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  1. Want her used

    Yes, I saved the pic. Did you get any good holiday pictures?
  2. Wife pussy

    Does she have a sort of contented glow about her? Are you getting more or less than before?
  3. Handcuffed

    I'm guessing it'll be on Literotica, but finding it might be a problem (too many to wade through)
  4. She is finally satisfied

    Very erotic story, presses all the "cuckold" buttons.
  5. Left my wife

    So, how did it go?
  6. Petite Hot Wife

    Very elegant photo, look forwards to seeing more of her
  7. Friend wife maria

    Very nice, what country is she in?
  8. We are new here

    Hot lady!
  9. Cuckolds Filipina Hot wife New Here

    Hello and welcome. Gina is a hot looking slut, send her over the Atlantic to take care of my cock like that
  10. Trained or self taught?

    Wow, fascinating post and looking forwards to hearing more. Having chatted as a bull to a number of real and wannabe cucks it is clear that some of them are confused by the whole scene, one time they do want it the next they hate it, one time they really do want their wife to be taken by another man the next time they just want to play at it. Whether this is just part of the cuckold angst, or whether some of these people would benefit from some form of professional counciling as you have is difficulty to say.
  11. Lesbian lover not really cuckolding?

    Yes, you should encourage her. Does lesbian sex count as cuckold sex? Who knows I suppose if the masculine lesbian is Dom and starts to control your sex life then maybe it could be classed as cuckolding. Yes i think that having sex with a woman could let her feel free enough to try sex with another man
  12. Che ve ne pare del culo di mia moglie?

    Lovely arse in any language
  13. What a cuckold couple want from a bull?

    This link to a "mainstream" news article was posted on another forum: http://www.salon.com/2011/11/04/the_fantasy_of_a_cheating_wife/ It's worth scrolling past the ads to read the comments as well. The suggestion that "The most popularly cited explanation is sperm competition. The idea is that the sight of one’s wife with another man serves as an unconscious biological trigger that creates a sense of sexual urgency, results in more passionate, longer-lasting sex and causes the cheated-upon spouse to produce more sperm – all evolved responses that up his odds of impregnating her" makes sense to me. From the couples that I've been with who have a "vanilla" cuckold relationship this seems to be true, however some marriages also mix in a good helping of Dom/sub as well and it is these where the cuck might be allowed to clean his mistress and certainly doesn't get to have reclaim sex - infact I think that these are actually Dom/sub relationships first with the cuckoldry thrown in just to emphasise the subs lowly status.
  14. Casting

    You've got the job!
  15. Cartoons to illustrate cuckold cravings

    As HotPaarTGD and Andy have suggested I too believe that the black African male thing is very much part of the American idea of cuckoldry perpetuated by endless stories of black guys with huge cocks that no white guy could match - clearly no one told John Holmes, Rocco, etc. about this I think that many people are curious about what sex with someone from another race would be like, regardless of the fact that we are all human beings and actually all the same and so the idea that someone from another race is going to not just have sex with a man's wife, but to in some way "take" the wife adds an extra frisson to the excitement. I've seen threads where British Indian / Pakistani women are looking for a white guy to fuck them because of the taboo nature of the encounter and the alleged smallness of Indian men.... In the end I suppose the colour difference in the cartoons emphasises the difference to the husbands.