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  1. Wife of weakhusband

    So this husband in the UK want's his wife gradually @@@@@@@, who could I refuse? So, a nice gentle start, with more to see in the next post
  2. MySecret's wife

    Pics of a big-titted hot wife
  3. Here's my wife

    Gorgeous pussy that deserves a big cock in it
  4. French chubby wife

    Vous etez de quelle region? Je suis anglais mais j'y rendre visite quelque fois par an
  5. Consider this

    There is quite a lot of research that suggests that men who's main source of release is porn can suffer issues when they try to have sex with people other than themselves. It's less of an issue for young men whose basic sex drive is stronger but middle aged need to remember that it's supposed to go (or is that come?) in a pussy rather than in a hand!
  6. First time about to happen this month, pretty nervous!

    Hope that it goes well for you both
  7. Wife again

    Lovely wife, great tits and lovely curvy hips
  8. 41 yo Wife from NW UK

    a few more
  9. a few pics

    Wow! Amazing pictures, glad that you found the keychain entry!!
  10. 46 yo UK wife

    @DomBull4U I passed on the address of this thread to the wife who said "Dombull definitely seems to be enjoying them! And I loved what he said he would do to me as well mmmm feeling very horny now!!"
  11. 41 yo Wife from NW UK

    Hmm, she must be popular, that's 3 requests for her name on xHam I've had, just waiting for husbands comments. A few more to keep the interest going
  12. 41 yo Wife from NW UK

    Well my last post proved so popular I've been asked by another husband to show his wife who some of you may have already seen, she's certainly on at least one photo other site (xHam....). Starting with the more modest ones
  13. So what do you think of my wife?

    Awesome vid
  14. Why do men hit on Married Women

    I chat up married woman because the only relationship that I want with them is a sexual one. By that I mean that I certainly don't want to be married to them, or to have a settled relationship with them, it's just for the fun of some (hopefully) great sex. and married women respond well to this idea. They already have their settled relationship with their husband and actually (unless the relationship is already in trouble) aren't interested in a male who wants to break-up that relationship, but that doesn't mean that they aren't interested in a man who's offering discrete, no strings attached sex.
  15. 46 yo UK wife

    Hubby is still having issues setting up an account on here, and is getting a real buzz from reading the comments without being able to see just which pictures you're commenting on!