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  1. My wife Kaye, on display. Anyone interested?
  2. Kaye has admitted she does get used by more than one man at a time. I asked her recently how many different men she has had. She told me her bull has shared her with over 20 other men.
  3. Kaye's bull is in his late 30s and is West Indian. According to Kaye, he is much bigger than me (over twice the size). He likes to share her with his friends, which Kaye now likes.
  4. Kaye likes me to smell and taste her. Usually she straddles my face whilst I lie on my back before she moves down to ride me. That way my cum gets mixed with other men's cum and her juices - and all the fluids run over me as she dismounts me. I then have to smear them over myself whilst she watches. She does not tell me about what she has done with the other men. She says it is none of my business. It is humiliating enough to know she will only let me inside her once she has already been shared.
  5. Do you think Kaye is enticing?
  6. Her cunt is often still loose and very wet with cum.
  7. I have never seen her with other men, but have had my turn with her after she gets home.
  8. True. I don't really know what kaye does with other men when she is with them.
  9. I guess she does. She has been a cum slut for over twenty men.
  10. She has been used anally, but not DPed.
  11. Kaye bent over for fucking. Do you think she has been a cum slut for many men?
  12. Do you think she has been used much?
  13. I would love to know what you would do with her.
  14. Showing her full tits off!
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