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  1. I think you know why... ;P Lol. Dude, I'm gonna level with you here, but like literally the only reason I wanted to create an account here in the first place was to be able to talk to you. I'm a BIG fan of your work! I love the pictures you post of her getting it good in missionary position, and I'd love to also see videos of her missionary encounters as well. As you can guess from my account name, I too am a big fan of the missionary style of fucking! It's my favorite position, and not to sound cocky (no pun intended lol) or anything, but I think I could probably put on a good show to anyone who happens to be watching. No shoes, no socks, no condoms! Lol. I have so much fertile semen. I have more detail I'd like to share and I'd love to talk more in private with you, but due to low points or whatever, I can't send you a message on here. Perhaps you can send me one instead, and if that doesn't work either - or if you'd prefer - we could try email. Sorry for the long reply if you're bothered by that sort of thing, by the way. Heh.
  2. Wow, so its been a while since you last saw your wife having sex with others, huh? I'm sure you miss it. I bet you miss seeing your wife lying on her back with her bare feet in the air while another man empties his balls inside her and pumps away... hint hint lol
  3. "Her lovers take her bareback and are free to ejaculate inside her as much as they want:)" That's what I love to hear! Lucky lovers. I hope this album gets updated in the future, either with older pictures or newer ones (if she's still putting on shows for you). I'd love to see more lovers mounted on top of that nice body of hers.
  4. My favorite view - a woman getting fucked bareback with bare feet in the air! You are so lucky to have constantly viewed this kind of scenario time and time again! Is she still a hotwife that still fucks other men while lucky you gets to watch, or is she retired now?
  5. Of course she loved it, as she should've! His massive-looking balls were emptied after this and I bet they both enjoyed the moment of ejaculation! If I may ask, how many times has this particular lover fucked your wife, and when was the last time he had sex with her?