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    My fantasy is to watch my wife with another man or to share her...Not with a "bull" but with an avarage guy. I have this fantasy every time we have sex, a couple of times a week. She wants them to stay as fantasies...I have some experience from my earlier relationships, both as a cuckold and being with a couple, but that was 10-15 years ago.

    It´s my wife on the picture. Feel free to write..!

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  1. staffans1

    Your thoughts on the Bulls

    I understand. My wifes friend didn't do that to me at all, and I guess that was why I prefered her fucking him and not someone else. He just acted like nothing happened when we accidently run into each other. And I did the same. But we both knew. She always told med in detail what they did and where he came etc. Most of the time in her pussy. I can imagine what he must have been feeling! I guess you probably should avoid him completely. Your wife doesn't tell you about what she is up to? Or does she?
  2. staffans1

    Your thoughts on the Bulls

    Yes, a Cuckold relationship is like every other relationship. It needs mutual respect and agreement. It must be done acording to the rules we set up. The guy my ex fucked was very careful not to harm our relationship. They didn't want a thresome or me watching but he was very discreet. No dating, only the sex. I didn't mind him cumming in my wife. Preparing her for the dates was an incredible feeling. The other guys used condoms (acordingcto her) but they only cared about their own pleasure and regarded my wife a conquest. It went wrong.
  3. staffans1

    Your thoughts on the Bulls

    For me this happened 12-13 years ago with my ex so It's been quite a while. We split up not because of her fucking other men but the way she did it eventualy. At first I loved beeing cuckolded. She told me she was interested in this guy and wanted a pause in our marriage. I was horny and wanted her to try him. I discovered that I'm a cuckold. The first time was incredible. Best sex of my life. Her friend fucked her on a regular basis, bareback and she came home with the creampie for me to clean and to fuck her. He respected our cuckold marriage and liked doing it not only for her but also for me. But later she started seeing lots of other men and didn't care about our relationship. Neither did they. They just considered it casual sex. It got out of hands. My wife today don't know my history, only my cuckold fantasies. If I ever get her interested in trying another man, we will need very clear ground rules. Rules for us both and for the guy or guys.
  4. staffans1


    I wish that was my wife!
  5. staffans1

    Cuckold Coach

    Wow! Great advice! I will read it over again and work for it, not only wish for it.
  6. staffans1

    Can Other Cuckolds Relate To this?

    Since I hardly ever manage to give my wife an orgasm it would be a blast for her to enjoy a guy who gives her multiple orgasms.. with his huge cock....and for me it would be a dream fulfilled!
  7. This is great stuff! I never heard of this before. I will download from your page as well.
  8. Great article! Thanks!
  9. staffans1

    Lesbian lover not really cuckolding?

    Thanks Stevie! Wow, I can really imagine our friend doing this to my wife I'm trying to encourage her to try a woman but I will also let our friend know she can try my wife....
  10. staffans1

    Lesbian lover not really cuckolding?

    Thanks for the replies Enigma and Stevie! I will encourage her and see what happens. I Hope it will be like in Stevies Case. I can imagine our friend beeing a squirter too.. cumning all over my wifes face or pussy.
  11. I'm very aroused by cuckold fantasies ever since my ex and I tried it 10 years ago and I want to try again with my wife. I have shared my fantasies with her but She has never been interested in my cuckold fantasies, or not taken them seriously. She is very shy and conservative as well. I tried to encourage her to try a young man we know who was obviously interested in her, looking for a milf experience but she didn't want to. I didn't ask her straight to fuck him, only hints like "I bet he likes you, do you like him?" Now there is a lesbian couple we know. One of the women is very masculine and has started hitting on my wife when the two of them are alone. My wife told me when we were having sex. She also expressed curriosity in what she might do. How do they have sex, etc. I was suprised! She has never expressed anything about sexual fantasies to me before. I only answered something like I don't know... Should I encourage her to find out and try lesbian sex? This could be the way into cuckold sex as well. What do you think?
  12. Doggy. Wife on the bed and the bull fucking her hard from behind until he shoots all his cum into her waiting pussy. Me filming and taking pictures.
  13. want my wife to cuckold me ;)

  14. staffans1

    Cucked Hubbys That Are Bi

    I guess I am a bit bi. But only with the right man, when or if there is a perfect match. Body, age and personality. If there would be a mutual interest and excitement. I don't know how that would happen though since I usually don't hit on men or try to pick someone up. When I was a teenager I had a fuckbuddy my age but nothing since that. In cuckolding I want to eat the cum from the wifes pussy but I only want to give a blowjob to the bull if he's all of the above.
  15. staffans1

    DESPERATELY wish my gorgeous wife would cuckold me!

    I want my wife to cuckold me just as much as a lot of you here. I've been there with my ex and wish my wife will try it as well. I'm fantasizing every time we have sex.