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    I really want to watch my wife with another man or to share her...Not with a dominant "bull" but with an avarage guy. I have this fantasy every time we have sex, a couple of times a week. She wants them to stay as fantasies...I have experience from my earlier relationships, both as a cuckold and being with a couple, but that was over 15 years ago.

    It´s my wife on the picture. Feel free to write..!

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  1. My only cuckold experience was over 15 years ago when my wife at that time was very attracted to another guy. We didn't want to pause our marriage so I suggested her trying him out. Cuckolding in other words. I have written my experience in other threads here. It was even better than our imagination! The most exciting sex for me so far. That's why I would love my recent wife to try it. Back then I helped my ex to prepare for her dates, she sucked me, and when returning home she told me about their fucking while I cleaned her creampied pussy. Then I got to fuck her and came in seconds ;) We nev
  2. Good luck! I would love to know what happens.
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    Wow! I love your pictures She is a beauty!
  4. My wife 


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      thank you yes she is very good to fuck at this age i like women from 35 to 65 years old

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      yes really wonderful

  5. My wife  :)


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      from after the photo she is not bad send me a bigger and clearer photo to see her body well how old is she

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  6. Great experience! I would like my wife to have a lover but I would join in. Or let them meet alone, taking pictures and videos for me. A good start using comdoms, eventually without, and perhaps creampie after some time.
  7. 15 years ago when me and my wife at the time discovered our curiousity in cuckolding she met her lover at his apartmant, me waiting at home knowing all about it. Her lover knew about out cuckold marriage and gave her two creampies on every date. For me to enjoy when she came right home. The Best sex in my life so far! We didn't have digital cameras at the time, so I haven't any pictures or videos. The VHS was too big to bring on a date.
  8. Wow great pictures and videos! Elaine is the best! For me the goal is to have my wife telling her lover to cum where ever he likes!
  9. Sounds great! If she is interested and you can agreed on the rules, go ahead why do you want the bull to keep her pussy to himself? Wouldn't you love to clean anf fuck her?
  10. I do most of the talking during sex about how great she is and how other guys want her so bad.... she can have Who ever she likes... she enjoys it, yes, but we haven't yet discussed doing it for real.
  11. Sounds great for both of you. I wouldn't mind my wife having a boyfriend. Great if they would do it with me watching. Even if only the two of them met it would be great if they took pictures and videos for me to watch while I clean her after their date.
  12. For me and my ex it started with her bringing up the subject of her beeing dissatisfied with our marriage and her wanting a pause. In order to have sexual freedom. She met a guy she got interested in but they didn't do anything. I suggested a cuckold marriage. Me beeing faithful. Her fucking other men. She found my idea odd but exciting. Especially that I was supposed to serve her, helping her get ready for her dates, shaving etc. Then cleaning her as she gets home. So that's the way we started.
  13. The first time my ex cuckolded me was by far my most exciting sexual experience ever. She had fantasies about a guy that was hitting on her and she wanted to try fucking him. This is how I realized I love cuckolding. She met him and stayed the night. I was at home wanking and cumming lots of times until she came home the next morning. Her panties wet from his 3 huge loads of cum. She told me everything and was surprised when I licked her clean before fucking her, but she liked it. I was horny as hell and came quickly. They didn't use condoms as planned and as long as they had their relationshi
  14. No problem for me as long as I'm involved. They can have fun on their own as long as they or she tells me about it and let me clean and fuck her afterwards. And show me pictures.
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