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  1. Mrs C's Massage

    That's often the problem though, isn't it? Unless wives are used to having sex with other people around (whether spectators or as group sex) then they aren't very likely to suddenly have sex with another man in front of their husband... Much as you would love to be there you might be better letter her have the first time without you watching
  2. My wife

    Mmm, very nice, time for another holiday in Spain
  3. my wife, Good outfit to get fucked?

    Excellent outfit to be fucked in, very sexy
  4. Mrs C's Massage

    Please tell Mrs C that she looks very hot! I wonder if the presence of cookoo (I assume) running around taking pictures may have inhibited her from going further?
  5. My wife

    Nice, show some more pictures of her
  6. wife wants to try sex with other guys

    Cultural thing probably
  7. Let me see ur wife pics

    A cutie, show us more of her
  8. How would your wife look as a whore?

    I did
  9. My chubby wife

    Nice, getting your cock in her mouth is much better than watching TV
  10. My chubby wife

    Mmm would love to enjoy her
  11. Awesome pictures, that is one lucky guy. Would she like to make (loose) a bet with me?
  12. My chubby wife

    She is yummy
  13. My chubby wife

    Great pics and vids make them even better - merci!
  14. French chubby wife

    Wow! Absolutely amazing picture
  15. Castration

    There was a user on here called hubsdonefucking who was apparently a wife who had taken her husband to on holiday to the Far East to be castrated, and another user called eunuchcuck but I never did get his full story.