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  1. I think you'll find that you've proven the point of the rest of us but without realising it! I (and a few others) don't bother using this much because i know the 'genuine' threads get kicked down the pecking order by todo's 20 threads a day. There's plenty of sites that show women we don't know, xhamster, imagefap etc. - This should be for women we can chat about, whose hubbies or bulls are present and can get to know even better! I'm amazed he sticks with it considering he's lucky to even get one reply on 99% of his threads. Most people would've given up by now by the total lack of interest shown in their posts but he carries on regardless. It says it all that this is probably his most popular thread and it mainly consists of people saying they think it's spam. Why doesn't he just start a xhamster profile and you can follow his posts there instead? Seems like that would suit everyone.
  2. isn't this just seen as spamming? hardly anybody looks at them and nobody ever replies
  3. please tell me where else she has been posted