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  1. It is so sexy hearing about her past and the things she’s done and been paid to do. She still works but only for a select group and she knows I like her to do it. Seeing her getting dressed up ready knowing shell be out till late with another man, waiting at home for her to get back. “This is just work, some women are secretary’s some work in banks some keep house, I do this”
  2. yes she does, she has regulars and to a certain extent she always has as when through the agency they were well vetted and known to the agency.
  3. dressed up for a special request,Extra money!
  4. letting a customer know what hes paid for after the dinner.
  5. The original agency she worked for was strictly no hanky panky, but after just two jobs it was obvious clients wanted more than just company. Then the old enough to be her father married Greek business man whose hotel room she went back to with put so much money on the bed her legs opened atomically! After Cumming on his cock she laid there thinking “I’m actually getting paid for this!”
  6. here you go Mr bull
  7. Shes 24 and worked as an escort since 19.
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