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    I really want to watch my wife with another man or to share her...Not with a dominant "bull" but with an avarage guy. I have this fantasy every time we have sex, a couple of times a week. She wants them to stay as fantasies...I have experience from my earlier relationships, both as a cuckold and being with a couple, but that was over 15 years ago.

    It´s my wife on the picture. Feel free to write..!

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  1. Sounds great for both of you. I wouldn't mind my wife having a boyfriend. Great if they would do it with me watching. Even if only the two of them met it would be great if they took pictures and videos for me to watch while I clean her after their date.
  2. For me and my ex it started with her bringing up the subject of her beeing dissatisfied with our marriage and her wanting a pause. In order to have sexual freedom. She met a guy she got interested in but they didn't do anything. I suggested a cuckold marriage. Me beeing faithful. Her fucking other men. She found my idea odd but exciting. Especially that I was supposed to serve her, helping her get ready for her dates, shaving etc. Then cleaning her as she gets home. So that's the way we started.
  3. The first time my ex cuckolded me was by far my most exciting sexual experience ever. She had fantasies about a guy that was hitting on her and she wanted to try fucking him. This is how I realized I love cuckolding. She met him and stayed the night. I was at home wanking and cumming lots of times until she came home the next morning. Her panties wet from his 3 huge loads of cum. She told me everything and was surprised when I licked her clean before fucking her, but she liked it. I was horny as hell and came quickly. They didn't use condoms as planned and as long as they had their relationship she didn't want me to cum in her, only to clean her lovers creampie. I had to pull out and cum on her or wank in front of her and cumming on her while she was telling me about their fucking and cumming.
  4. No problem for me as long as I'm involved. They can have fun on their own as long as they or she tells me about it and let me clean and fuck her afterwards. And show me pictures.
  5. Wow I wish I was as lucky as you and others posting their pics here! If only my wife would date a lover and send me pictures of her messy pussy and let me clean her when she gets home. I'm working on making it happen.
  6. Thanks for sharing your story! I did get into cuckolding with my ex 20 years ago but now I'm having the same problems as lots of other men lifting the subject to my wife. She thinks I'm joking. I guess watching porn togedher will eventually help. She admits checking out other men ocasionally.
  7. With my ex 20 years ago I always cleaned up before I got to fuck her and cum in her. That was really The Best sex yet! She told me everything they did and showed me the cum in her panties and pussy. I came within seconds after entering her. The first time she cuckolded me we agreed he would use a condom. To my surprise they didn't. I wanted to lick, she found it exciting and wanted me to clean her every time afterwards.
  8. I found out about my cuckold preference 20 years ago when my ex admitted being interested in a guy. They fucked and I got to clean his cum and fuck her when she came home. That still is my greatest sexual experience. Preparing her for their dates, and then licking her out afterwards while she was telling me all about their fucking. Showing me the cum in her panties. Now I'm a wannabe. I would love my wife to cuckold me the same way. Or inviting a bull to fuck her in front of me.
  9. Thanks for sharing your experience! My wife also admits having fantasies and checking out others but she is not willing to try others. Not yet anyway. I had hopes on a lesbian friend of us and a younger guy we know but it didn't happen. I'm trying to have her telling me more about her fantasies while watching porn togedher and while having sex. I suspect she would fuck a guy but only if he's totally "right " for her and seductive. She's very passive, not flirty, conservative and doesn't take steps to sex.
  10. I understand. My wifes friend didn't do that to me at all, and I guess that was why I prefered her fucking him and not someone else. He just acted like nothing happened when we accidently run into each other. And I did the same. But we both knew. She always told med in detail what they did and where he came etc. Most of the time in her pussy. I can imagine what he must have been feeling! I guess you probably should avoid him completely. Your wife doesn't tell you about what she is up to? Or does she?
  11. Yes, a Cuckold relationship is like every other relationship. It needs mutual respect and agreement. It must be done acording to the rules we set up. The guy my ex fucked was very careful not to harm our relationship. They didn't want a thresome or me watching but he was very discreet. No dating, only the sex. I didn't mind him cumming in my wife. Preparing her for the dates was an incredible feeling. The other guys used condoms (acordingcto her) but they only cared about their own pleasure and regarded my wife a conquest. It went wrong.
  12. For me this happened 12-13 years ago with my ex so It's been quite a while. We split up not because of her fucking other men but the way she did it eventualy. At first I loved beeing cuckolded. She told me she was interested in this guy and wanted a pause in our marriage. I was horny and wanted her to try him. I discovered that I'm a cuckold. The first time was incredible. Best sex of my life. Her friend fucked her on a regular basis, bareback and she came home with the creampie for me to clean and to fuck her. He respected our cuckold marriage and liked doing it not only for her but also for me. But later she started seeing lots of other men and didn't care about our relationship. Neither did they. They just considered it casual sex. It got out of hands. My wife today don't know my history, only my cuckold fantasies. If I ever get her interested in trying another man, we will need very clear ground rules. Rules for us both and for the guy or guys.
  13. I wish that was my wife!
  14. Wow! Great advice! I will read it over again and work for it, not only wish for it.