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  1. What a sexy cock slut your wife is!

  2. The black cock thing seems to be much more important in the USA than in other countries so there are clearly cultural issues at play. I suspect the only reason that its spread to other countries is due to the usual spread of cultural ideas from the USA via film & TV
  3. Had occasional sessions with an ex-GF who had since married and had kids. When it ws schools holidays the husband would take the kids out for the day
  4. I've met two people off sites (not this one but a more UK orientated forum). One was just a husband who was dreaming, but he did bring me some of her underwear. The second did lead to me fucking the wife several times
  5. Welcome back, it does us all good to get away for a bit, helps us focus on "real life" and come back rejuvinated
  6. I used to chat with him on Skype, so he was able to get his "fix" without his wife knowing much about it. I did once suggest that she took her knickers off before I got there and sent him out in them, apparently she told him and he basically puklkled her jeans off to get her panties to put on himslef... Got a photo somewhere
  7. Only a story, but it's very on topic:
  8. A bit late to the discussion, but.... The thing about "bulls" being black is very much a USA thing that has crossed the Atlantic as so many cultural concepts tend to do and, of course, in the original definition of the word cuckoldry the "bull" was just the wife's lover that the husband knew nothing about and was probably just someone who lived in the same or adjacent village so very unlikely to be black. Like @captainblack I've been the "bull" for a couple where the husband had ED. If I had tried to belittle him in any way the wife would never have seen me again, she was grateful to him for allowing her needs to be satisfied. The irony was that he was actually quite sub and while he never wanted to watch he couldn't wait to rush home after I left to bury his face in the cream pie that I left for him.
  9. So that you know your place
  10. Another UK wife that I've been given by her husband to be shown.....
  11. Mmm, found one of her that I have