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    Horny married mature 58yo that should know better. Love to chat with anyone who can hold a conversation. Seeks and offers insights to the cuck lifestyle. Would especially like to talk with cucks and couples,but everyone is welcome.

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  1. 2miklspacer

    Nurse Lea

    Always a pleasure to see this sexy Dutch wife and mom Lea.
  2. Wow great story. Wonderful to also share the mindset progression ...as well as the erotic details. Have you and your sexy wife continued in the lifestyle? Certainly would love to hear more. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  3. Wow she's stunning. Shapely long legs which I'd love to have on my shoulders. Her tight ass and looking so pretty.
  4. 2miklspacer

    Nurse Lea

    Can you post some photos of your most recent work of the sexy Lea.
  5. 2miklspacer

    Nurse Lea

    She looks so fuckable in her outfit. Did you make good use of her cunt when you put the camera down?
  6. She still has fantastic tits, and perky nipples.
  7. Would love to have my cock deep in her tight ass when she lies in the sofa
  8. Maybe when all this turmoil is over and things get back to normal......you can take sexy Lea out fir plenty of hard cock
  9. Did you not have a successful weekend sometime ago getting her fucked by a stranger's big cock??
  10. She has a good selection of sex toys to fill all her holes. I hope she uses them a lot. Lea has the slutty look of a woman who loves plenty of cock. I think she prefers the real thing. Maybe you can arrange for her to get all the cock she can handle. You will enjoy watching her being a slut
  11. Yes fir sure post the really hot pics of your sexy slut wife. I'm sure the members here would love to tell you what they want to do to her. How they would use her given a chance.
  12. If you look at his profile you can see for yourself. Unlike so many people on here he fills out his profile.
  13. Just now see photo of your wife Liz. Stunning mature erotic looking lady. A firey red head. She looks so natural yet seductive, showing a little leg.
  14. Dirtyfun1 thanks so much for the great pics of Marge getting fucked. Really loved them.
  15. The Simpsons My apologies in advance if I'm off topic, and I know it's not a request slot. For some reason I really like Simpsons porn. So if possible could someone please post some Simpsons and would be great if it's on theme as well. Thank you 😊