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  1. Anydesk Fun !

    anydesk anyone ?
  2. Verify Yourself And Get Vip Membership

    please verify
  3. Joinme

    Want me to add my code?
  4. Joinme

  5. Need your opinion/advice

    I agree with Louise.. I am a husband who has let his wife play.. The hardest part will be handling your insecurities and not accidentally ruining her experience. If she loves you size wont matter she will always have the deepest sex with you.. the seperation of emotions is the key. It has to stay physical. Have fun
  6. Is anyone a real cuckold or is it just a fantasy

    I think there are a lot of guys who let thier wives fuck others and arent really cucks.. more like swingers who like mmf
  7. joinme

    want my code? so what will happen when i give control will my wifes pics be copied?
  8. A Question for Cucks

    I prefer to be there in person Just a lot more fun.. Like it when she tells me to just sit and watch She has been to his house once without me and is actually going again tonight Im not crazy about it but he is a gentlrman and she likes it so thats that... He did say he was going to skype me before she got there so i could watch without her even knowing could be hot or scarey