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  1. Enigma6320

    Big titted UK wife

    Another UK wife that I've been given by her husband to be shown.....
  2. Enigma6320

    Ginger777 Jessica

    Lots of us have pictures of Jessica, we know that she's a hot slut
  3. Enigma6320

    who has got her pics?

    Mmm, found one of her that I have
  4. Enigma6320

    Uk wife @@@@@@@

    This her?
  5. Enigma6320

    French chubby wife

    Mmm, good to see her again
  6. Enigma6320

    Violetta - French hottie

    Drink anyone?
  7. Enigma6320

    wife has a online bf

    I imagine that more and more relationships start as online ones these days, particularly for couples who are "no longer in their 20s" and who may not be into hanging around in bars / pubs waiting for a pick-up. I'm in a relationship where I was found on-line by the husband then spent several weeks chatting online with the wife so that she could get to know me before we moved onto the next stage. We don't live that far apart so our first meeting which was supposedly just for a coffee was mid way between us, although she did end-up with my cock in her mouth in the car park.... The first fuck was in their marital bed while hubby was at work - I did send him some photos and leave him something to clean-up when he got home
  8. Enigma6320

    Violetta - French hottie

    A few more then.....
  9. Enigma6320

    Violetta - French hottie

    A husband has given this these pics of his French wife to be shared. More to follow if she is popular.....
  10. Enigma6320


    A few more.... Link still there for exposers who ask
  11. Enigma6320


    A sample from her sets, as you can see she likes to be tied-up The .zip file will be on Vola for 48 hours - pm me saying why you deserve the link
  12. Enigma6320


    First of a series of pictures of this Maryland wife
  13. Enigma6320

    My wife for you

    Nice, want to see more of her
  14. Enigma6320


    A few more then....
  15. Enigma6320

    Dice and dare

    Yes, It took off on another forum where they still have at least three threads going and several sets of rules ranging from cuck Vs cuck right up to full exposure Message me with some idea of when you're going to be online and we can play