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  1. There was no disrespect meant. When I have been invited to join a couple, their rules were made clear from the start. What lines not to cross, how far to take the scenario, tips (mostly from the males) as to what can enhance the experience for them. We are playing a game and the guidelines are already set by them before an item of clothes is shed. Hence the use of the word pawn. If we don't follow the rules or even live up to their expectations... checkmate!
  2. The parameters are already set by the couple after most likely much discussion. So effectively a bull is already entering into a set plan, and hence becomes a pawn in the couple's hotwife /cuckold play. So remember bulls you are there at the invitation and good graces of the people involved. Play your part well.
  3. Has she been hooked ever since on getting bigger cocks ? Has she had much success?
  4. Have you been able to continue being a cuck?
  5. She has an amazing pussy. Would love to get my cock into her......how much would that cost......
  6. Married from Dundalk... anyone care to chat....
  7. From North Dublin Ireland. Don't suppose there is many from the Emerald Isle.
  8. They are fantastic horny momories . Delighted you shared. You still sharing ?
  9. Kik 2spacers Love to chat and share with fellow wannabe cucks......let's talk
  10. 2miklspacer


    So very nice......very sexy body..loving it all
  11. Wow such a lovely smile... Love her fantastic boobs as well. Taken on your balcony on a cruise ? So love to see some more...
  12. So peaceful.... So sexy great boobs
  13. Sounds like deep down you really enjoyed him fucking your wife. Maybe try getting her to see your friend differently and then maybe the both if you can spend many happy hours fucking your wife
  14. Maybe she just need more encouragement and reassurance to take the final step. Have you got it set in your own mind too ?