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I am looking for a suggestion


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I am looking for a suggestion but first a bit of my background.

Background: I am a 42 years old blonde woman and a proud QOS. I am fully owned by a hot handsome BBC Bull younger than me. He uses me as he likes for his pleasure and I love it. He lives a bit far from my neighborhood and mostly visits me in my home on weekends. He is very unique due to his massive size, scary thickness and the duration he lasts. Sometimes during the night if he is in right mood, takes me very roughly without mercy and also goes for 3 rounds. He loves to see me struggle under his weight while his anaconda is pounds inside my backdoor. Those days are really painful but I feel I am lucky. I found him 1.5 years ago in a BLM rally in our neighborhood. I fully support BNWO.

Suggestion: My with my racist ex-husband just turned 18. She doesn't have a bf. She is also blonde like me (my younger version), a bit nerdy, good looking and always play games in her computer. My bbc bull told me yesterday that he loves how her body has developed into a ripe young woman and wants to own her fully like me and wants to use her along with me for his pleasure. From BNWO point of view it seems legit but I still have some dilemma. What should I do?

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5 hours ago, roslikesft said:



5 hours ago, Bigsully said:

Leave your out of this. She is an adult and will find her own way. Enjoy what you have. 

sorry, not my intent to insult.  if the inquiry is real I think advice given by Bigsully is appropriate.

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Ok, so look, your icon pic clearly shows you with what I assume is your child.  In fact, she looks quite young.

My advice??

You be a parent and do what is in the best interest of this child.  Perhaps not easy to do as you will have to confront your bull and be firm.  Parents do NOT have the luxury of doing what's comfortable.  Frankly my concern is that he has already had some sort of relation with her.

At 18 she may be legal; doesn't mean she is ready

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Well, i mean - when your black owner want to take her - it is his right - as a white sissy baby cuckold i learn to obey all what real black men want.

We are black owned now and the family is complete under black control - i am demoted and replaced as huband and father  i love when she call him my husband and when he call hermy wife - and that our boys call him daddy and not me more - it was the consequence that i am now the little daugther of both - i call them now mommy and daddy - because they are my parents - at first not easy in fornt of the boys but i obey - smile - it was also not easy to be in tshirt or short skirts and diaper at home.

it is sad that your ex is a racist - shame on him - he should suport BNWO like you ans me

Make black babies

I learn from his mom, she is now my granny - that it is only allowed for real black men to have intercourse bareback with white wifes, daugthers and sisters -only black men have the right to inserminate and made them pregnant.


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