home to finish up. She ended up sucking a good sized cock and I could see them talking thru the hole. She undid her blouse exposing her tits and really started sucking him. All of the sudden she pulled her mouth off him and grabbed his cock and pumped him several strokes until he blasted her tits and neck with cum. They had paper towels in the room and she cleaned up and buttoned up and we went home and had great sex. This is my first wife. If I had been the guy having her suck my cock at that glory hole I would have wanted to cum in her mouth or on her face but he asked her to let him blast cum on her tits.
  12. Hope this will load and play here Big Dicks.mov
  13. I have been combining two software programs to improve the size, resolution, lightine and darkness to some of my older photos and non nude photos where Elaine is small in the original Thought you might like to see a few.
  14. A friend did this for me when I told him about my fantasy of seeing my wife gangbanged
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